Deadly Love ( The Joker's Love story)((ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)) by LadyIplier
Deadly Love ( The Joker's Love Lady_Sanchez
Meet Tessa Heartz, Ms. Heartz is Dr. Harleen Quinzel's Best friend. When one day she decides to bring Dr. Quinzel lunch while she's working, She catches the eye of the...
  • lovestory
  • batman
  • harleyquin
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He Lived For Her~ A Joker Story by PixieVonTeese
He Lived For Her~ A Joker Storyby ~Pixx~
Ivy is the new face in Gotham City. After she is kidnapped by The Clown Prince Of Crime, she learns about his past with Harley, and he himself. A love story that is as d...
  • wattys2017
  • jaredleto
  • joker
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The Joker (x Reader) by easypeasypancake
The Joker (x Reader)by easypeasypancake
The Joker (Jared Leto) x Reader/Own character. You meet the Joker during a robbery where he takes you hostage, and the relationship evolves from there. There will be vi...
  • hostage
  • violence
  • thejoker
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Jokers First Love by GlossyLipstick
Jokers First Loveby GlossyLipstick
She was the Jokers first love. Losing her drove him insane. He thought she was dead. She thought he was dead. But really there was a liar. That liar will pay. He will pa...
  • ariana
  • brucewayne
  • jaredleto
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Fandom Imagines by Cookie_TW
Fandom Imaginesby Phoebe
A bunch of fandoms to fall in love and lose yourself in... Requests 100% definitely taken!!
  • thevamps
  • hungergames
  • peeta
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Falling for a Psycho(The joker )   by JOKES_ON_U
Falling for a Psycho(The joker ) by S.C.
Eva Wayne is Bruce Waynes daughter. And being batmans daughter means she has a lot to live up for attending every one of her dad's party's, training to continue the bat...
  • thejoker
  • batman
  • jokesonu
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All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction) by broken_beauty_x
All Mine (A Joker Fanfiction)by Chelsea
Who said evil and good go well together?
  • suicide
  • insane
  • love
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♣ She's more powerful than you think... and more crazy.♣ Willow Rae Nejem is more commonly known as 'Bonesnapper'. This metahuman is one of the most powerful yet. People...
  • immortal
  • sociopath
  • insane
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The Joker Imagines (Jared Leto) by JinxFirebolt18902
The Joker Imagines (Jared Leto)by †Flo†
JaredLeto!Joker imagines. Some of tumblr (with their respective autor) and some of my own. ((WARNINGS: violence, guns, strong language, mental illness and all, you kno...
  • joker
  • jaredletojoker
  • jokerdc
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My Fault || Joker  by pplsss
My Fault || Joker by yellow
"What makes ya think you're just my toy?" "You don't care about me, you've said it before." Joker x Reader Foul language, trigger warning, maybe sexu...
  • batman
  • suicidesquad
  • new
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✖Joker Imagines✖ by Queen_LC
✖Joker Imagines✖by Mrs.
(UNDER EDITING) ❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍● Highest Ranking: #1 in fanfiction ❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍● "I see you've met my princess, cute thing isn't she?" - Jok...
  • jaredleto
  • xreader
  • joker
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Imagines ; Jerome Valeska  by omgnegan
Imagines ; Jerome Valeska by lucille ῁
WARNING: Contains fluffiness that most can not endure. Enjoy
  • cameronmonaghan
  • jeromeimagines
  • gotham
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▼  Madness  ▼  The Joker  ▽  by Requiem_Queen
▼ Madness ▼ The Joker ▽ by ♚☾Goddess☽♚
He was the definition of Sociopath, She was the definition of Madness. What happens when she's there instead of Harley, when her quick tongue insults the one person she...
  • suicidesquad
  • puddin
  • harleyquinn
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Harley Quinn x Reader by Kitchen-Sink-To-You
Harley Quinn x Readerby Okay Friend?
This is a Harley x Female reader, I don't see many so I decided to write one. You were jealous of Mr. J's relationship with Harley. She was the star in his eyes, you wer...
  • xreader
  • suicidesquad
  • eldiablo
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The Crazies (Jerome Valeska) by maryspinelli22
The Crazies (Jerome Valeska)by Mary
Sam was the younger sister of Theo Galavan. The man who busted 6 of the worst inmates in Arkham out. She takes a sudden interest in a certain red haired murderer. Nothi...
  • maniax
  • thejoker
  • jerome
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miss-fit // suicide squad by kkat0345
miss-fit // suicide squadby k8❥
The name's Miss-fit. And this is how I became one of the baddest bitches ever. !! - trigger warning: abusive relationship, violence, gore, unhealthy relationship *The on...
  • amandawaller
  • arkham
  • slipknot
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Chelsea Dagger ∆ Suicide Squad by -artdecos
Chelsea Dagger ∆ Suicide Squadby 💲💲💲
"I said tell me your name is it sweet? She said my boy it's Dagger." OC X CAPTAIN BOOMERANG | SUICIDE SQUAD
  • superheros
  • harleyquinn
  • fanfiction
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sightless. by auroraaus Laurel J.
[Completed] The Villainless Series Book 1. Joker Romance. The Joker had the ultimate joke fall into his lap. How absolutely hysterical would it be to make someone so...
  • thejoker
  • romance
  • batman
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Bad Gone Soft {Completed} by REVELUVR
Bad Gone Soft {Completed}by I'm Soft For Jimin
When a pickpocket steals Jerome's wallet... He thought she was adorable, so he let her go. But ends up stalking her. Jerome falls in love with the trouble girl, who only...
  • thejoker
  • valeska
  • gothamtv
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What A Clown... by TricicoolAcosta
What A NotYourVoices
I am Victory C, Im a Drug GodFather. Ive done deals with Gotham before. With Bruce Wayne, Black Mask, Penguin and many more. I am wanted in over 3 countries as 'a dang...
  • tdk
  • mobboss
  • killer
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