Unplanned Pregnancy :Tronnor mpreg✔️ by -teenagefantasy
Unplanned Pregnancy :Tronnor mpreg... by youareloving
"I'm pregnant," Troye whispered looking down at his hands. He wasn't sure why that was the first thing to come out of his mouth, but it felt like a ton of bric...
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  • boyxboy
  • tyleroakly
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never be | tracob au by empyreantroye
never be | tracob au by c
Jacob Bixenman moves to Connecticut from California for nine months as a part of a study abroad program, and he just so happens to move in with Troye Mellet and family.
  • jacobbixenman
  • tracob
  • troye
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sonder by pureloving
sonder by 🍊
in which troye works at jacob's favourite thrift store.
  • gay
  • lgbt
  • troyesivan
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like a teddy bear ||tracob|| by bixromantic
like a teddy bear ||tracob|| by Georgie
round and round the garden like a teddy bear. one step, two step. tickle you under there! cg/l fanfic
  • lgbt
  • ageregression
  • agere
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church boys • tracob ✓ by meIodramas
church boys • tracob ✓ by !
there's this boy in my youth group.
  • gay
  • closeted
  • boyxboy
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Please - Tracob (DISCONTINUED) by frerardnotgrank
Please - Tracob (DISCONTINUED) by Mikey Fuckin’ Way
"I'll be a g-good kitten, daddy, I promise." Troye stammers looking up at Jacob, his eyes full of lust. Sub/fem!Troye Dom/daddy!Jacob
  • jacob
  • troye
  • smuttyfanfic
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sleepy boy by melletsbix
sleepy boy by .
when a bratty rich kid is forced to volunteer at a homeless shelter for lgbt youth. - warning: cg/l dynamic, dd/lb, ageplay
  • regression
  • ddlg
  • dom
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grigio girls - tracob by daddybix
grigio girls - tracob by m
pour your heart out transgirl!troye & bi!jacob ©daddybix (2017)
  • jacobbixenman
  • tracob
  • troyesivan
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for him. // klance high school au by cloudydolphin
for him. // klance high school au by (*´ω`*)
keith and lance are high school students in their neighborhood. they have a lot of the same classes and they were in the same grade yet there was one difference between...
  • gay
  • beyondthescene
  • dance
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Alphabet Boy ➤ au by babybix
Alphabet Boy ➤ au by babybix♡
Congratulations Daddy, I loves you!
  • ageplay
  • little
  • fluff
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Instagram | C.D. by Freshie_dreamer
Instagram | C.D. by yolo
Started' 3-4-17 :)
  • cameron
  • philanddan
  • couples
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It's Understandable: A Tronnor AU by gentlerways
It's Understandable: A Tronnor AU by Sydney KS
Troye Mellet is not popular. He's middle class in the teenage hierarchy and the head of the bitter kids. Cocky "populars" and superficial teens are his enemies...
  • youtube
  • danhowell
  • hurt
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It's All About You ⌘ Joe Sugg ✓ by _shazza
It's All About You ⌘ Joe Sugg ✓ by shazza
**COMPLETED** ❝it's all about you eila, it always has been.❞ Two unlikely people collide and what follows is a passionate, sudden and powerful relationship. Life gets in...
  • youtubers
  • sugg
  • oakley
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lollipop ‪⭒ tracob  by angelicbix
lollipop ‪⭒ tracob by kay
Sucking too hard on your lollipop, or loves gonna get you down. cg/l caregiver!Jacob! Little!Troye! copyright © - angelicbix
  • fanfiction
  • troyesivan
  • tracob
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Shutter ❋ Joe Sugg AU by _shazza
Shutter ❋ Joe Sugg AU by shazza
"You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have hea...
  • sugg
  • phillester
  • alfiedeyes
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The Trio (Camren) by CrownedDirection
The Trio (Camren) by ✖ljp ✖️
The Trio were the three most talked about siblings ever. They were hot, rich, powerful and unique in their own ways. They may seem perfect but they faced a tragedy long...
  • normanikordei
  • camila
  • onedirection
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Adopted by Zalfie by Undead_Glory
Adopted by Zalfie by undead gløry
Maya is a 12 year old girl just waiting for someone to adopt her. All she has is her lonely room and her heros, who are only through a screen. Read her story on how YouT...
  • pointlessblog
  • amazingphil
  • tanyabur
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bellyache by troncob
bellyache by ㅤㅤㅤ
secrets kill
  • cgl
  • troyesivan
  • tracob
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Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanfiction) by panickyphanter
Muse - Phan (Dan and Phil fanficti... by annoying phan trash
Highschool au Dan's POV COMPLETE - Phil is the new boy at Dan's school. He's so mysterious and captivating, and no matter how hard Dan tries to ignore him, Phil keeps po...
  • phan
  • highschoolphan
  • phanfic
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For Our Parent's Sakes (Phanfiction) by dontdenyDRARRY
For Our Parent's Sakes (Phanfictio... by Kaela
Everything was like a puzzle that had yet to be put together. It was like all the pieces were there, but you didn't know where to connect them and how they fit in. Dan w...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • danhowell
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