The Cell Phone Swap by DoNotMicrowave
The Cell Phone Swapby Lindsey Summers
Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy...
  • bestfriends
  • quarterback
  • twins
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Dirty Laundry by inejghafa
Dirty Laundryby a . miller
Lena Nelson has been living a tough life; college life was hard for her. She needed change. And for Lena, change came in the form of a cat, hot neighbour and dirty laund...
  • romance
  • cats
  • uni
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tattletale | ✓ by aerolyte
tattletale | ✓by ANA 🍋
[ #31 IN SS ] "Hello?" "Hey--Well that don't sound like Logan." "Because I am not Logan." ☎ in which a boy tries to further aggravate a gir...
  • highschool
  • dialogue
  • phone
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Skinny Love by inejghafa
Skinny Loveby a . miller
James Brown liked a girl named Rachel Wood. He wanted to woo her completely. So, he did the only way he knew how. Harry Potter puns and pickup lines did save the day.
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • spinoff
  • teenfiction
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  • strangers
  • malibuawards
  • humor
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A Typical Fuckboy - Published as a Textrovert by secretpassions
A Typical Fuckboy - Published as a...by Rae????
"Hey Simone, it's me Dylan. I just wanted you to know that last night was great, but I don't want any responsibility." "..." "I know I kind...
  • textrovert
  • notlikeothers
  • bestbookever
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With A Dash Of Vanilla by _Minnowfeather_
With A Dash Of Vanillaby _Minnowfeather_
"Vanilla Bean Frappe, medium, dash of vanilla, no whipped cream, 14 Aldersburry road." "Oh its you. Do you have a weird fetish with inter-" "-Up...
  • chitterchatters
  • dialogue
  • idkwhatimdoing
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Head Start [Textrovert One Shot] by inspiratrix_
Head Start [Textrovert One Shot]by EJ.
James Talon Harrington IV might be the star quarterback at Crosswell High but he needs a head start to win the long awaited game against Edgewood. A textrovert one-shot.
  • football
  • grandpa
  • talon
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Chitter Chatters by Textroverts
Chitter Chattersby Textroverts
❝So, what is this Textroverts account about anyway?❞ ❝Pfft- I- I think- pshhh- we're breaking- pff- up-❞ ❝Stop making noises with your mouth! Have you any idea of the am...
  • phone
  • textroverts
  • collaboration
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10 Reasons To Live by cornrohws
10 Reasons To Liveby j a s m i n e
"Would you give me ten days & reasons for you to stay alive? If you don't agree, then I guess er-" "Erm okay, sure." - in which, a caring boy falls i...
  • dialouge
  • alex
  • chitterchatters
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"Brewer Has Bad Aim" by the_goose
"Brewer Has Bad Aim"by the_goose
This is my entry for the textrovert writing contest, hosted by donotmicrowave. Enjoy x
  • textrovertoneshot
Textrovert One Shot #TextrovertOneShot by simplydone11
Textrovert One Shot #TextrovertOne...by :)
This is for you, Lindsey!
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 あなたがいなくなった ― j.jk by positaevity
あなたがいなくなった ― j.jkby ☛Vicky
Completed;; Edited;; second book of 'textrovert' he wanted her to know how it felt like when she left him to die on his own. but he also wanted her to know that there i...
  • hoseok
  • seokjin
  • ff
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Wattpad Book Quotes by sereen555
Wattpad Book Quotesby sereen555
What the title says^ The qoutes may contain spoils, but mostly not. If so, I'll tell you guys.
  • bbsmb
  • wattpad
  • goodgirl
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Secret Messages (Textrovert one shot) by _breathtaking101_
Secret Messages (Textrovert one sh...by _Ashleigh_
Maybe Keeley and Talon never swapped phones but does that have to be the only thing that they have to swap to fall in love? What happens if Keeley realised earlier that...
  • contest
  • keeley
  • textrovertoneshot
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Cell Phone Swap/Textrover Fanfiction✔️ by 1DaughterOfPoseidon
Cell Phone Swap/Textrover Fanficti...by 🌊🌊Emi🌊🌊
Text Over/Cell Phone Swap Fanfiction This is a Fanfiction. Please note that. Characters aren't mine, or story board. Original Story By: DoNotMicrowave I haven't done to...
  • fanfiction
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Cell Phone Swap Alternate Reality #textrovertoneshot by fiona1498
Cell Phone Swap Alternate Reality...by fiona1498
My entry for @donotmicrowave 's one shot contest. Would fate have brought Talon and Keeley together even if they didn't swap phones at the fair?
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Textrovert One Shot by missCorporal-
Textrovert One Shotby Sethy
A one shot for @DoNotMicrowave 's competition.
  • textrovertoneshot
All I Wanted was Some Lays Chips by esor2002
All I Wanted was Some Lays Chipsby esor2002
#TextrovetOneShot My entry for the contest by @DoNotMicrowave Keeley and Talon do not swap phones! Instead they meet at the store. Talon is in front of Keeley in line an...
  • textrovertoneshot
  • cellphone
  • swap
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Dual Perspectives - A Textrovert One-Shot by spring_grrl
Dual Perspectives - A Textrovert O...by carpe diem
A look at what would have happened if Talon and Keeley had never swapped phones that fateful day.
  • textrovertoneshot