Shadowfire by booklover542
Shadowfireby booklover542
Optimus' sister has a sparking to an unknown bot, and after her death Optimus sends the young femme to Earth for her own safety. When the Autobots take refuge on Earth y...
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To Tame A Predacon [Completed] by RadioActiveSpino
To Tame A Predacon [Completed]by Jaws The pred
Jaws one of the apex predacons on cybertron is locked into a living death, frozen in ice. She excavated by the decepticons eons after the great cataclysm that ended her...
  • beast
  • decepticon
  • predaking
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To Capture A Bee's Heart by RenegadePhoenix
To Capture A Bee's Heartby Phoenix Skywalker
Nova Pax once lived on Cybertron. She had a wonderful older brother named Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, who were like a family to Nova and a wonderful best frie...
  • transformers
  • bumblebee
  • romance
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There's a Autobot in my barn  by FNAFToyChica
There's a Autobot in my barn by ?Terror Twins❤️
Shadow is a 6 year old girl with many problems. 1. Her Dad abuses her 2. Mom died in The Chicago attack And now an Autobot?! Is Shadow's life gonna change or get even...
  • autobots
  • öf
  • transformers
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Shattered Illusions (The rewrite!!) by CodeNameBLOOD
Shattered Illusions (The rewrite!!)by Blood
Karly was a big-time Transformers fan. Having used Transformers as a crutch to deal with the roughness of the world, Transformers has influenced her way of life. Like m...
  • transformers
  • decepticons
  • twinsxoc
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A Human's Spark [🇬🇧] by Wordsnaut
A Human's Spark [🇬🇧]by Giulia Bassani
"I fell in love with that same mystery I was trying to solve." My name's Beatrice Orion, and this is my story. -- I don't own any of the characters but Beatric...
  • love
  • michaelbay
  • autobots
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Tf smut(SLOW UPDATES) by soundbee
Tf smut(SLOW UPDATES)by soundbee
Any generation of the Transformers franchise, u name it. Though it will be strictly written as Smut, so no Yaoi. i have a different story for that. U got an OC send me t...
  • ocs
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Transformers X Reader by TFP_Endegemin
Transformers X Readerby KIKASS Endegemin
just u plus it favorite characters. I'm taking requests
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  • soundwave
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TFP: Optimus x reader Sister of a Con by SacudaRomeave
TFP: Optimus x reader Sister of Sacuda Ro'meave
Partners. Allies. Friends. Family. Galaxy Comet, is her name. Though, she would rather be called Galix for a very special reason. Abused by her own brother for most of...
  • optimus
  • transformers
  • transformersprime
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Crosshairs' mechanic by TigerRosewood
Crosshairs' mechanicby Rose
Months before Cade bought Optimus and met up with the other autobots,crosshairs got separated. He is purchased by a female who seems to have a thing for cars. Stuck in a...
  • optimus
  • hound
  • prime
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Satellite Heart ~ A William Lennox Love Story. by NicoleEmmaNeville
Satellite Heart ~ A William FiftyShadesOfShane🍟
Aria Collins is Sam Witwickys Half sister, Niece to Morshower and Admirer of William Lennox, With the War of the Autobots and Decepticons coming to earth, how is she sup...
  • lennox
  • sam
  • witwicky
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The Daughter of Primus by AlithShepard95
The Daughter of Primusby Julianna Harth
Julianna Harth is a seventeen year old gaming youtuber (quite a popular one at that) trying to finish her senior year of high school in Jasper, Nevada. When her friends...
  • transformers
  • tfp
  • comfort
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Transformer X reader ONESHOTS~ by KatanyCatPuff
Transformer X reader ONESHOTS~by katanycatpuff
MY brand new oneshots! Enjoy~
  • oneshots
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  • ships
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Beacon of Light -William Lennox- by thescarletwxtch
Beacon of Light -William Lennox-by Alyssa
In a world of cars that transform and destruction in it's wake and gathering darkness she was his light in that darkness.
  • action
  • bumblebee
  • fiction
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Transformers Smut by WarPaintDecepticon
Transformers Smutby War Paint
Requests on HOLD
  • rid
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  • bumblebee
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Bumblebee x Reader by anadelrey_
Bumblebee x Readerby anastasia!
what started as a joke but went too far
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I'm Friends With the Monsters (AOE) by StormFireGirl
I'm Friends With the Monsters (AOE)by StormFireGirl
I thought I only made a simple purchase. An item for my collection of antiques. But I was sadly mistaken. Because of me, two families are woven together, during these da...
  • tessa
  • wattys2015
  • witwicky
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Transformers One-shots ~Requests Close~ by MadameGorilla2002
Transformers One-shots ~Requests MadameGorilla2002
~I don't own the transformers movie,pictures,music,videos,and the characters~ One-shots with these two since there's none. ~Requests are open~ (i might do lemon)...
  • mtmte
  • tfp
  • aoe
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Transformers Reader Inserts Book 2 by turtleformer_fangirl
Transformers Reader Inserts Book 2by turtleformer_fangirl
I apologise in advance for any ooc characters ^^ ~ not taking requests ~ some swearing ~ only reader inserts ~ all readers are human unless specified ~ updates will be m...
  • heatwave
  • tfp
  • crosshairs
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Transformers Reader Inserts Book 3 by turtleformer_fangirl
Transformers Reader Inserts Book 3by turtleformer_fangirl
🚫NOT TAKING REQUESTS🚫 apologies for any ooc characters + some swearing + only reader inserts + all readers are human unless otherwise specified + NO LEMONS + random up...
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