Forever My Human Girl by stopshippingthings
Forever My Human Girlby Emi
Ayato Kirishima hated humans with a burning passion... Well, except a handful of them, one of which was you. Of course, he didn't like you right away which proves that K...
  • kirishima
  • insert
  • tokyoghoul
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Living In The Shallows (UK Crush #1) by TaniHanes
Living In The Shallows (UK Crush TaniHanes
Aileen Foster, a shy, 22 year old student from LA, thinks she has landed a dream job as an interpreter for some actors making a film in Japan. She gets a surprise when s...
  • newadultread
  • firstlove
  • chicklit
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Heart of a human. Eye of a ghoul. (Tokyo ghoul/ various x reader :P) by withoutaduck
Heart of a human. Eye of a With/withoutaduck
This story was taken down for a while, it's honestly not my best work. It was my first and written on a whim. I thought I might just release it anyways, I hope you enjoy...
  • tokyoghoul
  • hidexreader
  • tokyo
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Love In Tokyo (SasufemNaru) by MitsukiHimeChan
Love In Tokyo (SasufemNaru)by bellamitsuki
Di kejar-kejar dua preman penagih hutang, siapa yang mengira kalau dia akan berakhir di altar pernikahan dengan pria tak di kenal.
  • hurt
  • tokyo
  • wedding
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Lovers From Tokyo by bunnygunnz
Lovers From Tokyoby ↠ バニー ↞
(SONADOW) Shadow is a 17 year old high schooler who moved to the capital of Japan, Tokyo! Coming from Kyoto, he had to leave his best friend behind, Maria. But what adve...
  • tokyo
  • gay
  • sega
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tragedy. ~ kaneki x reader  { completed } by zousasaki
tragedy. ~ kaneki x reader { ella :3
"My nails couldn't get any blacker, and my spirit couldn't be more broken..."
  • japan
  • animexreader
  • kaneki
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Mischievous Kiss 3 (Fan Fiction) [REFURBISHING] by YunaKougami
Mischievous Kiss 3 (Fan Fiction) [ アイラフィオナ
This is a fanfiction of Mischievous Kiss:love in tokyo! And because the ending of Mischievous kiss:love in Tokyo 2 is not very detailed,I decided to make a fanfiction...
  • furukawa
  • miki
  • tokyo
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Left a mother - Kaneki X Reader X Haise by rose_gold
Left a mother - Kaneki X Reader rose_gold
You want what ever mother would want, a happy family where the kids can greet their dad when he comes home from work, where the wife gives the husband 'welcome home' kis...
  • sasaki
  • fanfiction
  • ken
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Not a Ghoul [Kaneki Ken x Reader] by tsubame-chi
Not a Ghoul [Kaneki Ken x Reader]by Tina
[Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic] [Kaneki Ken x Reader] You passed the scene of the crime and followed the man who got injured. His life was saved from your report, but you found out...
  • ghoul
  • kaneki
  • ken
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Tokyo Ghoul: She's Mine Forever {Ayato K} ✓ by eunioaa
Tokyo Ghoul: She's Mine Forever { Erica Dream
⚠️1ST BOOK OF THE TOKYO GHOUL SERIES⚠️ ➖➖ ●C O M P L E T E D● Time had seem to suddenly stop as I...
  • feels
  • horror
  • kirishima
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f i x a t i o n {kankei ken x reader oneshots} by danatephil
f i x a t i o n {kankei ken x danatephil
kaneki ken x reader oneshots -includes kuro!kaneki shiro!kaneki & akaneki! -includes fluff, drabbles, smut/lemon, angst -requests open started 8.30.2016
  • shironeki
  • drabbles
  • xreader
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Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki X Touka by TheSaltySea01
Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki X Toukaby Ruben
Once my life changed, I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know what to expect when I began working at Anteiku, but as long as she was there, I'd be happy...
  • anime
  • anteiku
  • hideyoshi
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My Dirty Little Secret by PandoraButler
My Dirty Little Secretby Death Herself
Ciel has to work with the school's infamous nightmare...Sebastian Michaelis. Every teacher's terror. He is assigned to tutor the school rebel in hopes that he might some...
  • sebastian
  • victuuri
  • vintaker
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A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [ON HOLD] by Qrowi_
A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul. [ Qrowi
A ninja? Ha, no. I'm a ghoul || Naruto/TokyoGhoul crossover >> I'm the monster hiding in the shadows. I'm the monster behind your shoulder. Basically, I'm a monst...
  • sakura
  • ninja
  • ghoul
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Hospital Ghoul (Ereri) Tokyo Ghoul Cross over by _BlueGoo_
Hospital Ghoul (Ereri) Tokyo BlueGoo
Eren has cancer in the right eye and in the hospital for God knows how long, and ghouls have found an easy food source... Hospital patients. Levi is hungry and finds the...
  • tokyo
  • fear
  • love
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The Queen of Them (Kaneki Ken x Reader) by JungkookAnime
The Queen of Them (Kaneki Ken x BTS/ANIMEU FANDOM
"(Y/n)-chan? Is that..really you?" Kaneki asked. I smiled and turned around, with tears down my cheeks as I smiled. "It's really me...Kaneki-kun .."...
  • kanekixreader
  • yoshimura
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Love At The Olympic Games by AthenaTheWisdomful
Love At The Olympic Gamesby AthenaTheWisdomful
The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: Bianca Carter-Bianca is a 19 year old who runs Track&Field at Oregon State University and lives in Flushing,Queens,New York. She is going...
  • olympics
  • track
  • field
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Tokyo Ghoul (東京グール) x reader by nanao-ceres
Tokyo Ghoul (東京グール) x readerby The Flaw
TG fanfic from reader's point of view. I follow the story line of the manga and add an extra character, which basically is you, the little sister of Amon Koutarou. Rea...
  • koutarou
  • uta
  • antique
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The White Man And The Pachinko Girl  [For mature audience only] by vannchow
The White Man And The Pachinko Vann Chow
**WATTYS 2016 WINNER** The White Man and the Pachinko Girl is a suspenseful, psychological thriller. The story begins with a chance encounter between middle-aged America...
  • romance
  • murdermystery
  • wattys2016
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I still love you ~ Kaneki Ken X Reader by rose_gold
I still love you ~ Kaneki Ken X rose_gold
You and Kaneki were always close friends, but soon your feelings of friends grew more and a lovely relationship bloomed. But as Kaneki left for Aogiri and you left for A...
  • kaneki
  • fanfic
  • tokyo
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