Trio de Castigo by OneDBromancesHot
Trio de Castigoby - FROYO -
Stiles es castigado por llegar tarde a su clase de gimnasia, sin embargo, no está solo. Le acompaña Derek y Scott. Cansados del aburrimiento deciden mostrar su físi...
  • caliente
  • derek
  • amor
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Lo más bonito de ti © by Ambar_Ross
Lo más bonito de ti ©by Ambar
Ignacia y Maia se conocieron en la universidad y se hicieron inmediatamente inseparables. Maia ha tenido una vida difícil, sus padres fallecieron cuando era tan solo un...
  • amistad
  • trio
  • romance
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Secrets To Keep by bessie-boo
Secrets To Keepby Luna
Harry finally tells everyone he loves about his past--with the help of his best friends of course. He also makes ammends with several people, saves others, makes new fri...
  • professorharry
  • granger
  • lunarry
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La Biblia De BTS  [YAOI +18] by karma64
La Biblia De BTS [YAOI +18]by karma64
Esto tiene contenido adulto es decir +18. Ships Yaois de BTS
  • duro
  • contra
  • muro
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Han pasado 5 años desde que los hermanos Kuran se alejaron de la Academia Cross, en ese tiempo Zero se fue descontrolando poco a poco, llegando al punto en el cual han t...
  • muertedeunpersonaje
  • lemon
  • romantico
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The Streetfighter Living With the Bad Boys by ShivaniDPatel
The Streetfighter Living With Shivu22
Alexa Field. She is 17 and the most feared streetfighter there is but no one knows it. In school, they all just see her a weak puny little nerd who has no friends and sp...
  • teenfiction
  • brother
  • nerd
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Other half (Harry potter love story) 1st book by xxSHADOWOFLIGHTxx
Other half (Harry potter love Gryffindor gurl
Kathlyn Black is a famous witch together with Harry Potter, for both are known to survive the wrath of the darkest wizard of all and managed to banish him when they wer...
  • fanfiction
  • hogwarts
  • trio
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Pennelope and The Order (Harry Potter Love Story) Book 5 by helpem
Pennelope and The Order (Harry Helpem
Pennelope, a beautiful and stunning young lady who has her eye out for a certain Harry Potter, she's loved him ever since first year. Her love for Harry is getting stron...
  • black
  • ron
  • jone
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Military Girl by FangirlAlerta
Military Girlby FangirlAlerta
Cassi Lunkorc. A fifteen year old Soldier attending an army based institution, in charge of helping to keep a check on a group of cadets. But what would happen when she...
  • mitchgrassi
  • scotthoying
  • kirstin
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Harry Potter Instagram by bessie-boo
Harry Potter Instagramby Luna
Instagrams of the Harry Potter characters. Starts as Marauders, will go to Trio, then Next Generation kids. Enjoy! -Luna
  • nextgeneration
  • potter
  • harry
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My Dirty Little Secret(A Hermione Love Story) by LaciDenise
My Dirty Little Secret(A Alicia
Amelia Johnson is starting her first-and last- year at Hogwarts after a rather unfortunate incident at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. After a certain someone shows up at...
  • ron
  • watty
  • hermione
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SQUIB ✓ by live_life_with_books
SQUIB ✓by Em
Book 1 in the witches and wizards series {FRED WEASLEY} Erin Scmit was a squib. Her parents, and all six of her siblings all attended Hogwarts school of witchcraft and w...
  • harry
  • marauders
  • remus
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Trouble Girls [END] by SixSeasons
Trouble Girls [END]by six seasons
Iya, kita emang pencari masalah. Kita selalu bikin onar di sekolah. Kerjaan kita bolos pelajaran. Kabur ke mall, atau kabur ke ruang kepsek. Tapi dibalik semua itu, kita...
  • teen
  • friendship
  • teenage
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Bad touch trio with an English man by Iggy_Fenn
Bad touch trio with an English manby EnglandxGreece
FrUK vs PrUK vs SpUK
  • touch
  • hetalia
  • btt
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I'm hot (sticky sweet) by DahianaRocha
I'm hot (sticky sweet)by Dahiana Rocha
"El bebé solo necesita una polla en su lindo culito, ¿no?" Jimin jadea. El sudor gotea por su torso, destacando las líneas sutiles de sus abdominales y los hue...
  • hopega
  • omega
  • yoonseokmin
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Dívka, která měla jedno velké tajemství [Harry Potter ff] ✔️ by foxiebea
Dívka, která měla jedno velké just bea.
BUDE SE OPRAVOVAT/AKTUÁLNĚ SE OPRAVUJE! • Nikdo nevěděl, odkud pochází • Neměla přátele, ani rodinu • Chovala se tajemněji, jak nikdo jiný • Nikdo nezna...
  • dívka
  • hermiona
  • tajemství
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Tu Hai Toh I'll be Alright [MISSION DESI] by Jesus_Ki_Sweetheart
Tu Hai Toh I'll be Alright [ 1 Corinthians 13
One aim. One dream. One city. Three girls. Three (maybe more) love interests. Few heartbreaks A little suspense And a lot of humor. With a pinch of drama. Makes one awes...
  • reality
  • zindagi
  • missiondesi
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 INHERITANCE | H. POTTER by inferiorgalaxies
"Sometimes fate likes to mess with you." Elle Smith a girl who could not catch a break, after two years of trying to get her crush to notice her she finally ma...
  • neville
  • granger
  • hermione
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Twinning With Bae // Chance Sutton~Anthony Trujillo by jakepauler4liife
Twinning With Bae // Chance jakepauler4liife
So I'm jake Paul's little sister and I have a huge crush on Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo. They don't know it yet but read the story to find out who she falls in l...
  • jakepaul
  • siblings
  • chancesutton
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+Instagram+kpop+ by areumshiee
+Instagram+kpop+by 🥀
charin,thea and vhin are bestfriends and they love to post pictures on instagram,they live together but vhin is always out of town so she barely meet the two
  • taehyung
  • baekhyun
  • romance
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