DM'S/HS/ by Srslytutti
DM'S/HS/ by Gina Fanfiction
I can't even imagine if he would see me. I probably would throw down to mourn. It would be the best day of my life. It would be everything to me. This is my first story...
Young Love / Raura / R5 / ext. by Sophie29Pendery
Young Love / Raura / R5 / ext. by Sophie Fanfiction
AGE; Ross Lynch; 6 Rocky Lynch; 7 Rydel Lynch; 8 Riker Lynch; 10 Laura Marano; 6 Ellington Marano; 9 Vanessa Marano; 9 Olivia Holt; 7 PLOT; Laura, Vanes...
Breakdown //  by xXOmegaxMimiXx
Breakdown // by Queen_Carrot Fanfiction
Name : Millie-jo Trigg BackStory : Average girl blonde hair blue eyes she has a few friends Nicole,juli,faith. but her life's slowly losing colour her eyes becoming gre...