The Book Of Lola by BiancaMastroianni
The Book Of Lola by Bianca Mastroianni
After her younger sister died in a car crash, Lola Hart goes back to boarding school to finish senior year. There, the new guy William and his sexy older brother Harvey...
  • romance
  • forbidden
  • teenager
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Now and Forever by Kratzer_12
Now and Forever by Caitlyn Kratzer🥀
Princess Stella is the new loved and adored princess of Helabon, but what happens when everything is taken from her before she knows any different? What happens when h...
  • mother
  • witch
  • moral
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The Unexpected Maths Teacher by EmmaRobyn137
The Unexpected Maths Teacher by Emma B
"If you talk to me like that ever again, I will assure you that you will never get a good grade while you're in my class. Do you hear me?!" I rolled my eyes an...
  • teacher
  • bestfriend
  • maths
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IshRaRu: Angels Do Come by salley145
IshRaRu: Angels Do Come by Lovely Pumpkin
When Ruhi Bhalla finds out that her biological mother Shagun Bhalla is long dead and she is forced to go to school the other day itself, she feels lonely all the time an...
  • starplus
  • motherdaughter
  • school
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Triple C  by SashaCloe
Triple C by SashaCloe
Three girls from completely different world come together and end up fixing one another Here's there story cliche maybe but with a little twist Join Claire, Charlott...
  • mystery
  • different
  • bestfriends
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Worst Nightmare  by its1bubble
Worst Nightmare by its1bubble
I went to the night club only to fall in love with my teacher.
  • teacher
  • scotthoying
  • mitchgrassi
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~Bonitroung Fanfic~ by nikonikonii12
~Bonitroung Fanfic~ by nikonikonii12
A male teacher named Mr.Bonifazi is been a teacher at a school for a long time. One day in the new school year a social studies teacher comes in the way changing his lif...
  • teacher
  • lemongerard
  • school
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FOCUS by ItsSarcasma
FOCUS by Dahlia
This is just a poem I wrote in the last few minutes of class.
  • humor
  • attention
  • teacher
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Lovely by _Repox_
Lovely by Ana Ruffalo
"What, Todd?" "I just wanted to tell you, you look lovely."
  • romance
  • teacher
  • student
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Before our girl (Waterloo road) by Carolineeexx
Before our girl (Waterloo road) by Caroline Leathard
prequel to Our Girl Mollie and tom were in love. They had just started dating and were falling fast for each other. Mollie was nineteen and toms teaching assistant. Want...
  • waterlooroad
  • baby
  • relationship
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0856-7153-925 - In House Teacher House Training Center by inhouseexceltraining
0856-7153-925 - In House Teacher H... by Inhouse exceltrainingg
Melalui pelatihan, training, workshop atau seminar untuk pengembangan, pertumbuhan sumberdaya manusia. Dalam setiap kegiatannya selalu berisi materi dan informasi terbar...
  • excel
  • skills
  • leadership
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0856-7153-925 - In House Training for Staff by TrainingProvider
0856-7153-925 - In House Training... by Training Provider Di Jakarta
monitoring social media, specialist team building, tempat training di jakarta, training, training and development, training and development, activities training and deve...
  • training
  • development
  • soft
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Complicated Love by LostAiame
Complicated Love by Kathy
The 16 year old Aaron Sykes falls in love with his english teacher Jace Melendez and does't know what to do. He asks his best friend Damien for advice. Will he be able t...
  • love
  • yaoi
  • school
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Secretive Love by Carolineeexx
Secretive Love by Caroline Leathard
On the night before his wedding. Tom clarkson went out and hooked up with someone. Megan. Megan is the new trainee teacher and starts Waterloo road a week after sleeping...
  • lornadickey
  • teacher
  • marriedman
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Expelled by Synnami
Expelled by Kyleeღ
Alyssa Jones is in her 4th year of high school. She starts to fall in love with her teacher, Mr. Williams. Alyssa tries to stay after school with him all the time, and h...
  • teacherlove
  • high
  • violence
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Mr Bateman- Our Tragic Love Story by zeba_mx
Mr Bateman- Our Tragic Love Story by ♡Zeba Xx
Meet Mia Isabelle Cantwell. The girl who never in a million years thought she would fall into forbidden love with her teacher, Mr Bateman. If only he didn't come to work...
  • teacher
My Unnatural Gym Class by fullfiction
My Unnatural Gym Class by Fiction Radio
One normal day turned weird when I changed my study hall to a gym class. It wasn't a normal gym class either it seemed to be a fencing class. After that my life turned...
  • unnatural
  • zombies
  • school
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 Im In Love With My Teacher by KailynMarion2
Just a crush  (Teacher x Student) by x_cate_x
Just a crush (Teacher x Student) by Cate😈😏🌴🌴
Alyssa is a young girl. She moved to Los Angeles from Africa because her parents died in a car accident and only family she has is her uncle. With average looking and go...
  • drugs
  • abuse
  • teacherxstudent
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Pregnant by my teacher by Marissa13991
Pregnant by my teacher by Marissa Sears
Ally is a sweet and good student. But when her grades fall and the new teacher comes to town what dose she do?
  • relationship
  • teacher
  • student
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