The Nerd Guy and I by lovable_author
The Nerd Guy and Iby lovable_author
Cassy. Isang magandang babae na makikilala ang nerd na lalaki. Sa pagkakaalam niya ang mga babae lang ang nerd pero magiging maganda ang pagsasamahan nila. Makikilala ni...
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Missing U (Twice Fanfic) by mysteriousoncebuddy
Missing U (Twice Fanfic)by mysteriousoncebuddy
Twice members x Reader This is my first fan fiction and I am sorry if it is bad. I will try to improve the story time by time You were a new student in JYP academy, you...
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Just Friends (Sana X Dahyun) by RandomGirlHM
Just Friends (Sana X Dahyun)by Random Girl
When Sana knew she had a secret admirer,it is up to her if she wants to accept that person's confession...or friendzone that person... (NOT COMPLETED YET)
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f a k e • k.yg + by -neverever
f a k e • k.yg + h.mmby 🌸 Ꮶℐℳ 🌸
In which Yugyeom pretends to be gay to hide his crush on Momo~ Started: - Ended: -
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He Is A Playboy But I Love Him So Much [Jungkook BTS And Sowon Gfriend ff] by lali_675
He Is A Playboy But I Love Him Angela Fristine
"You know once you are playboy you'll always be a playboy!!!! And I never love you!" Sowon "I know you wouldn't love me, and I'm not a playboy anyomore. I...
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Little Do You Know (Book 2 of SaTzu Trilogy) by WinterArchery
Little Do You Know (Book 2 of WinterArchery
//Book 2 of SaTzu Trilogy// WARNING: Please read book 1 first before this. As for those who have read the first book, please avoid spoiling. Check out for the first book...
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😊 campus textmate   📲🏫🏫 by jahlira
😊 campus textmate 📲🏫🏫by red luv U
campus text mate anong gagawin mo kung yung katext mo ay isa sa heartrob sa univ nyo ? 🤔🤔 syempre basahin 📖📖nyo Kung anong ginawa ng mga babae👭👭 at mga lalaki 👬...
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THE LUCKY ONE  by user79797322
I'm just simple girl with a big dream to have a gentleman husband and a respectful children That all I wanted in my whole life but I don't know if I can still see a man...
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BANGTWICE MEMESby Nayeonie_Bunny
Memes from the mysterious mind of your author!
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UNEXPECTED  by IrishCabalar
UNEXPECTED by #bts_forever
Isang grupo na binubuo ng mga kababaihan na kung saan gustong maging isang sikat na banda sa buong mundo tulad ng BTS. Sa hindi malamang dahilan na doon sila mag-o-audit...
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||KPOP'S MOST UNDERRATED|| by eatmyasshobi
||KPOP'S MOST UNDERRATED||by eatmyasshobi
A random collection of the most underrated kpop songs(at least in my opinion) & lyrics translated into english...I guess enjoy this book of just...songs?
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MY PERVERT HUSTBAND by user89291747
MY PERVERT HUSTBANDby yanie anne yander
isa akong mabait masunurin na bata actualy si mommy nagsabi niyan pero walang katotohanan . pero ang totoo isa akong masungit at mapanakit na tao di lang alam ng parents...
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Bestfriend or love??? {Gfriend Sowon and Eunha (with bts Jungkook)} by lali_675
Bestfriend or love??? {Gfriend Angela Fristine
Sowon or should I say Kim Sojung, she is a smart girl,tall,and rich. But she never acts that she's rich. She has a bestfriend name Jung Eunbi or Eunha. Eunha and Sowon a...
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|bangtwice| ♫end game♫ by _tamhoa_
|bangtwice| ♫end game♫by .hoa nhi.
em muốn trở thành người phụ nữ cuối cùng trong trò chơi tình ái của anh
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Playboys with Savage girls by Wanarimi
Playboys with Savage girlsby Wanarimi
what happen when 7 savage girls move to a new school where there is bitchy girls and playboys? what also happen when they target the girls for bew toys? will they be in...
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Kpop Lyrics by Taehyung_kim13
Kpop Lyricsby Mr. ChairMin
This is a compilation of korean song's lyrics. Credits to all the owners
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a dumb book of kpop story ideas by Bunny_Jendeukie
a dumb book of kpop story ideasby myoui addict
these were made for me to write myself but if you want to use one just tell me which and i'll say whether or not i was planning on writing it myself/have already started...
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Call Out Danger: My Dream Traveler by iceland20
Call Out Danger: My Dream Travelerby iceland20
Its not a curse Its not a lie its not a joke its not a story its not a dream but I can visit everyone's dream, yes its my ability to know the truth about this ability o...
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My Distant Love by DachshunQueen8
My Distant Loveby Dachshund Queen
It's gonna be written in my perspective but like not exactly me... idek pretty much I'm a member of TWICE and were friends with BTS and I met an American oplymian and a...
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Idol's One-shot Stories by Swaggyrapperlinlin
Idol's One-shot Storiesby alientaetae
One shot stories for EXO,BTS,Twice,Wanna One,GOT7,Blackpink,Nu'est,Seventeen,Stray Kids and Produce 101 Season 2. Feel free to request any stories about the group above^...
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