POWER {Levi x Reader} by XxLynnelXx
POWER {Levi x Reader} by Lynnel
[Insert Cool Description to Grab Readers Attention Here] ➰. pow·er ˈpou(ə)r noun • the ability to do something or act in a particular way
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Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by sophoeniz
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by soph(ia)
"I don't have time for love." ~ 17 year old Damian Wayne decided to lock the door towards his heart ever since he was a child. It was impossible for anyone t...
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CROWN OF GLASS by rosewines-
CROWN OF GLASS by weeping in eden.
❛DO YOU WANT TO BE A QUEEN?❜ ❛NO. I WANT TO BE THE QUEEN.❜ ➳ Now a featured Wattpad story. ➳ Winner of over ten prestigious awards. ➳ Highest rank: #12 in Fantasy. Trema...
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The Rich Boy (Damian x Reader) by LividEnder
The Rich Boy (Damian x Reader) by LividEnder
Young Damian goes to a new school in Gotham but after meeting a girl that changes everything she gets sent away. when they reunite will they be the same?
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Betrothed to the Prince of Tartarus {Pertemis} by Fanofthehunt
Betrothed to the Prince of Tartaru... by Book Worm
In this story, Percy joins Kronos's forces. They win the war, Olympus falls, and all the generals are rewarded with a goddess as a wife. Percy is rewarded with Artemis...
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Forsaken Deity by saturn137
Forsaken Deity by Mel-Belle
[2013 Watty Finalist] Thea Gibson lives a normal life. She waitresses at her local bar, pays her bills on time, has a secret crush on Detective Josh Cooper and let's he...
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Broken Loyalty (Percy Jackson)  by AquariusWave
Broken Loyalty (Percy Jackson) by Aquarius Wave
I was a Hero once. I risked my life for yours. I saved Olympus. You thought I would betray you? Don't you know? My fatal flaw is loyalty for god's sake! You betra...
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Natural Strength || Levi Ackerman x Reader by FanfictionXR
Natural Strength || Levi Ackerman... by Jeanne
It's rarely known where the famous duo of Humanity's Strongest Soldiers came from since they didn't arrive together. (Y/N) (L/N) and Levi Ackerman are two sides of the s...
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I hate you (levi x reader) by starlet_emend
I hate you (levi x reader) by sealtheum's bichh
(Y/n) wasn't an ordinary girl, that's for sure. She was raised on the streets. Murder is an everyday subject for her, and stealing, well stealing is like a game to her...
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Percy Jackson story.He is betrayed from the camp and everyone follows Ray son of Hermes and Brother of Luke. He avenges his blood and takes away everything.The young her...
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The Hell of Titans.... What Did I Do To Deserve this? [SnK/AoT Fanfic] by Balice66
The Hell of Titans.... What Did I... by Slowly coming back
Basil Andrea moved out of the city and into the suburbs. She despised the idea but went along with it anyway. When she got to her new house and life, she noticed her ne...
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The Best Attack on Titan Memes by DarkPit66
The Best Attack on Titan Memes by Natalie
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WE NEED EACH OTHER by nightmareberseker
FULL VERSION OF "SHATTERED" The special Titans were given the duty to protect Eldia after the death of their creator Great Ymir. 9 of them they were and only o...
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Is This The End Perseus?(Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by TheAuroraLights
Is This The End Perseus?(Percy Jac... by Rosey
Just a COMPLETED short story. Rick Riordan owns all rights to PJO/HOO, the plot line is mine and yeah, that about covers it. Percy is basically betrayed, but that's not...
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Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F!Reader] by sleepy_chazy_sensei
Attack on One Punch Man [Feat. F!R... by sleepy_chazy_sensei
"...What the heck is this place?" Saitama (when in the Shingeki no Kyojin world). You, Saitama and Genos end up getting sent back in time from a villian scient...
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) One shots (Closed) by Uchihababe3796
Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Tita... by Uchihababe3796
ALLLLLRRRRIIGHTY! I figure that none of you will probably read this but i'll put this in here anyways! I've recently begun watching/reading Aot/SnK again and I've fallen...
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Percy Jackson son of Hades and Hestia. by KookiesandCream16-
Percy Jackson son of Hades and Hes... by 🍪Kookies&cream🍪
The young son of Poseidon ran away from home after his mother was murdered. He was soon taken in by hades and Hestia and was raised in the underworld.
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Percy Jackson's Revenge by LordReaper
Percy Jackson's Revenge by LordReaper
Percy Jackson has saved Olympus yet again. But now he is betrayed by those he loved the most. One by one his friends betrayed him. They break him to the point that somet...
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Attack on Titan : Junior High (Levi x Reader) by TwoTailedCat
Attack on Titan : Junior High (Lev... by ttc.jv/k~💜
The story is based on the original series of 'Attack on Titan : Junior High'. ~~~~ The famous, Levi Ackerman finally falls in love? ~~~~ (Y/n) (L/n). A girl with a cold...
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(Levi x reader) Long Lost by NaiiiChan
(Levi x reader) Long Lost by Neko-Chan
You were part of the survey corps and one of the best too. You were ranked after lance corporal Levi and were known as humanity's strongest female soldier. As time passe...
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