Living in Naruto With a System by Martinissss
Living in Naruto With a Systemby Martinissss
Nana lives a pretty normal life as an average everyday otaku: Sleep, Eat, Anime, Manga and Books. That is until she finds herself in the middle of the forest with a str...
  • manga
  • anime
  • transportedtoanotherworld
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The Anbu's Mask by GGDiAngelo
The Anbu's Maskby GGDiAngelo
Sometimes a mask can slip. Sometimes a smile can frown. And sometimes a lie can be found. Naruto is a boy of a smile. He laughs through the pain and grins through the l...
  • sasunaru
  • team7
  • depression
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KakashiXReader by KakashiTrash
KakashiXReaderby KakashiTrash
Luna Moon is just like any other Genin in Konoha but there is one little twist... Luna's parents died as bandits raided their house searching for Luna when she was only...
  • sasuke
  • team7
  • naruto
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The Little Brother Of All Shinobi's by YourReaderPal
The Little Brother Of All Shinobi'sby Reader~Chan
GREAT, JUST GREAT. i wrote a description not too long ago and when i came back, GOLLY TWO SHOES ALL OF THEM IS GONE! oh well, i guess i have to re-write. What a drag.. h...
  • uchiha
  • team7
  • narutootsutsuki
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Rogue by _valainous
Rogueby an internet stranger
We all know the tale of the little boy who despite of being hated by the whole village, dreamed of being someone who protects it 'til his last breath. The little boy who...
  • borutouzumaki
  • teenboruto
  • konoha
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Death's Gift by AnimooOtaku
Death's Giftby That Anime Otaku
I used to be Alexis Santana, an A+ student with three amazing talents. I could sing, dance, and write. I was a huge dweeb. I watched anime and listened to bands like P!A...
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • team7
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Jashin Help Me by Pastel-Puppet
Jashin Help Meby Pastel-Puppet
In which a girl is gifted the Akatsuki and Team Seven in cat form.
  • hidan
  • nagato
  • akatsuki
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Naruto Uzumaki prodigy by Gamingmansavage
Naruto Uzumaki prodigyby Gamingmansavage
One fateful night on October 10th, The 9 nine tails attacked Konoha . Two kids were born and the son was Naruto Uzuzmaki Namikaze and the daughter was Naomi Uzuzmaki Nam...
  • naomi
  • naruto
  • sakura
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Art of Genjutsu by BlazingOpus
Art of Genjutsuby BlazingOpus
In a distant universe, not unlike our own, there resides a world inhabited by Ninja. These beings are very powerful, able to manipulate the elements, cast great illusion...
  • sakura
  • naruto
  • shippuden
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A Leader (A Naruto FanFic) by KibaIsMyBae
A Leader (A Naruto FanFic)by Growlihe Shinobi
Rai Sarutobi is a 13 year old boy that has been held back for his lack of training but is also the son of the 3rd hokage hurizen Sarutobi and the younger brother of asum...
  • naruto
  • kiba
  • bestfriends
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×Please Save Me×  [Sasunaru] by Nightmau
×Please Save Me× [Sasunaru]by Nightmau
Yaoi! (BoyXBoy) Dont like, Dont read! Trigger warning ⚠ Depressed Naruto (may have some self harm) Strong language Naruto, a happy good lucky kid right? Wrong. Its a m...
  • team7
  • naruto
  • sasuke
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Na Unsa Na! (Naruto Visaya Fanfiction) by kawaiisocute
Na Unsa Na! (Naruto Visaya LuNa
Ug sa diha, mag fucked-up version of Megumi sa ko. Mag himo sa tag Visaya naruto fanfic kay mas sayun! AHAHHAHAHA
  • team7
  • eskwela
  • naruto
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Squad 6: Konoha's Dragons by ShadowSpartan8762
Squad 6: Konoha's Dragonsby ShadowSpartan8762
Draco, had a very bad life. He lost 2 of his closest friends in front of him both times. Now some years later he walks in on a home invasion and loses his life. However...
  • torture
  • uchiha
  • sharingan
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On the Heights of Despair - s.u  by uchxha
On the Heights of Despair - s.u by (:
Airin Senju is one out of three Senju's that are alive. She grew up with the lost of her father, and a mystery mom. Her sister made a sin into killing their father which...
  • sakura
  • myhero
  • team7
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The Silent Rabbit | Naruto FF | Kiba X Oc by Delcats_World
The Silent Rabbit | Naruto FF | Delcat
Could rabbits ever learn to speak? ~~~ Usako Nanamura was a silent girl, a chosen mute to the world and only speaking to a select few. She was ten when she first got sor...
  • kibaxoc
  • sasuke
  • sakura
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The bitter-sweet cherryblossom by galaxyofcherrys
The bitter-sweet cherryblossomby galaxyofcherrys
She is a shinobi. He is a detective. She is from the past. He is from the future. She lives in konoha and he lives in Tokyo. She has a mission. He has a crime case. S...
  • hinata
  • itachi
  • tsunade
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Sasuke reacts to naruto ships by kixkakashi
Sasuke reacts to naruto shipsby kixkakashi
  • sakura
  • sarada
  • himawari
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will the sun rise? (A Naruto fanfiction) by skylight264
will the sun rise? (A Naruto skylight264
When the almighty Kyuubi plays with your mind, its hard to keep your thoughts on track. From experience, Minato and Kushina knew this, which is why the seal is designed...
  • fuinjutsu
  • subakinogaara
  • naruto
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The Turnabout by Artemistral
The Turnaboutby Artemistral
Konoha is destroyed, Sasuke and Naruto are long dead. Forced back in time, can Sakura save the world or will she see the Village of the Leaves crumple to ash again? W.I...
  • thelast
  • sakuraharuno
  • team7
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Little Feathers (Naruto Fanfiction) by Zapalky
Little Feathers (Naruto Fanfiction)by Zapalky
[A WORK IN PROGRESS] A clan that has been hidden since they've evolved, have finally decide to show themselves. Let us see how the deal in their today's society. . This...
  • bokuto
  • sensei
  • fantasy
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