Bad teacher (Camren) by CabelloTopsBitch
Bad teacher (Camren) by CabelloTops. Fanfiction
"Who are you?" she whispers. "Call me Karla ..." I murmur. "Karla who?" "Karla Estrabao." She smirks. "Your real name."...
Daddy, love my teacher! by WoahOfficial
Daddy, love my teacher! by WoahOfficial Fanfiction
¿Alguna vez pensaste en encontrar el amor en el trabajo?¿No? Magnus Bane tampoco... hasta que un niño nuevo fue trasladado a su clase en mitad del trimestre... y su padr...
Library of Heaven's Path by ZayaZayka02
Library of Heaven's Path by Fantasy
Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming a honorable teacher. Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as...
Erotic One Shots (R-Rated) by unknownlcver
Sexy stories by luckylover332
Sexy stories by luckylover332 Random
Just a bunch of sex filled stories. None of these stories belong to me.
Forbidden Desires - (18+) by SparklingStarFly
Forbidden Desires - (18+) by Experimental ❤ Romance
The name itself depicts what the book is going to contain. It is purely fictional, only those who are ready to read can read and don't comment any nasty or bash here. Th...
Versace on the Floor by daviansmith_
Versace on the Floor by Davian Smith Fanfiction
Coming to a new school is hard enough. Coming to a new school filled with wealthy and famous kids is another thing. Coming to a new school that has five boys in an up an...
Detention (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent) by riddhikajain
Detention (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStu... by riddhikajain Romance
I was never a bad student. Always the one with Straight A's. Teachers loved me. And I was the only girl who had no enemies in my entire school life. Then why am I in thi...
TCC (h.s.) by artemisjaa
TCC (h.s.) by g i o r g i a Fanfiction
dove una ragazza diciassettenne ha un blog dove parla del suo prof crush di 28 anni e lui lo segue. ¡ATTENZIONE! questa è solo una traduzione! ©reputeation, all right r...
More Kissing; Less Teaching by LoganStacy
More Kissing; Less Teaching by LoganStacy Werewolf
Claire Baines life seems to be completely falling out of place. When her father loses custody of her, she is forced to move states away to live with her mother. Not only...
Love In The Hell by 10mannu
Love In The Hell by Mannu General Fiction
#73 on 17. 10 .2017 Love in the hell
An Undefined Relationship - Shawn Mendes  by __dedicashawn
An Undefined Relationship - Shawn... by DEDICATED 🌌 Fanfiction
How different is the sky from the land? How different is black from white? How different is poor to rich? And how different is a teacher from a student? Everyone can ans...
Yes Mr. Kim (XiuChen) by Baozisaur
Yes Mr. Kim (XiuChen) by Baby Baozi Fanfiction
Kim Jongdae is a new student at SM academy and he has caught the eye of the sexy English teacher Kim Minseok who is also the soccer coach. After Jongdae notices what kin...
Gotta get out. Gotta get out.
Bloody hands(yandere males x reader)  by kawaite
Bloody hands(yandere males x reade... by kawaite Fanfiction
After a long trip in Europe (Y/n) return to her hometown. The places hasn't changed nor did the house in wich she used to live. But her childhood friends did change, and...
Assassination Classroom One Shots by nagikookie
Assassination Classroom One Shots by Hello Fanfiction
Did you ever imagine your self in assassination classroom? I mean have you ever entered this crazy classroom? Have you ever had a love story with:Nagisa?Karma? Isogai? I...
Desire ~ Camren by DesiredDreams44
Desire ~ Camren by CamrensHeaven🥀🖤 Fanfiction
The young teacher Camila just got transferred to a new college where she met Lauren, one of her new students who changed her life completely...
His Name is Kakashi Hatake by vaixis
His Name is Kakashi Hatake by Knaakrx Romance
Naruto finally became like his sensei Iruka and now its his turn to lead the minds of his new genin when his subordinate Kakashi Hatake seems a little odd... What will h...
Not your shot of Tequila by Myfreesoul
Not your shot of Tequila by Samantha Lee ChickLit
| Highest Rank: #53 in ChickLit | "Petty must be your middle name." "It's okay, you can still admire me," she winked. "Whatever you say, Einstei...
Eratic Tutorials by demonqueen4ever
Eratic Tutorials by Demeen Random
⇝ a tutorial book where in Demeen will be teaching you how to use Photo Editor, VSCO, and/or Polarr ; some tutorials are applicable to various editing apps as long as yo...