Tweets by JaneConquestBackup
Tweets by JCB Random
The craziest and funniest tweets out there! All credits to the original owners! Please be advised that this story contains swearing and mature themes!
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic by Em_Gustinxx
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic by 🦋Charl Lavin🦋 Fanfiction
What happens when u have a conversation with a famous person over tweets?? Rubbish at blurbs just read 👍😂
Twitter|| Tayler Holder by Liv_Crerar
Twitter|| Tayler Holder by Livvvvvvvv❤❄️ Fanfiction
Fan girls do anything to get their idols attention.
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic || by Em_Gustinxx
Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic || by 🦋Charl Lavin🦋 Fanfiction
Sequel to Tweets ~ j.m.b fanfic. What happens when your relationship with other celebrities grows. More importantly how will Joey act? Rubbish at writing blurbs just re...
Twitter; J.C by -AlanNxvarro
Twitter; J.C by Zu⛅. Fanfiction
"@JosDice te ha seguido". Social Network #1
DM'S/HS/ by Srslytutti
DM'S/HS/ by Gina Fanfiction
I can't even imagine if he would see me. I probably would throw down to mourn. It would be the best day of my life. It would be everything to me. This is my first story...
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by izzy Fanfiction
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
Hoenest Tweets :) ✔ by Punkxst
Hoenest Tweets :) ✔ by Punkxst Random
Funny posts that's a good laugh! Cover Credit: @GRRRLGERMS Hoenest Tweets.Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.
A Book of Dam Laughters by the_akward_fangirl
A Book of Dam Laughters by the_akward_fangirl Fanfiction
(Rewrite of the 2nd joke book) This is the second joke book, continuing from the first! For those who've read the previous, some of the jokes will be from there, but I...
Drama On & Off Camera by Moxie7Ak
Drama On & Off Camera by Moxie7Ak ChickLit
Highest Rank #52 in humor Wynter Loxley tries to find a decent local job but instead lands herself in Hollywood. She is becoming sensational and already her fans have pa...
The Tweets Of Patrick Stump by excusemeimtalking
The Tweets Of Patrick Stump by 🌹 Random
Patrick? More like Sasstrick, am I right?
fav tumblr textposts by switchjimin
fav tumblr textposts by natasha Random
Text posts which are amusing, funny, sarcastic and every other thing tumblr is. Oh and there are also tweets in here.
instagram - lrh by okaycattol
Dumb Tweets by PureAdolescence
Dumb Tweets by PureAdolescence Humor
So this will just be a collection of tweets that people have posted that are not the smartest. I don't know if this is something that you guys are interested in so comme...
Gravity Falls Pictures :0 by -CalmlyStressingOut-
Gravity Falls Pictures :0 by Creative Screen Name Fanfiction
Cover by birbyarts on Tumblr Just a book full of Gravity Falls comics, art, and other things! I will cite the author whenever possible.
Twitter | Cameron Dallas by Magconfanfic310
Twitter | Cameron Dallas by qweenlele Fanfiction
@camerondallas mentioned you in a tweet @camerondallas dmed you @camerondallas followed you
#NoHomo | +w.js| by butterflycaterpillar
#NoHomo | +w.js| by sarai Fanfiction
"Yo, you're like the cutest guy ever." "Thanks, dude. You're fucking hot." "No homo though." "#NoHomo" ~in which two guys are obv...
Funny Tweets,  Deep Quotes And Everything Inbetween 2 by JessySailor
Funny Tweets, Deep Quotes And Eve... by Jessy Humor
second book with the same funny shit as before. ENJOY MY FUNNY READERS.
Lashton Tweets {5sos} by lashtonsalt-
Lashton Tweets {5sos} by GØNE Fanfiction
Luke Hemmings: @AshtonIrwin let's have a tweet war! AshtonIrwin: @LukeHemmings no. ------------------------------------------------------ In which two members of 5sos...
Dumb Celebrity Tweets✔️ by jagijongin
Dumb Celebrity Tweets✔️ by •jikook• Random
if only celebrities would look out the window of their jet and see all the tiny little people who were exactly like them......wake the hell up.