Bite || kmg × jww by taesthetic_ish
Bite || kmg × jwwby city lights
Mingyu likes to bite things. Including his best friend.
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  • yaoi
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Red vs Blue Oneshots by agent-washingtub
Red vs Blue Oneshotsby wash and felix trash
just a bunch of rvb oneshots (reader inserts and ships) got any requests? leave a comment! got any prompts? leave a comment! OCs are allowed! ~warning: may be some le...
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1. | She-Wolf ↠ Stiles Stilinski by -castianity
1. | She-Wolf ↠ Stiles Stilinskiby -castianity
|Alexandria Hale; Book 1| ❝I was caught in the headlights.❞ Alexandria Santos was an ordinary 16 year old girl. She was a sarcastic, smart ass and never listened to...
  • scottmccall
  • stilesstilinski
  • animalistic
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The Beautiful Dentist [Completed] by JadeTheWhale
The Beautiful Dentist [Completed]by ✪ Jädë ✪
Lola Quinton has been scared of the dentist her whole life. But when her mouth begins to hurt she decides it's finally time for her to go. However, she finds that going...
  • teeth
  • crush
  • brendonurie
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bumps. | sugamon by tohongkongigo
bumps. | sugamonby 🍑
sequel to "teeth"
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • choking
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Changing ones heart (Persona 5 Male Reader X RWBY) by Justsomefanficguy
Changing ones heart (Persona 5 Mal...by Justsomefanficguy
You along side your school friends Ann and Ryuji get a strange signal on your navigation app and end up in an unknown place surrounded by creatures and people with incre...
  • rwby
  • malereader
  • rooster
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this is where I'll keep my little diary and write changes. *idk if subliminals work but I'll try THIS ALSO BECAME MY JOURNAL FOR MY PROJECT: BECOME A PER...
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Summer Nights || Camp Camp (David X Reader) by nebusagi
Summer Nights || Camp Camp (David...by Nebusa
You've never been much of a camper. Cold nights, hard floors and bugs (especially bugs) made these experiences rather displeasing in the past. Because of that you were...
  • fanfiction
  • teeth
  • david
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Tidal Wave by dogpower77
Tidal Waveby dogpower77
Everyone knows the story- Bella the human, meets Edward the vampire. How he thirsts for her blood, and they fall in love. But what if Bella wasn't human? What if she was...
  • bella
  • carlisle
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Biggest Achievement Yet (Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter fanfic) by TristaniaD
Biggest Achievement Yet (Rooster T...by CupCayke Auditore
What happens when Gavin and Michael get superhuman abilities? Shit goes down, that's what!
  • hunter
  • roosterteeth
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Vamp Stamp by LiztheZombie
Vamp Stampby The Walk of Gay
A party that was suppose to be semi-fun turned horrid. Or terrible, gory, bloody, etc. That night fits all of those words. Before they could kill Arielle, a very beautif...
  • asexual
  • crownscare
  • girlxgirl
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RWBY: Mama Cinder One Shots ( Taking Requests For Chapters) by superedx
RWBY: Mama Cinder One Shots ( Taki...by super red x
This is a different universe to RWBY where Ruby is born to a different mother Cinder. Also this takes place during the show also Ruby is a kid around age 7. A One shot...
  • rwby
  • cute
  • teeth
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Puns by PiggyCupid
Punsby Princess Piggy
pun, pən/Submit noun plural noun: puns The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that suggests two or more meanings, by exploiting multiple meanings of wo...
  • humor
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Little Did We Know ↣ Bumbleby by flcwerly
Little Did We Know ↣ Bumblebyby Lana
It was a rough few years at Beacon, but Blake and Yang had no idea what was to come out of their struggles. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the RWBY content (only this...
  • bumbleby
  • arryn
  • fanfiction
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Wolfblood by Cily_Stories
Wolfbloodby Cily_Stories
Hey guys, this is my first story, so I hope you guys like it. Afcourse the whole cast is your own inmagination, but this is how I see my cast their looks. This has nothi...
  • tbs
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Brush Up by jadannpace
Brush Upby jadann
"Hello there, this is Gordon Town Dentistry, my name is Jaxson, how may I help you?" "Why do all the dentists sound so hot?" "Exscuse me?&qu...
  • teeth
  • novel
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The Not So Runaway (Book 2) by _Amanda__Panda_
The Not So Runaway (Book 2)by Amanda
Zoey's back! She's now 12 years old and has to face everyone's worst nightmare... School... And probably life... Yeah definitely life too. --ALSO PART OF AN ORIGINAL STO...
  • teeth
  • michael
  • zoey
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RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert ONLY by MadQueenMax
RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert...by Depressed
I made this because I love RWBY, and I love the characters(Except Cardin). You can request ships like Bumbleby or Seamonkeys. I of course will do reader inserts, I prefe...
  • rooster
  • teeth
  • freezerburn
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Dared. by shelbsters15
Dared.by Shelby :)
Lyric Martin has always had it all. A perfect family, friends, and everyone has always loved her. Until one day when she is dared to jump off of a roof of an old abandon...
  • white
  • weak
  • grandma
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The Secret Storm by Drevkin
The Secret Stormby Drevkin
All of these powerful and mysterious things and they needed the help of an ordinary human. A secret society of powerful wizards has discovered the location of the Stormb...
  • fight
  • eyes
  • fire
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