brown haired boy by flawed-
brown haired boy by hiatus • ty
you said it would sting. //train tracks with miles// © 2015 flawed-
  • georgie
  • wattys2015
  • falling
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train wreck by flawed-
train wreck by hiatus • ty
all i've done defeats me //rooftops with miles// [sequel to brown haired boy] friday, may 1st: #2 in short story
  • thenbhd
  • brownhairedboy
  • miles
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You Call Him Gustavo, I Call Him Dad by EmmaAwesome
You Call Him Gustavo, I Call Him D... by Emma
It's about your ordinary Big Time Rush person meets BTR except there's no fan. It's Gustavo's daughter and she's breaking hearts and squeezing them. She's Julie Rocque.
  • cammy
  • gay
  • joey
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The Noble House Of Black by sheXfanciesXhim
The Noble House Of Black by ᴍ :ᴅ (ᴏʀ ᴍᴇʟ)
(Taking place in the Order of the Phoenix) Regulus Black married a young girl named Violetta Nous. They had a baby girl named Miriella. Regulus died while trying to des...
  • harry
  • prewitt
  • murderer
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I'm In Love With A Criminal by NadjaTaylor
I'm In Love With A Criminal by Nadja Taylor
Gorgeous cover made by @the_blankcanvas 17 year old ,Ariel Martin, has a hard life and decides that she can't take it anymore. So she runs away from her abusive foster p...
  • runaway
  • orphans
  • abuse
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The Tiger's Body by mckaylaspandas
The Tiger's Body by Mckayla
What seemed like a normal walk home became a living nightmare. For Kenna it was the worst night of her life, kidnapped by a group of guys, then murdered after they do th...
  • native
  • traps
  • soulshifters
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Train Love (Yami X Reader Short Story) (Completed) by KrissyHalo
Train Love (Yami X Reader Short St... by Krissy
Y/n uses the train everyday to go to a dojo and practice her sword skills. She didn't mind it and loved seeing the views of the city. But what happens when a certain boy...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Thomas and the Great War by JakeRutigliano
Thomas and the Great War by Jake Rutigliano
Based on the World War II movie "The Adventures of Thomas" directed by Shane Acker. I like to thank NorthWester1 on Deviantart for this concept. In the days fo...
  • cars
  • trains
  • series
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Young Magic {Previously known as I'm her sister.} by Plain_old_me
Young Magic {Previously known as I... by ?????????
Hayley Elizabeth Granger. A shy, abused brown-haired blue-eyed 13-year old girl who is treated like Cinderella. But also a witch. Completly unaware that in a house eatin...
  • brick
  • wall
  • harry
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The Train On 11th | (Completed) ✔️ by auseante
The Train On 11th | (Completed) ✔️ by e l i o
The city of Stockholm is mysterious. Missing children, instantaneous deaths, and unfamiliar sightings plague the residency, though, people don't seem to mind them. But 2...
  • urbanlegend
  • gemawards
  • supernatural
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EeveeLutions x Eevee reader by GoredOHNOOFreiman
EeveeLutions x Eevee reader by Gordon
Based off: This is a really good idea, and i dont know why people haven't done it...
  • ash
  • cew
  • called
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Sodor high school (Human Thomas and friends) by Trains4Days
Sodor high school (Human Thomas an... by Trains4Days
This is a human Thomas the tank engine story. It takes place at Sodor high school. All the kids go by their train names. Some OC's will be used in this story(Maybe)
  • diesel10
  • tatmr
  • james
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The King's Puzzle by IanWilsonAuthor
The King's Puzzle by Ian Wilson
Sixteen-year-old Angus Wolfe attempts to solving the "King’s Puzzle", a 1939 mystery involving his grandfather and King George VI. A young, gorgeous female pol...
  • teenagers
  • thriller
  • canadian
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The Uncertain Strangers | Short Story  by glynie_
The Uncertain Strangers | Short St... by g. ♡
(1980s) Two eccentric souls find themselves within each other. Learning that sometimes not knowing the right path, doesn't mean you have to stop walking. Copyright © (...
  • forest
  • princerogersnelson
  • melanin
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Greek Mythology 101 - Greek Magic by tallulahxo
Greek Mythology 101 - Greek Magic by Talla
A short story about Greek Mythology and all that fun stuff. When the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus allow someone every 500 years to find out their secret, how will they...
  • cute
  • chat
  • hermes
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Aren't we enemies? (TordXReader) by Meifwateen
Aren't we enemies? (TordXReader) by Red Leader Tørd
HALLO THERE PLZ READ MY STORY IM FRICKEN DESPERATE! Your name is Y/N L/N,aka F/C Leader.It's you and six other leaders.You were highly wanted like the others,always...
  • matt
  • eddsworld
  • trains
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The Secret Double-Lives of Strangers on Trains ✓ by arcticstars
The Secret Double-Lives of Strange... by arcticstars
There is an intangible magic to the secret double-lives of strangers on trains. She spends her journeys gazing out at city lights outside the window of the train. He w...
  • lights
  • london
  • city
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The Death Of Our Friends by JaxFrerrer
The Death Of Our Friends by JaxFrerrer
Oneshot book that speaks of the tragic tales of death and what happens to those who fall into its jaws. Many strangers join Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard and Mikey way i...
  • death
  • aids
  • raytoro
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The True and Tragic Story of John Griffith and the Memphis Express. by SpiritBear
The True and Tragic Story of John... by Yogi Bear
This is a true story of great sacrifice on the part of John Griffith, father of an 8 year old boy who fell into the gear-assembly of the drawbridge John operated in 1937...
  • trains
  • mississippiriver
  • 1930s
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Morning Glories by AuthorMHAfa
Morning Glories by M.H. Afa
A train station. Two people. Six days. A short story. Morning Glories © 2014 by M.H. Afa Cover images copyright to their respective owners.
  • guy
  • friendship
  • fiction
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