No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfiction) by celestialasher
No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfictio... by Asher Shea Rose Fanfiction
Delta Cita is an important figure in the Doctor's past: his Gallifreyan wife. To the Doctor's knowledge, Cita had died many years before the Last Great Time War. In real...
Tenrose Short Stories by doctorsuperlock221b
Tenrose Short Stories by Piper Giannini Fanfiction
These are short stories of the bond between the Tenth Doctor and Rose in an AU. Each story connects to another, showing glimpses into their adventures. In the end, they...
Injuries (TenRose) by doctorsuperlock221b
Injuries (TenRose) by Piper Giannini Fanfiction
When the Doctor tells Rose they're going somewhere specific, the TARDIS typically takes them elsewhere. Which is exactly what happens here. Except that they wind up in...
Superwholock adventures by violettrashcan
Superwholock adventures by violettrashcan Fanfiction
Dean and Sam discover a strange blue object. the doctor gets sent a set of coordinates and a book, and Sherlock is about to get mixed up in his strangest case yet.
Being With The Doctor by Lizzie1745
Being With The Doctor by Lizzie1745 Fanfiction
Tenth Doctor fanfiction. This fanfiction is about the tenth doctor meeting a girl named Amara. Amara is a girl. Who's also a time lord. She's 900 years old. And on Galle...
starlit meadows-a doctor who fanfiction by dancewithstars
starlit meadows-a doctor who fanfi... by Charlie Fanfiction
and the stars shine upon the people who dance to their music
Real Never Waits [Sequel to Not Alone] by katherinep97
Real Never Waits [Sequel to Not Al... by katherinep97 Fanfiction
Now that The Doctor had regeneration, Samantha Forbes Tyler and The new Doctor headed to new more adventures.
Lose You Again [Sequel to All the Time in the World] by katherinep97
Lose You Again [Sequel to All the... by katherinep97 Romance
Jennifer Tyler was brought back to life for one purpose; to hurt The Doctor. That was the reason why 'the family' brought her back. What is worse to lose the woman you l...
All the Time in the World [Sequel to Not Just The Doctor's Companion] by katherinep97
All the Time in the World [Sequel... by katherinep97 Adventure
Jennifer Tyler and the new Doctor are off to another adventures but as they do, they are facing a threat that could separate them to death.