Stuck In Naruto!!!! (Naruto Fanfiction) by Darkleer-Sempai
Stuck In Naruto!!!! (Naruto Fanfic... by Kana Fanfiction
Raven kimachi is always mistaken for a boy which is why she is always picked for the most dangerous things, she gets into fights at school. Rumors are spread about her i...
The Third Sibling by Miwa_Uchiha
The Third Sibling by Kiren Krishnan Fanfiction
Miyuki Uchiha is many things. She is strong, smart, pretty, and nice. She is a jinchuriki to a legendary Water Dragon named Kōri, though hardly anyone knows, which she i...
A Different Path by JadeCheetah
A Different Path by • Bella Ross • Fanfiction
What if he chose to walk a different path? What if he chose to leave everyone and everything behind? What if he chose to run away from the whispering behind his back and...
For the Future, I Wish to Change the Past by SarcasticKitsune
For the Future, I Wish to Change t... by Hayoen Fanfiction
The remains of the Fourth Shinobi War are three people. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They are the only ones left. With his last strength, Naruto uses a Forbidden Techniq...
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by Shayne_potato
The Uzumaki Siblings《Book 1》 by シェイン Fanfiction
Top/Highest Rank: #21 In Fanfiction ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ Mizuki Uzumaki Is Naruto's Little Sister, Naruto Was Born Two Years Before The Nine Tails Attack. Mizuki Was Born The Day Th...
Naruto: The Neglected ANBU by DemonOfADiamond
Naruto: The Neglected ANBU by DemonDiamond Fanfiction
What if Naruto Uzumaki was smarter than he let on? What if Naruto was the smartest of his generation? What if Naruto was stronger than he seemed? What if Naruto was the...
A copycat by Blue__uchiha
A copycat by Kendall-uchiha Fanfiction
" I can't believe they named the Bridge after me" " Naruto shut up it's been 3 days" "hn" "hey kakashi-sensei who is that" "...
Kakashi's Daughter by art_rose
Kakashi's Daughter by nota the trash Fanfiction
So, well... Kakashi has a daughter now, I guess. Now, I know what you're thinking, "GO GET 'ER KAKASHI!" or "Kakashi is waaaay to young!" I know... *...
Naruto's Twin Sister(Sasuke Love Story) by Animegirl714
Naruto's Twin Sister(Sasuke Love S... by SilverAnimeWolf 2.0 Fanfiction
What if there's finally someone who cares about Naruto? Like a friend? Or a twin sister? ----------------- Nariko is Naruto's twin sister. Nariko and Naruto are insepar...
Kakashi's daughter narrita hatake by Narrita_Hatake_14
Kakashi's daughter narrita hatake by Narrita hatake Fanfiction
Narrita hatake is the daughter of kakashi hatake a girl who is a strong willed powerful girl but her father is extremly protective of her and in the start of the start...
Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's gift by animebabe13
Naruto Mpreg fanfic Naruto's gift by Airi yuki Fanfiction
Naruto was alone for as long as he could remember he never had parents he never had siblings he knows that he will change the way he is being treated someday but he wish...
The Howl Of The Wolf Girl (Naruto Various X Reader) by JowiUzukami
The Howl Of The Wolf Girl (Naruto... by Jowi UzuKami Fanfiction
This is the story about (Y/N). A cute, funny and hyperactive girl. But don't mess with her friends...or else she will release "The Nutcracker" (her insane mood...
The Laid Back Shinobi by GoddessOfBlack89
The Laid Back Shinobi by Chieko Urimeshi Fanfiction
Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Youngest son of the Yondaime and the Red Death. The Youngest sibling of Mito Uzumaki Namikaze and Menma Uzumaki Namikaze. The Neglected Child. T...
Secretly Different (A Naruto Fanfiction) by fanfichear
Secretly Different (A Naruto Fanfi... by fanfichear Fanfiction
To protect his hometown the young boy trained to be what people call a 'ninja'. The boy grew powerful , reaching higher ranks. He became the commander of the ANBU under...
Glass (Kakashi's Sister) (A Naruto Fanfic) by shadythumper
Glass (Kakashi's Sister) (A Naruto... by thumper Fanfiction
Kakashi Hatake, the man who has copied over 1000 jutsu. The shinobi who had cut off his emotions as a child due to his fathers passing. Everyone believed him to be a gen...
Lotus by potatoes_gona_potate
Lotus by Ican'tthinkofaname Fanfiction
-REWRITE- Naruto is transported back in time to Kakashi's genin days.
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios  by ghuytfds
Naruto Boyfriend Scenarios by Kitsune-chan Random
This includes: Naruto Sasuke Neji Gaara
Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction  by Jarodisamazing
Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction by Son of Satan Fanfiction
What if Naruto left the village when he was 6 years old after unlocking a powerful Doujutsu from a near death experience and joined the Akatsuki, and becoming their lead...
You're not the only one....                   ×Book 1× by Story_of_Fate13
You're not the only one... by Fate Fanfiction
Ruka had been abused all her life She got beaten by her own grandparents for reasons sometimes unknown to her. She got beaten by other children from school as their sour...
Remember Me {Naruto Fanfiction, Gaara Love Story] by PheonixFlowerLily
Remember Me {Naruto Fanfiction, Ga... by PhoenixFlowerLily Fanfiction
Meet Silver. She's a bit of a sadist, though. She has beautiful eyes and loves people who enjoy killing. Silver is 12, and in the Bingo Book. Known for causing buildings...