The Virus Within by CrystalScherer
The Virus Within by Crystal Scherer Science Fiction
What do you do when you are one of the infected? The virus in my blood is trying to steal my humanity. It alters my very thoughts and reactions. It taunts me by temptin...
Beastly by FallenCause
Beastly by DreamBig Werewolf
"What's your name." He whispers causing her to shiver. "Trinity." She mumbles afraid of what's to become. "Well Trinity, here's the deal. Either...
The last OG by Jessinta34
The Trinity War (Book 3 of the Trinity series) by youXfoundXme
The Trinity War (Book 3 of the Tri... by youXfoundXme Fantasy
After reading the letter her mother left for her, Caley has now been left questioning all of her decisions. Realizing that she has strayed too far from the path that she...
The Trinity of Magic (Book 2 of the Trinity series) by youXfoundXme
The Trinity of Magic (Book 2 of th... by youXfoundXme Fantasy
Now that Caley has graduated from Trinity High, her and her friends are off to University. As they all move onto a higher education in magic, Caley finds herself moving...
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) {SPAM} by TrianglesAreMyFandom
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) {SPAM} by Beeleaf In The Plagerized Bee... Random
Rants and Dreams and Pictures and Doom {Cover by @cmw4223}
Bottled Up by quillandink13
Bottled Up by ink blots Teen Fiction
Your destiny is already mapped out as soon as you're born - you just don't get to see it yet. In this era, people are given necklaces at birth. On these necklaces, an e...
Kidnapped by the emo trinity [complete] by emo_chicken
Kidnapped by the emo trinity [comp... by emo_chicken Fanfiction
Julia is not your average 16 year old. She'd spent her whole life feeling... Different. The only way she could really escape from reality was through listening to music...
Queen of Hearts by toxicspirit
Queen of Hearts by || Bʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ Eʟɪᴢᴀʙᴇᴛʜ || Romance
"You gotta let somebody in." I whispered. "You're one to talk, miss Queen of Hearts." he murmured. "Why are you calling me that?" I wondere...
Rich Rags by NeonKolours
Rich Rags by NeonKolours Romance
Abril has a secret...she's the daughter of the richest man in the county, but because of a childhood incident she decides she can't tell anyone, even her five quirky bes...
Ineffability by FrostBite284
Ineffability by FrostBite284 Teen Fiction
In which a stubborn, opinionated and not-so-good girl allows herself to fall. In which a good looking school heart-throb allows his heart to be played.
Dear Diary, #NoMoreBullying by Gummy_BeaRRss
Dear Diary, #NoMoreBullying by Spoopy Lynsey Short Story
Highest in short story: #105 • {Edited} {Warning}This book deals with Bullying, EDNOS, Self Harm, Depression, and Suicide. (I don't actually write parts about the chara...
Kidnapped by Tamartian15
Kidnapped by Jasmine Fanfiction
Tamar's daughter was kidnapped from a mall in Baltimore, Maryland 10 years ago. She didn't hear her scream or anyone behind her. She turned her back for a quick second a...
Minity Oneshots by _Num3MinityShipper_
Minity Oneshots by _Num3MinityShipper_ Fanfiction
Mia x Trinity Requests are open! (My friends wanted me to do this so i did)
The Future Isn't Set by Cflower0913
The Future Isn't Set by Flower Paranormal
Trinity Moon-Ethel thinks her life is all planned out. She has everything she could ever want. She has the best family, best grades, and has already been accepted into o...
pete wentz & some by peetewints
pete wentz & some by Pete x Random
u heard it here first, folks 3rd: 1k, 2k 2nd: 3k
Blood, Sex and Booze by palewidow
Bad Girl Gone Good by trackrunner14
Bad Girl Gone Good by trackrunner14 Teen Fiction
Meet Trinity West a bad girl sent to live with her dad. Trinity is the baddest of the bad she steals, she drinks, she fights, she parties and does much more. Meet Brett...
The Air of a Flame by aznkitty56
The Air of a Flame by aznkitty56 Fanfiction
What if Aang had a sister who is also an airbender? What if she is frozen in time like her brother? What if she gets captured by Zuko? What if they fall in love? Disclai...
Hope Springs (#Wattys2016) by xxxheartlandxxx
Hope Springs (#Wattys2016) by Haley Werewolf
Trinity is obsessed with wolves, and when she moves to Hope Springs, at first she thinks that she won't be comfortable there. After all, she's just been separated from t...