One Hundred and Eighty Two Days ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
One Hundred and Eighty Two Days Ella:)
"Stuck with you, that's not so bad" "Yeah?" "Yes" Rose and the Doctor are stranded 6 months in the past on Earth with no way of escaping...
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《David Tennant Smuts》 by Hargi_Glasses
《David Tennant Smuts》by Macca
What's a good book without some smuts of good 'ol David? Some may be low key smuts, others may be full on.
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Who Are You.... Doctor? [A Doctor Who Fanfiction] by ToribbleJustice
Who Are You.... Doctor? [A 🍪🍪
After being attacked by Weeping Angels, Harris Jackson became the next partner of the Doctor, a mysterious man who calls himself a Time Lord and the owner of a time mach...
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Injuries (TenRose) by doctorsuperlock221b
Injuries (TenRose)by Rose Tyler
When the Doctor tells Rose they're going somewhere specific, the TARDIS typically takes them elsewhere. Which is exactly what happens here. Except that they wind up in...
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Tenrose Short Stories by doctorsuperlock221b
Tenrose Short Storiesby Rose Tyler
These are short stories of the bond between the Tenth Doctor and Rose in an AU. Each story connects to another, showing glimpses into their adventures. In the end, they...
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Homebound (Book 1 of the Starbound Chronicles) by bad_wolf_bay
Homebound (Book 1 of the Josie
Kaoillana, a young Time Lady from Gallifrey, believes she is the last of her kind. Posing as a human girl, she lives at an orphanage in London, until one day she is kidn...
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fanfiction prompts; one-shot by _thewritingsound_
fanfiction prompts; one-shotby _thewritingsound_
find me there: And ask me what you want to read
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forever as one by BlueFox413
forever as oneby BlueFox413
One day the Doctor get a message from an an known source, that a girl from a parallel universe some how found a way though. The doctor has to find the girl and fix the c...
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