dolan twin imagines by dolyns
dolan twin imagines by dolyns Fanfiction
if you've ever heard the term "you don't have a chance with them" well fuck whoever said that, they're wrong. you're dating them in this book. @dolyns 2016©
Tutor Time by GrayNBrad
Tutor Time by Brad$Gray Fanfiction
"I mean yeah, I chose to further my education, but I'm really regretting this now. School sucks ass." "I'll change that for you." Grayson Dolan Fan...
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by dolanstown
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by e. Fanfiction
In which a drunk girl decides to texts her ex, whom she hasn't spoken to in 2 years. - [ grayson dolan x oc ] [ social media ] [rm: drunk texting by jasmine | writte...
Baby Girl {Ethan Dolan} by WellDamnPapi
Baby Girl {Ethan Dolan} by WellDamnPapi Fanfiction
"C'mon pretty boy, can't go laying around in the mud all day" Written in Reader X Dolan format
Typical Bad Boy? by GrayNBrad
Typical Bad Boy? by Brad$Gray Fanfiction
Ethan and Grayson Dolan, they're twins and they're two of the most popular kids in school and on social media. Only thing is, they're popular for different reasons. Eth...
dolan twins imagines. by forgotteneasily
dolan twins imagines. by ☾ Fanfiction
pretty self explanatory . Requests are open. - note; My writing gets a little better towards the end. - r.a
A Fan ( A Grayson Dolan Fanfiction) by nancy130502
A Fan ( A Grayson Dolan Fanfiction) by Mendesdolan13 Fanfiction
A Fan named Melody goes to see a Dolan Twin show where she bumps into her idol, Grayson Dolan. He gives her his number and they start talking. Will they fall in love?
instagram ; ethan  by melrosedolan
instagram ; ethan by tana Fanfiction
ethan grant dolan.
My Girl by GrayNBrad
My Girl by Brad$Gray Fanfiction
Allison and Grayson's relationship did not end well when he decided to cheat on her... twice. But what happens when Ethan steps into the picture? Will he break Allison'...
RoomMates : EGD & GBD by mcchickenkjnd
RoomMates : EGD & GBD by mcchickenkjnd Fanfiction
Kate. Normal girl. College where both boys and girls share rooms. Makes friends and her life changes. Good way or bad way? Guess you'll have to read to find out 😉😉
Misunderstandings by GrayNBrad
Misunderstandings by Brad$Gray Fanfiction
"I feel like- I feel like love is such a powerful thing that it can never be broken. If you truly love someone, that can never fall apart." THIRD BOOK to 'Typ...
straight line//Dolan Twins by ash1i3
straight line//Dolan Twins by Ash🌞 Fanfiction
Dustin was just your average nerd, she get bullied from Ethan & Grayson Dolan. She leave for a few mouths & comes back with a told makeover. *Completed* Published 1-28...
single parents ➸ grant by tastyethan
single parents ➸ grant by shortcake Fanfiction
in which two single parents meet in the store arguing over who's more responsible. ©tastyethan AU | + lowercase intended
Harmless [e.d] by pxptarts
Harmless [e.d] by pxptarts Fanfiction
"It was supposed to be harmless." Book One
[ed] summerfling by balenciahoe
[ed] summerfling by E I N A V Fanfiction
"one thing i know for sure is that you're not just a summer fling." ©balenciahoe
Tough Love by LolDolanXO
Tough Love by Sam🥀 Fanfiction
Kylie was good friends with the Dolans but it all changed when they started to bully her everyday!
Bloody Ties//g.d~completed by peculiardolan
Bloody Ties//g.d~completed by pretty odd✨ Fanfiction
*****Book I***** Completed Highest Ranking: #33 "Run and keep running. Just know that no matter how far you get, I will find you. I need you here. You may not know...
Philophobia | G.D by DolanBerry
Philophobia | G.D by Ja💤 Fanfiction
"So you have Philophobia?" He asked softly "I don't know what that is" she replied in confusion "The Fear of falling in love" Silence... ...
Life With Criminal Brothers by TreshaDolan
Life With Criminal Brothers by AneesahJune Fanfiction
Luna Dolan as you know Was Grayson and Ethan Dolan younger sister she's 15 but didn't get a chance to have a life like every teenagers should her brothers has the bigges...
Living with the Dolans by trapsoberdolan
Living with the Dolans by BIG DICK HAVIN ASS Fanfiction
Pretty much two girls room with Grayson and Ethan , they have their ups and downs , but at the end of all their bickering they always know they'll have each other's back...