Bloodsport -Newt V.S Thomas- by Ky_Bentley
Bloodsport -Newt V.S Thomas-by Kylo Stonem
[My story is also on Quotev] |Scorch Trials and Death Cure included| Once Thomas arrived at the Glade, The Box held another passenger, a girl named Ky, the first girl...
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The First Girl (Minho x reader) by Bunny4471
The First Girl (Minho x reader)by Meadow Bailey
What if Teresa wasn't the first girl? What if Thomas wasn't the first to survive a whole night in the maze? What if she was sent up as an act of rebellion? What if Minho...
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Dylan O'Brien Imagines  by AnxietyModified
Dylan O'Brien Imagines by AnxietyModified
"This is life and imperfection is beautiful and don't be afraid of that." <> DYLAN O'BRIEN
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I Know Places [Thomas The Maze Runner] by isabelwritesstuff
I Know Places [Thomas The Maze ★ izzy ★
Originally posted by me on quotev: After a memory swipe, Elle is sent into a Glade, surrounde...
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The Maze Girl by kells00
The Maze Girlby kells00
[The Maze Runner] [Book 1] Bella was the first girl to enter the maze who is also Gally's little sister. It is not easy being the only girl when most of the boys in the...
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The Maze Runner / Thomas Fanfiction by DarksiideOftheMoon
The Maze Runner / Thomas Fanfictionby DarksideoftheMoon
He looked down in the box and saw her lying on her side, lifeless. Her skin was pale, almost white, and she had long dark hair covering most of her face. She looked very...
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the girl of the scorch (scorchtrials) by kianataylor02
the girl of the scorch ( kiana
have you ever wondered if someone was watching the well known gladers as they made they're dangerous journey across the scorch? we're they watching to eventually attack...
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Gallys Little Sister *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by leasymay
Gallys Little Sister *UNDER leasymay
I woke up all of a sudden, in pitch black darkness. It was cold and I couldn't see a thing, I felt myself breathing deeply and searching for something, anything, with my...
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Everlasting ღ Newt [1] by WrathfulDeity
Everlasting ღ Newt [1]by WrathfulDeity
❛I know we're not everlasting, We're a train wreck waiting to happen.❜ Lori wakes up inside a grave, along with a body. Finally a boy helps her escape, and he takes...
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Dylan O'Brien Imagines by sarcasticdylan
Dylan O'Brien Imaginesby nadia-
just another Dylan fan a collections of imagines about Dylan cover by @stydiaokay #183 in fan fiction (06/04/2016) ...
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Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt) by countrycake
Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)by 😊
Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't th...
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how to write the maze runner fanfiction by stilestastic
how to write the maze runner - ̗̀ kristyn! ̖́-
i don't know what happened to this book
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Afflicted↠ Newt [1] by voidsangster
Afflicted↠ Newt [1]by maxine ♕
❝Get out of my head Get out of my mind Whatever you put me through I'll come out alive When the sun disappears and the knights have fallen And the clouds all depart I w...
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Love in the Maze (Newt x Reader) by Fandom_Princess12
Love in the Maze (Newt x Reader)by F.P.12
Y/N was sent up to the Maze midway through the trials due to her disobedience and disloyalty to W.I.C.K.E.D. She becomes a sister to all the Gladers but becomes quite cl...
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Sanders Sides One Shots by ChickitaGurl
Sanders Sides One Shotsby A L O N E
Basically what the title says. Trigger warnings, language, bad writing, and life is meaningless. Have a nice day! ? Long Live The Queen™
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Stay With Me (Minho fan fic) by LuLuOnFire
Stay With Me (Minho fan fic)by Beast
The Gladers are surrounded by the Maze, which they must solve to make their exit. The Gladers consisted of boys and boys only. That was until one girl was sent, and stol...
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots  by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots by Logan ⚣
One shots for Thomas's sides ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ Second book is up now!
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Maze Runner and Teen Wolf Spanking Stories by Spikefan74
Maze Runner and Teen Wolf Spikefan74
Teen Wolf and Maze Runner Stories contain spanking. Maze Runner includes Newt, Thomas and Gally; Teen Wolf includes Scott, Stiles and Nogitsune.
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better off here ↠  the maze runner [1] by LlGHTNINGS
better off here ↠ the maze ˗ˏˋ cat ˎˊ˗
❝maybe she'll be better off here❞ There was order in the Glade, everyone was quite proud of that. Though all of that went out the window when a curious boy came up in th...
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Sanders Sides Imagines/Preferences {slow updates, dont bother me pls} by griffinhaille
Sanders Sides Imagines/ lilly?
[COVER BY MEEEEE] Basically just oneshots about these people that deserve to be 28 forever: •Thomas Sanders •Patton Morality(Dad) Sanders •Logan Logic Sanders •Roman Pri...
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