Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshots by IzADerpCookie
Yu-Gi-Oh! Oneshotsby Fused With Fanfiction
Title says it all. Requests are C L O S E D! When they open again, you can request from: -Yu-Gi-Oh! -Yu-Gi-Oh GX -Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds More information about requests inside! Y...
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Restaurant love by YaoiDaisuki69
Restaurant loveby Defender of Yaoi
Yami Sennen is the owner of a famous five star restaurant. He has been looking for love for the past few years, but hasn't found anyone yet. He meets Yugi Mutou, who has...
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YUGOH (All Series) Images  by Edds_World
YUGOH (All Series) Images by Victuri (is mine!)
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Yugioh oneshots by PandaNoob7
Yugioh oneshotsby PandaNoob7
It's in the title. I'll take requests. I'll only do x reader. No exceptions! Okay?! Good. Let's get on with it already. Screw the description I've got a book to write! ;)
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Opposite Attraction |ThiefShipping| (Boyxboy) by FuzzyxAF
Opposite Attraction | FuzzyxAF
While the rain pelted down, a familiar white-haired male fled to the sandy blondes house to avoid the rainfall that echo's the entirety of Domino City. Will this one ni...
  • yaoi
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Alone, Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! WA 2017) by ArtemisSilver478
Alone, Together (Yu-Gi-Oh! WA 2017)by Artemis Silver
After returning home from several months in an institution, Melvin emerges from his sane façade and goes back to doing what he does best; being a sadistic psychopath. A...
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  • yallcallhimkeknowwhyisthat
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Deathshipping Oneshots and What-Not by Seqyn_
Deathshipping Oneshots and What-Notby Someone Who Needs Coffee
I feel as if the title should explain enough, but this is a collection of Deathshipping (Ryou Bakura/Yami Marik) Oneshots and what-not.
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Pinky Promises by Seqyn_
Pinky Promisesby Someone Who Needs Coffee
Bakura comes home after a long two weeks away from Marik, only to find he's been replaced--by someone who looks (in Marik's mind) just like him. Even after that, more tr...
  • ryou
  • angst
  • macdonaldrikishtar
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Guilty Pleasure by ArtemisSilver478
Guilty Pleasureby Artemis Silver
There is no immediate desire to settle down, but when he realizes he's stuck in an okay lifestyle, Bakura doesn't quite enjoy the idea of things being the way they are f...
  • imstillbeatingtendershippingwithastickjustmoregently
  • odion
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Yugioh Truth or Dare by Era_the_Author
Yugioh Truth or Dareby Era_the_Author
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  • deathshipping
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Ryoupunzel by Seqyn_
Ryoupunzelby Someone Who Needs Coffee
Once upon a time, there lived a prince, locked in a tower. Once upon a time, there was a vagabond. Once upon a time, a vagabond rescued a prince locked in a tower. [Y...
  • slowburnish
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YuGiOh Shipping Duel by chibi-jayden
YuGiOh Shipping Duelby Aoba X Noiz <3
YuGiOh (Duel Monsters) shipping duel So this was an idea I had, it's pretty much Ygo charaters (from duel monsters) arguing about their shippings. Yehhhh don't know know...
  • heartshipping
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Lullaby For A Stormy Night by Irish_Nikki
Lullaby For A Stormy Nightby Irish Nikki
When there is a thunder storm, Marik is scared and can only be comforted by his best friend. Bakura. (Thiefshipping) Oneshot.
  • comfort
  • fluff
  • thiefshipping
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Yu-Gi-Oh!: School For the Damned by NyanBerii
Yu-Gi-Oh!: School For the Damnedby Mina/Berri
Thiefshipping and Deathshipping Bakura and his family move from England to Japan due to his father's job. His first day of school starts off like any other, by sleeping...
  • yamiyugi
  • thiefshipping
  • highschoolau
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Bronze with a Touch of Silver (Yu-Gi-Oh! - Thiefshipping) by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Bronze with a Touch of Silver ( Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Marik returns to Domino City on his sister's behalf to look after the museum until she gets her new exhibit ready. Being in Domino City without Odion, Marik decides to l...
  • yami
  • ishtar
  • yamibakuraxmarik
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Battle City Moment by Peach_Tale
Battle City Momentby PeachTale
Before the real battles began, Malik and the thief spirit have some time alone, though later on the thief speaks to Ryou about everything that will soon transpire, while...
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Thiefshipping Oneshots by Seqyn_
Thiefshipping Oneshotsby Someone Who Needs Coffee
Thiefshippin' oneshots that're all from my crazy brain.
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