Thug's Are Not That Bad by QueenOnFleek
Thug's Are Not That Bad by Èŕä Ŕõšė Teen Fiction
Meet Kayla she is smart very beautiful and a more nerdy type of girl, she just moved to Brooklyn from Florida. After her mom died she has been through a lot. She gets ab...
The Kingpin's Princess by _xQVOx
The Kingpin's Princess by _xQVOx Romance
Danielle Simmons is a little princess as called by her daddy who's one of the biggest Kingpin's in the country. However, everyone else thinks of her as his spoiled, rude...
Love Again ♥ by _Beautiful_Struggle
Love Again ♥ by Sherice Teen Fiction
[This is my first book ever. Please beware that it is not edited] I wish I could tell you my life was all good and gravy but that would be a lie. Life is a game that we...
The Game  by laila_duhh
The Game by Laila💕 Romance
After 17 year old Lauren London's father passes away she is left too take care of her 11 year old sister Abbygail by herself. As times get hard she begins to struggle Un...
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) ~Interracial~ by Bbria1213
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) ~Interraci... by Bria Charnae Romance
Once Taylor's boyfriend found out that Taylor was pregnant he didn't want anything to do with her. Watch Taylor go through her journey and meets a mysterious, yet famili...
All I Got (Thug Love) by tinyyy_xo
All I Got (Thug Love) by nikaa Romance
Tameka (Meek/Meeks) Washington is 18 is in a relationship with her abusive boyfriend Sleezy(30) who is a drug dealer. They've been together for a year and the abuse is o...
Her savior by Misguided_Angel843
Her savior by Mœšhã Mäçk Teen Fiction
Maelynn is all alone in the world. She gets no love at the one bedroom apartment she's forced to call home and to make matters worse she's treated badly at school. She's...
Faults (The Beginning) by macdaddyjae
Faults (The Beginning) by Jada🥀 Romance
WARNING. Lots of sexual content and cussing . Ariyanna Moore is now a senior, straight A student good behavior. One day she meets drug dealer Prycen and he changes her...
Chronique de Leyla : Tomber Love D'un Interdit by babyXlov
Chronique de Leyla : Tomber Love D... by babyXlov Teen Fiction
Salem les gens ceux qui commence à lire finissez là svp vous allez pas du tout vous y attendre à ce qu'il va se passer à la fin #HistoirePasCommeLesAutres
In Love With The Opposite  by Tydoll_
In Love With The Opposite by Ty💕🦄🍭 Fanfiction
"You need to stop playing hard to get before somebody else snatches his ass up" "I can tell he's not my type" "Let a real nigga treat you righ...
Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story// by Hot_topic_jada
Possibility //A$ap Rocky Story// by خوبصورت پاگلپن Fanfiction
"Get her"I heard them yell. I ran as fast as I could and made it to my truck. I unlocked it and got inside and then locked the door. I tried to turn on the car...
Opposite Attraction by its_whateverr
Opposite Attraction by its_whateverr Teen Fiction
Olivia has always been the quiet nerd but when she meets Jeremiah, the most popular boy in school, she has nothing in common and barely likes him until she finds out he...
A Thick Girl's Love by loveBaesTarS
A Thick Girl's Love by loveBaesTarS Teen Fiction
This is an urban love story about a bigger black girl trying to find some peace, while also meeting a friend. She will go through the troubles of highschool and acceptin...
Arranged Marriage To A Thug by LilYusif
Arranged Marriage To A Thug by Lil Yusif Teen Fiction
18 yr. old Monica got the surprise of her life when her parents told her she had an arranged marriage. It just so happen the Arranged Marriage was to the 20 yr. old str...
Mr.Thug by Iamoglia
Mr.Thug by Iamoglia Action
Fiona was a 22 year old African American woman. She left out her mother's house one night cause of her mother's boyfriends feeling on her. Fiona had enough so she stayed...
We thuggin together by Arianna9
We thuggin together by Arianna <3 Romance
Copyright © 2013-14 All Copy Rights Reserved Trust nobody. Is the mentality Ciara has adapted to over the years. After a crazy night with her mom, she finds herself in...
Brooklyn by AmandaGenes
Brooklyn by LittleLiza Teen Fiction
Maleek and Orianna. What happens when these two cross paths?
SAVED BY A THUG(book one) by DOlISH_NAE_
SAVED BY A THUG(book one) by O'Zhana Taylor Teen Fiction
Naomi is 18 years old she stay with her abusive father Charles her mother passed away once she was 12 from Brest cancer every time he drinks he beats on Naomi what happe...
Caretaker | Urban  by yamalex
Caretaker | Urban by Sandra Dee. Teen Fiction
Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for...
This Thug Of Mine by Mhz_Alsina
This Thug Of Mine by Mhz_Alsina ChickLit
Read And Find Out !! .