Destined by TigerTripleA
Destinedby TigerTripleA
In JYP University Myoui Mina, an Old Student. Son Chaeyoung, a Transferee. First day of school, it was an ordinary day for Chaeyoung until she saw a beautiful girl who w...
  • momo
  • nayeon
  • jeongyeon
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Lifeline by WabiSabi358
Lifelineby Trepid Heart 💋
A MiChaeng medical drama (not exactly a drama) along with SaTzu and other twice ships.This is not a story about some epic,tortured love affair. This is a story between t...
  • michaeng
  • satzu
  • twice
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The Loveline ( The line between love and hate ) by lovelinechel92
The Loveline ( The line between Richelle Loveline
Jeongyeon likes hating him.. Jimin hates liking her. and Their parents they are the Lifeline or should I say Loveline.. Excerpt Jeongyeon: Yah...I've waited for 3 minute...
  • bangtwice
  • jimin
  • twice
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Instagram photo's and scenario's from Kpop groups x Readers --------------------------------------------------- Your roll depend on the scenario
  • kpop
  • socialmedia
  • wanna
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one shots || 18+ warning by jiminmontana
one shots || 18+ warningby elora🍡
One Shots (more like one shits) written by me. Will contain mature contain; read at your own risk. One Shot characters will include K-Pop idols, K-Drama idols that are a...
  • smutty
  • bts
  • gxb
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lumi paralele - kpop roleplay by jeonallison
lumi paralele - kpop roleplayby alien
de ce? habar n-am. m-am gândit că n-ar strica, având în vedere că cel cu outcast este în ciorne. voi încerca să vă răspund la toți, și la acest rp, și la celelalte. ● da...
  • straykids
  • bigbang
  • twice
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A Stranger's Thoughts [JENLISA] by Limario-senpai
A Stranger's Thoughts [JENLISA]by Shimmy_Senjú
Lisa and Jennie accidentally could hear each other's thoughts and wonders who is who. The other girl is living in a countryside area while the other one is living in the...
  • jenlisa
  • yg
  • chaesoo
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Paradise (RTY Book 2) by chwkwi
Paradise (RTY Book 2)by | akmg |
A story of the second generation. "Where you are, I am there and together we can make paradise." A story of Kang Tzuyu and Chou Sana. Run To You Book 2 [Date S...
  • choutzuyu
  • 2yeon
  • sachaeng
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BLACKPINK and TWICE Smuts by Twice_Pink421
BLACKPINK and TWICE Smutsby Abby P.
**REQUESTS OPEN** BLACKPINK and TWICE smut. they aren't shipped together I just didnt want to make two different books because I'm hella lazy. I'll take any ship and an...
  • mature
  • jenlisa
  • twicesmut
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αяяιναℓ єит | ᴀᴘᴘʟʏғɪᴄ by likeyyerim
αяяιναℓ єит | ᴀᴘᴘʟʏғɪᴄby Seongyoon♥
let me heard you say that you gonna arrive at arrival entertainment
  • kpopapplyfic
  • exo
  • entertainment
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🌸🍒💋"Secret Girl Crush"👊🏿|AMBW&AWBW by EternalExoticof12
🌸🍒💋"Secret Girl Crush"👊🏿| EXOticOT12'skiss
💔🔓It's hard being a girl 👄💅🏼👀
  • awbw
  • exid
  • mamamoo
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Jeongyeon,or should I say Yoo Jeongyeon is about to take college....she will meet her roomate Hirai Momo that will soon be her bestfriend. But in time Jeongyeon will fee...
  • roomates
  • momo
  • jeongmo
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Oh No! | GG Applyfic by blessjihyo
Oh No! | GG Applyficby ❝cail❞
"Are you saying that you're a lesbian too?" "Yeah bitch and Hyuna owns my ass." In which a BigHit decided to debut a new girlgroup who all have one t...
  • jihyo
  • sana
  • lesbian
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Shakespeare New Story by Eveechu
Shakespeare New Storyby EveeTzu
The family of Chou and Minatozaki are rivals and their daughters become the victims of their fight. But Tzuyu is crazily in love with Sana and Sana can't live without Tz...
  • chaeyoung
  • dubchae
  • sana
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Ludus Academy by ILYSupermanB
Ludus Academyby Miss Yelo
It's not your ordinary place of learning. There's something concealed within the extensive grounds of Ludus. What is it? We don't know. No one knows. Who's behind it...
  • friendship
  • blackpink
  • fantasy
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You're so Beautiful and Hot by holasoyjem
You're so Beautiful and Hotby Jem R
Son Chaeyoung is known for being handsome and nice; however, although she receives confessions from many girls she always rejects them because she is waiting for The One...
  • dahmo
  • mina
  • twice
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Twice x reader  by BlackpinkPrincesses
Twice x reader by BlackpinkPrincesses
"Just one day, if I can be with you Just one day, if I can hold your hands" -Nayeon -Jeongyeon -Momo -Sana -Jihyo -Mina -Dahyun -Chaeyoung -Tzuyu
  • chaeyoung
  • tzuyu
  • jeongyeon
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My Real Miss Right by mykha_15_26
My Real Miss Rightby Jeon Chae Hyun
7 years after the whole world recieve the news that TWICE' Chou Tzuyu is dead. But, the question is.... "Is Tzuyu really dead? Or NOT?" -- "I'm back, and...
  • bangtwice
  • jeonjungkook
  • tzuyu
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My Sassy Hater ➳ MiChaeng by youngmonhi
My Sassy Hater ➳ MiChaengby nabongs
❝Please date me for two months and after that, I will never bother you again.❞ 「In which JYP Academy's charming playboy, Chaeyoung, needed someone to help him stop his s...
  • michaeng
  • chaeyoung
  • myouimina
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Alice-Girl Group/Kpop AF by bethygirly
Alice-Girl Group/Kpop AFby ♕ ジスー ♕
JYP,SM,and Bighit come together to make the next big girl group. Will they grow or will they flop?
  • 2pm
  • got7
  • bts
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