Alexander Ferrer's Suitor by amitafazian01
Alexander Ferrer's Suitor by Naiza Soberano Teen Fiction
Love is not a NOUN that names what you have. Never a PRONOUN to be able to replace something. Must not be an ADJECTiVE to describe a feeling. Not an ADVERB to brag about...
Chances by sisiwnextdoor
Chances by sisiwnextdoor Teen Fiction
Nag kagulo na't lahat lahat.. kayo rin pala sa bandang huli.
A Stupid Promise by misssimplissity
A Stupid Promise by misssimplissity ChickLit
CURRENTLY ON HIATUS (as of September 28, 2016) "Why keep a promise you know you can't keep?" Story cover by kattbri :)