Just Another Lonely Night..!! - Woohyun & Sunggyu × INFINITE [✔️] by wowwhangel
Just Another Lonely Night..!! - Busy Life
"YOU'RE ONLY MINE !!! There is no one can steal my love from me...either Sunggyu ..." - Woohyun "YOU'RE ONLY MINE !!! I never let you go to another...
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Dark Light by spin_along
Dark Lightby Toshi
[SCANDAL fanfiction] Four girls so different that no one would guess their paths were destined to cross. Four girls that no one would guess could make a difference. Will...
  • ogawa
  • jrock
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Psycho Pass: Monster With No Name {Kagari x OC} by Angel_Fall1609
Psycho Pass: Monster With No Angel_Fall1609
"Do you want that freedom?" - asked, turning toward me A little afraid I answered "More than anything in the world" Then the shadow lifted a curious...
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SCANDAL Bandby Kate
Lyrics? Facts? Everything is here! :) All for my Co- SCANDALous ♥
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Magi: A Day In Future And Past (A Magi x Scandal Fanfiction) by ItsNekoOnna
Magi: A Day In Future And Past ( ItsNekoOnna
Hello!! I'm Yuki Kanade. 18 years old. Wanted to live in a peaceful place, a peaceful life... But current events happen as I got in the past..dunno how to explain it but...
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Under the Moon - A SCANDAL Vampire Fanfiction. by CrystalEio
Under the Moon - A SCANDAL Crystal
If an alternative universe existed, Haruna, Mami, Tomomi and Rina would lead different lives... Rina had always been hearing conversations of the otherworldly since she...
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