Dream Catcher by SheHopes
Dream Catcher by Sandra Grayson Mystery / Thriller
(BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial...
Courting Death | Book 3 by twelvewonderingstars
Courting Death | Book 3 by aurora 🌿 Fantasy
[BOOK THREE] "Falling in love was never a plan, Minnie." I sighed, fingers reaching up to rub my temples as I blinked my very translucent eyelids. "I was...
🍌Yikes 3.0 by dyenahjane
🍌Yikes 3.0 by emhoely.™ Random
Another 200 chapters of me riding that thick 🍆 Read at your own risk. This book consists of me ranting, aka accurate shit talking. - cover made by @laursexual
When The Sun Goes Down - A Midnight Mafia Novel by ObsceneIrrationality
When The Sun Goes Down - A Midnigh... by R.A. Franco Romance
----- Currently under revision! :D ----- Wanna-be journalist Kate Santoro would do anything for the scoop. Anything. Including finding her way into an underground club e...
Recovery by sparkybark17
Recovery by Elizabeth Hope Teen Fiction
Grace Adams has battled with depression for the majority of her life, but her best friend Chey always kept her sane. But after Chey disappears from her life, Grace compl...
You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2) by knightsrachel
You Belong With Me (AFTR Book 2) by Rachel Romance
*Sequel to Along For the Ride. It's been 4 years since the Connor Jackson Live tour, and a lot has changed. -Cover created by: MrKinkyWriter -Photographer: Everton Vila
Lush Expiration | Harry Styles AU by butterflytattoo
Lush Expiration | Harry Styles AU by Layla Arts Fanfiction
Final book of the Lush Trilogy (ongoing) | Continuation of Lush Corruption | Times have drastically changed. Two years passed by since the last time Harry and Vicky...
Three's Company by katherinepowell
Three's Company by Katherine Romance
One high school. Six seniors. Three couples who should never have gotten together. Take a journey through three separate stories of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and...
Humans by ThatGirl_127
Humans by Sophia Science Fiction
Number 61082 is a slave. A human. Being sold was the constant in her life; the only thing that was certain. Getting bought by a family that doesn't abuse her is surprisi...
Another Moment in the Hood by KingofThugs
Another Moment in the Hood by Mrs. Gotti General Fiction
"She like them street guys but the girl so innocent." - Story of Cali, third book in the Hood Girl trilogy
Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story) by EternalLaughter
Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story) by Alex Fanfiction
[SEQUEL TO Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)] In the quaint town of Gracewood, Virginia, Ao Matsukochi lives comfortably with her adoptive parents and her loyal f...
Bloody Lies//g.d~completed by peculiardolan
Bloody Lies//g.d~completed by pretty odd✨ Fanfiction
****Book II**** Highest Rank: #104 "I don't know what's real anymore." "Me. I'm real." He said, placing my hand on his heart. "And us, this rel...
Someone's In My Head (WATTYS AWARD WINNER 2015) by StevenSteel
Someone's In My Head (WATTYS AWARD... by Steven Steel Science Fiction
BOOK ONE OF THE WICKERNHAM TRILOGY - WATTYS AWARD WINNER - - #1 IN SCIENCE FICTION - After a close brush with death, Jarod ends up in a hospital, traumatized but...
The Footballer's Girlfriend [Cristiano Ronaldo] by Jayme112234
The Footballer's Girlfriend [Crist... by Jayme112234 Fanfiction
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love ft. Cristiano Ronaldo
Rejected And Now Revenge For Mr. Alpha(BOOK 2 OF TRILOGY) by awshlay
Rejected And Now Revenge For Mr. A... by ashley collins Werewolf
After four months of Klover's pack thinking she's dead, she finally proves them wrong when she has to come back and help them out. Switched roles, much? The Midnight Pac...
Loving Judas (Disciples MC) book 1. by AngelBlueDawn
Loving Judas (Disciples MC) book 1. by Angel Romance
Book one in the Disciples MC trilogy. Alice never expected her parents to be murdered in front of her by bikers while on vacation, she never expected to be rescued by a...
I Got You ✔  by wtwrites
I Got You ✔ by Whitney Fanfiction
Will Archie Andrews finally realise that he's been in love with only one girl all his life, his best friend and the girl next door, Betty Cooper? If so, will Archie con...
Affliction // Harry Styles by crstlbtrfly
Affliction // Harry Styles by Crystal J Johnson Fanfiction
Life is Complicated When You're Fighting to Stay Alive and Battling Not to Fall In Love. Nineteen year old Quinn Ellery has only one priority since the U.S. was quarant...
Shattered by sparkybark17
Shattered by Elizabeth Hope Teen Fiction
"Grace-" he whispers, his voice a caress that sends shivers down my spine. "Don't," I warn, taking a step back. "Don't say my name like that.&q...
Demon in Ruins (Dark Choices #1)✔ by fallen_angelinluv
Demon in Ruins (Dark Choices #1)✔ by Medha M.M Vampire
▶Book One in Dark Choices series◀ ❝The darkest night holds the coldest secrets of all.❞ When the naïve high school student, Karen Michaels, along with her best friend J...