Hi. We're Friends. by ThePurpleHuntress
Hi. We're ChesteneY
(BASED ON A TRUE STORY) "A series of thoughts I've had while remembering you." This book is a series of thought snippets. They're not very long, and can be con...
  • drama
  • romance
  • ambivert
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Fates by katlingx
Fatesby katlingx
"ITS YOU!" "its been long princess how ya been? glad to see my bracelet is safe." I couldnt believe it. Its been years since that incident. What were...
  • love
  • romance
  • fate
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Inspiration by rainbow-nina
Inspirationby Have a gr8 day
I thought I should have at least ONE story, so here it is! :) It's a collection of story ideas that maybe you could use, if you're feeling what I am half of the time (⌒...
  • help
  • romance
  • writing
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Finding your Voice by Unity_Veil
Finding your Voiceby Unity_Veil
Kat and Alaska were friends that were trying to make it big in the singing industry. Even though they are polar opposites when it comes to their singing, where Alaska ha...
  • chances
  • tryingout
  • friendship
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