trouble - ethandolan by dolandosed
trouble - ethandolan by dolandosed Fanfiction
"i only cause trouble, stay away from me." - @dolandosed
Captain vs Captain  by littledancerxx
Captain vs Captain by Little Dancer Teen Fiction
Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble
They're Trouble ✔️ #Wattys2017 by Mowritestoo
They're Trouble ✔️ #Wattys2017 by Reci Moari Teen Fiction
COMPLETED Highest: #75 Teen Fiction Elly isn't a shy girl, she is smart, trouble some and loud but a good way, she's a tomboy, loves playing sport and she's also a stree...
Underdogs by Floats
Underdogs by nat Teen Fiction
[Winner of the Talk of the Town Watty Award, 2015] Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was completely by acci...
Noah (STUDENTxTEACHER) by xCookie17
Noah (STUDENTxTEACHER) by Emma James Romance
{Highest Rank In Romance: #20- 18 April 2017} "Th-this isn't allowed..." I mutter at the ground, blushing insanely, and not daring to meet his eyes. "Do y...
The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited) by True_lies13
The Alpha's Young Mate (unedited) by True_lies13 Werewolf
19 year old Alpha Clayton finally comes home from being away for 5 years at Alpha Training, and when he is finally back, he finds his lovely mate - in the face of his Be...
Read My Lips by LoveAtWar
Read My Lips by Katie Teen Fiction
Maisie's deaf, she understands what everyone is saying to her by reading their lips. But, high school wasn't easy for her. Been the new girl is always tough, but when yo...
Trouble In Paradise? by ThatOneAuthor101
Trouble In Paradise? by Cassie.M Humor
After battling with a life threatening disease, Stephanie finally got the all clear on her health. She was free to live her life. She is starting a new school at...
She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad News by Bridget Teen Fiction
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
Troubled little youth. by shani_leigh
Troubled little youth. by S H A N I Teen Fiction
He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psychopath. He was bad news. She was worse. He was angry at the world. She just wanted to have fun in it. When Ash...
Her possession (Slowly Editing) by jayy_qxueen
Her possession (Slowly Editing) by Jayy Teen Fiction
Lulu Dursilla doesn't have the best life for a teenage girl in high school, but she sure did endure hell. Between balancing her school life and private life, Lulu has to...
Double Trouble❥❥Jake Paul & Chance Sutton FanFic by violetteardrops
Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ WA WINNER '13] by xXMopelXx
Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [... by The Real Queen B of Wattpad Teen Fiction
*DISCLAIMER: This was my first story on wattpad so suffice to say that it'll have grammar mistakes and [maybe] annoying characters? I was fifteen/sixteen when I wrote i...
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
His Last Hope | ✓ by ClassicImagination
His Last Hope | ✓ by Luisa Teen Fiction
Highest Ranking: #14 in Teen Fiction Final exams are only months away when Calista Hale is told news that no senior in high school wants to hear; she's being held back f...
BLS #3 : Dealing With Trouble by beyondlocks
BLS #3 : Dealing With Trouble by Janice Martana Romance
BLS #3 Alexander North A Billionare that loves changing girls like changing clothes , girls are begging for his love but no one ever gets it. There is no LOVE in his dic...
Link Dane by xPureChances
Link Dane by I'm Negan Humor
Every Father scowls at him. Every Mother prays from him. Every boy hates him. And every girl stays away from him. Because he was Link Dane. That one boy who seemed even...
Harry+mal+ben by codeclub12
Harry+mal+ben by codeclub12 Fanfiction
Harry is captain hooks son and he wants to marry mal. But ben doesn't like harry and he wants to marry mal. Mal only likes ben but doesn't want to marry him yet. Harry i...
Not a Runner  by c_kinn3
Not a Runner by Cloey Adventure
#21 in Adventure (07/09/2017) COMPLETED (09/08/2017) •~Perfect People Don't Make Perfect Families~• When 17 year old Rose finds herself lost and alone in Florida- 1000...
Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1 by itssaliicee
Delinquent Academy || Completed... by its ya girl Teen Fiction
I'm pushed roughly against the wall making me gasp. ❝Why are you acting like this?❞ I hiss at him, gaining composure. ❝You just don't understand, do you?❞...