like a baby; tracob by -lovelytronnah
like a baby; tracob by dylan Random
was it too much to ask? for a boy who gives out the gentlest of words and the lightest of feather touches? or the one where troye is a little and only wants a daddy who...
for him. // klance high school au by cloudydolphin
for him. // klance high school au by ☁︎ Fanfiction
(yes, i know that title is lowercase. i was doing it for the aesthetic. the rest of the story will be capitalized, it's just the description and title that are lower cas...
sonder by pureloving
sonder by 🍊 Fanfiction
in which troye works at jacob's favourite thrift store.
little bub ~ tracob  by lilbubsivan
little bub ~ tracob by Ushi 🌻 Fanfiction
I don't wanna be hurt anymore again
non-binary ; phan by junkiehowell
non-binary ; phan by ツ Fanfiction
"you know, you're a really cute boy." he half shouted, competing with the pounding music of the club. "oh, well, thank you, but i'm not. a boy that is.&qu...
small boy |tracob| by sweetestbix
small boy |tracob| by Iz Fanfiction
"and who must you be, hmm?" the small boy giggled. "i little troye!"
♡♢♡THE BOOK OF TODODEKU ONE SHOTS♡♢♡ by mahiru_is_best_uke
♡♢♡THE BOOK OF TODODEKU ONE SHOTS♡... by queen.of.boy.ukes Fanfiction
These are one shots of tododeku (todorokixizuku)will be posting once a week.wright down in the comments for one shot requests.they are greatly appreciated.
TALK ME DOWN  ▸  STEVE HARRINGTON  AU             (   STRANGER THINGS.   ) by argentsvogue
━━━ thomas and steve were friends. good friends. they had been for a while. then, when steve and nancy break up, thomas is the shoulder to cry on. then, in a moment o...
Broken But Ardent ✔ by pastelpeonies
Broken But Ardent ✔ by — ANA 🐦 Short Story
[#144 IN SHORT STORY] They 'were' best friends. They 'are' popular. Noah, a boy with God-sent vocals; Dylan, an effervescent make up guru, otherwise known as "the f...
Be My Friend by LuciferTheGr8
Be My Friend by I'm-Not-Natural Paranormal
Mason sells his soul to Satan in order to gain a friend. However, this friend may turn out to be a little more than what Mason bargained for.
Instagram | C.D. by Freshie_dreamer
Instagram | C.D. by Selman💗 Fanfiction
Started' 3-4-17 :)
2017 Latest Song Lyrics by Zaptatious
fool |tracob| by spillinglove
fool |tracob| by 🌲 Fanfiction
the one where troye falls for the new boy • trigger warning •
wrong person//tracob by dizzytracob
wrong person//tracob by n ☁️ Fanfiction
'bixxybitch' texts the wrong person, but it turns out to be the best mistake he's ever made. •• -texting fic- -lowercase intended- ~cover made by my friend emma!!~ don't...
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanfiction) by panickyphanter
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanficti... by annoying phan trash Fanfiction
Highschool au Dan's POV COMPLETE - Phil is the new boy at Dan's school. He's so mysterious and captivating, and no matter how hard Dan tries to ignore him, Phil keeps po...
These Oceans between You and Me by Poptartisdelicious
These Oceans between You and Me by Kyra Cross General Fiction
A story between two boys in love and their struggle to find each other through life. Inspired by the Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy, by Troye Sivan - and Oceans, by SeaFret.
Be My Baby✨ by coal_sprutz
Be My Baby✨ by kianismyoneandonly Fanfiction
This is really shitty but I love Kian Lawley sooooooo xx alsoooooo I don't know how long this gonna be butttt also it has a few social media chapters soooooo I don't kno...
single | KJ Apa by 1-800-TRUMANBLACK
single | KJ Apa by mercury. Fanfiction
"I think I love her but she doesn't seem to notice." "Tell her how you feel." - " I don't know if we should be alone together. " " I s...
Forbidden Love (Michael Clifford) by bxndtxbers
Forbidden Love (Michael Clifford) by ash Fanfiction
He carries a gun, She carries make up, He breaks the law at night, She sleeps at night, He loves her, She loves him. What's keeping Zoe and Michael apart? If love as str...