A Couple Steps Back by ANBU_Black_Ops
A Couple Steps Backby ANBU Black Ops
They failed, and they weren't proud of it either. With nobody left to save, and nothing left to do, the three men have given up all hope. Obito and Madara and merciless...
  • naruto
  • tsunade
  • time-travel
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The Lonely River of Time ~Tomarry by jennalynvandervort
The Lonely River of Time ~Tomarryby ~ Jenna Bean ~
AU HARRY POTTER SERIES Dumbledore dies, and when Harry Potter is mourning his death, Fawkes approaches him, showing the scapegoat the headmaster left in order for the bo...
  • timetravel
  • tomarry
  • harrypotter
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Redemption - A Star Wars Fanfic by lucky_ducky_123
Redemption - A Star Wars Fanficby space princess
  • skywalker
  • starwarsfanfiction
  • 2015
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Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort by keicrys
Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife:...by -,' crystal ',-
You know the drill. [Author: 顾染锦] Description She was the head of a powerful, medicine-orientated aristocratic family. Crossing through a millennium, she ended up in the...
  • mysticalbeast
  • femalelead
  • geniusmalelead
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SECOND CHANCE by foreverhistorybook
SECOND CHANCEby ForeverHistoryBook✪
Pain, that was all she felt. The guy she loved with all her heart betrayed her. He stabbed her in the back. After everything she did for him...he repaid her with death...
  • husband
  • timetravel
  • shortstory
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Turais Black by Aquacat22
Turais Blackby -,`Ember
Harry has never been able to comprehend a sibling relationship before, but he always thought he'd be great at it. Until, as Master of Death, he's reborn as one Turais Ri...
  • fanfiction
  • hermionegranger
  • wolfstar
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To Save Them All by Animeweebchild
To Save Them Allby AnimeWeebChild
The fourth shinobi war has ended, but Naruto is the only one left alive. The war had caused them too much loss. What happens when Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto is stricken by...
  • naruto
  • timetravel
Back In The Time : A Ginny Weasley / Marauder Fanfic  by RoseQueen22997
Back In The Time : A Ginny Weasley...by Aurora
Ginny used a time turner to escape from deatheaters. What if it took her back to the time of Marauders? Will she ever able to come back to her time? Or will she ever wan...
  • wattys2015
  • marauderera
  • marauders
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Time Travel Lovers by EmpressAelin
Time Travel Loversby EmpressAelin
After the Hidden Leaf is destroyed Naruto and Hinata make a difficult decision. They have to go into the past and are now going to try and change everything. After four...
  • naruto
  • timetravel
  • hinata
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Cinderella Rebirth by fantashanya
Cinderella Rebirthby Ash Anya
What was happy ever after? What was the ultimate happiness? Cinderella was believed to live happily ever after with her prince charming at the end of the midnight magic...
  • magic
  • cinderella
  • romance
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A CHRISTMAS WISH by pheonix-on-fire
"I want my very own castle; I want tons of servants and men throwing themselves at my feet. I want to be pampered and rich. I want my own bloody fairy tale!" ...
  • medieval
  • highlands
  • highlander
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Another Chance by Dark_Mysteries
Another Chanceby 🔆Miraculum🔆
Madara Uchiha can be many things, but being a female was not one of them. ----------- Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how bad they were in their past lives...
  • tobirama
  • femalemadara
  • chances
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Those whom I never met  by Katriilona
Those whom I never met by Ilona
James Sirius Potter knew he was not supposed to be in his Dad's study, but when James gets curious nothing can stop him. Well, nothing except his annoying little sister...
  • teddylupin
  • grimmauldplace
  • timeturner
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Evil in the making by sonofcreation
Evil in the makingby Sonofcreation
Set after the giant war. Percy Jackson has been betrayed by the gods over a misunderstanding. he is hurt and joins Chaos and the Primordials for taking revenge on the Ol...
  • percyisstrongerthanthegods
  • darkpercy
  • primordials
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The future has never looked better (a naruto fanfiction) #wattys2016 by AmalieCO
The future has never looked better...by Amalie C. Olsen
What would you do if you were given the opportunity to change the future? Would you do it? Well Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru and Naruto did not get to choose. They were to...
  • sasuke
  • sakura
  • fanfiction
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Fold Back by strawhat_pirate
Fold Backby strawhat_pirate
With the war over, nobody is sure what to do with themselves. Sasuke and Naruto feel numb, and Orochimaru has pretty much gone insane. With nothing else to do, Kurama de...
  • travel
  • naruto
  • orochimaru
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To The Past by Magictwist377
To The Pastby k.c.ken
After saving Ginny from the basilisk, Harry and the gang find a time turner. Accidentally sending themselves to the past. Where they get kidnapped by the order of the P...
  • marauders
  • remuslupin
  • hermionegranger
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Not of this Time by AngelNatari
Not of this Timeby AngelNatari
Diana and Meg are two normal girls visiting Greece on Vacation. What they didn't expect is to be pulled deep into the ocean and come out the other side in a whole differ...
  • death
  • timetravel
  • historicalfiction
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Cassiopeia "Harriet" Potter(The Aventures of time travel) by LillyLovesManga
Cassiopeia "Harriet" Potter(The Av...by Lilly
{COMPLETED} The war is finally over however at a huge cost, abandoned and betrayed by her suppose "friends" made her think about the last seven years. Alone in...
  • abraxasmalfoy
  • romance
  • secondchance
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Harry Potter Master of Death by hulaanmo1234
Harry Potter Master of Deathby hulaanmo1234
The story of Harry Potter as a Master of Death reincarnated in the world of Katekyo Hitaman Reborn. This is the story of both words Collides one another. Hp belongs to J...
  • harrypotter
  • reincarnation
  • alternateuniverse
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