Taken By The Mafia by Flower_Mac
Taken By The Mafiaby Flower_Mac
Deborah just graduated from high school and she just turned 18. She thought that her life is finally going to go well after she graduate. What she doesn't know is that h...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • agegap
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Force You Down by myhearttotake
Force You Downby myhearttotake
"It sounds to me like you don't want me." He squeezes my wrists behind my back in his fists. "So if I can't have you sweetheart, then no one else can.&quo...
  • kidnap
  • badboy
  • forced
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Gothic Riddles. by -AnotherBlue-
Gothic Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each...
  • gore
  • death
  • cannibals
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Game On by Vampiewontchange
Game Onby Vampie won't change
"I want her", he says in a deep voice, causing me to shiver. His hair and eyes are the same color as the sky at night and his lips are curled up in a mischievo...
  • kidnapping
  • mine
  • badboy
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Lucius by NumbHeart
Luciusby NumbHeart
Three simple rules. Rules that she broke one by one. There is a reason buried things should stay buried. - - - "Your father has made a fool out of himself, thinking...
  • bloodlust
  • newadult
  • thriller
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Zone Zero (Book 1 of 3) by krystal-44
Zone Zero (Book 1 of 3)by Krystal Markey
~~~~~Mature content inside. You have been warned~~~~~ ***HIGHEST RANKING #7 IN VAMPIRE 22-2-2018 and 19-3-2018*** The war to end all wars finally happened. What was left...
  • postapocalyptic
  • vampires
  • vampire
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Dark Roses by Emptyyourmind
Dark Rosesby Emptyyourmind
(COMPLETED STORY) It's Rose Adam's senior year of highschool, and she just moved to a suburban town known as Blakeson Canyons. As every trouble in her life seems to fall...
  • teenagers
  • crazy
  • run
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Colourless by Issy_Rose_
Colourlessby • ISSY S •
Every child's blood is red up until the age of 18. Once they are 18, a grand ceremony is held. Blood is drawn and the colour is recorded. There are ten colours: White =...
  • escape
  • mystery
  • science
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Insanity. (Ethan Dolan) by magconboyz
Insanity. (Ethan Dolan)by magconboyz
"You won't get away with this." I cried. He laughed coldly and stared at me with his dark eyes. "I will." He smiled. "Just watch me."
  • fanfiction
  • dolan
  • graysondolan
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Sleeping With A Serial Killer by cookieStiles
Sleeping With A Serial Killerby Tate Langdon
| P S Y C H O - T H R I L L E R | "People come and go, Some will stay but will eventually leave. But there are people who will come in your life, will stay, will ho...
  • psycho-thriller
  • stuarttwombly
  • psychopath
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Zach Herron: sex slave by cantyfloss
Zach Herron: sex slaveby cantyfloss
All I am gonna say is... it's dirty
  • thriller
  • fanfiction
  • love
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My Ex Husband. by Gael-Reggie
My Ex Abby.
My Weakness #1. Forensic Pschologist, Gabrielle Giovanni has had her fair share of misfortune. Brought up in a wealthy family. Fell hopelessly in love with one of the we...
  • forgiveness
  • love
  • secrets
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My Psycho Friend by kishkish13
My Psycho Friendby kishkish13
I was ripped out of my thinking and back to him. "Look." I said, sighing. "If you're gonna kill me... Just do it quick. Tell my mom and dad I loved them...
  • forever
  • guy
  • thriller
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A Compilation of Everything Horror  by httpharish
A Compilation of Everything Horror by harish
I've decided to compile my favourite creepy stories for you all to enjoy! DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THESE STORIES ARE MINE! THEY ARE FROM THE INTERNET, IF YOU SEE YOUR STOR...
  • creepystories
  • game
  • nonfiction
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From being arranged to love!!! #An Indian Love Story by caffecorretto
From being arranged to love!!! Amàira Jàcob
"Please.. you have to go... we can't do this.." she tried. "No... you are mine, only mine." He said once more, reciting the words over and over again...
  • wifey
  • destiny
  • yourstoryindia
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The Seven Wonders | BTS by CrazyGirrrrl
The Seven Wonders | BTSby cheska 🇵🇭
"An evil force has risen. In order to defeat it, you must find and gather the seven wonders." **** » WINNER of BEST FAN FICTION under THE FICTION AWARDS 2017 »...
  • action
  • fanfiction
  • adventure
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Psychopath  by romancegal1
Psychopath by Audrey Love
Hatred. Ex best friend. Ex boyfriend. He'll look at me like how he use to, but that would switch back to the powerful hatred he has towards me. He'll force me to do th...
  • hatred
  • dark
  • horror
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Deviant || JJK BTS (Discontinued) by Igotbangtan777
Deviant || JJK BTS (Discontinued)by Alex
"Tell me your deepest desires. I will love you. I will be your slave. I will be anything you want" "But first take me out of here. Before I will lose com...
  • kpop
  • btsfanfic
  • jungkookxreader
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PSYCHOTIC by exquisiteheart
"S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replie...
  • wattys2017
  • teenfic
  • mental
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Tradition Comes Third by masonfitzzy
Tradition Comes Thirdby Mason FitzGibbon
The third book to the Family Comes First trilogy Time has passed, and now Hunter is seventeen and preparing to graduate from high school. Jimmy is being released from...
  • horror
  • cannibal
  • suspense
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