It's called LOVE. (l.s.) by hannagrandexo
It's called LOVE. (l.s.) by Hanna Grande♡🙏🏼
This is the story of Louis and Harry. Two people, who meet up again involuntarily, after they haven't seen each other for two years. Will it work out? What will happen?
  • louistomlinson
  • teacher
  • student
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The Story Changer GXG by BreakTheRules246
The Story Changer GXG by BrEaK.tHe.RuLeS
Skylar was told her whole life by her mother that being a lesbian is wrong.. but now after 17 years of the confusion as to why it's so bad for her to fall in love with g...
  • teacher
  • lesbain
  • forbidden
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My Biology Teacher by CappuccinoPrincess7
My Biology Teacher by CappuccinoFox 🦊
Rachel Ardis has an... interesting history. She's been bullied, abused... Dated a teacher. And is now dating another one. Shocking right? But you know what they say. T...
  • taboo
  • student
  • teacherxstudent
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love will be just around the corner  by fairy_tail_72
love will be just around the corne... by kanika thakur
she is his daughter's teacher there is no way love can bloom in between them but that won't stop him plus his daughter really want that blonde beauty to be her mother
  • jellal
  • jude
  • igneel
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Slowly Breaking  by Ellabella819
Slowly Breaking by Ella 🍍
Kayleigh. Just a girl. A girl who doesn't live a normal life. She's neglected by both parents, which leaves Kayleigh to fend for herself. But when she starts getting bul...
  • bullying
  • middleschool
  • neglect
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My Teachers are Literally Jamilton by Ship_Addict108
My Teachers are Literally Jamilton by Kk+B
I am a freshman at a high school in this town that hardly anyone has ever heard about. And my english and social studies teachers Are Literally Jamilton I cant even...
  • teacher
  • oneshot
  • real
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Forbidden Desires -(Revamped And IMPROVED) by zoe360567
Forbidden Desires -(Revamped And I... by zoe360567
''lust ,desire,temptation,sin,forbidden ,the words which became a part of my life all of sudden".Ivory ''There is a charm about forbidden that makes it unspeakibly...
  • agegap
  • romance
  • chicklit
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Nina to Noona by sall_hwa
Nina to Noona by Sally 황
누나: /noo-na/ 1. an older sister (used by a younger brother). 2. an informal way of calling an older female from a male's perspective. Nina Kang is out of co...
  • adulthood
  • student
  • panic
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pe teacher || simon minter by mini-mendes
pe teacher || simon minter by ♪
"pupils are forbidden to have a romantic relationship with a teacher." i quoted, accurately imitating the headmaster's voice. "fuck it." he smirked...
  • thesidemen
  • simonminter
  • sdmn
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Illusion || Jaeyong by cookiemonstarrrrr
Illusion || Jaeyong by Jaen
"I see you as my future,don't you dare treat me like your past."
  • teacher
  • delinquent
  • jaehyun
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I Think I Love My Teacher by QueenCheeseFries
I Think I Love My Teacher by August4Life
august alsina love story
  • alsina
  • love
  • augustalsina
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Teacher Crush Stuff by Hoellenkind
Teacher Crush Stuff by Ľyåñá Šøphïë
Here I'm going to upload moments, sayings, facts etc all around this theme🙃🍃 • !! Most is from teachercrushissues/tumblr , some added by myself☡✔ !! • English is not m...
  • teacherxstudent
  • teacher
  • lehrer
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Mr Mendes  by TINSEL890
Mr Mendes by TINSEL890
"You failed the exam." "You failed to educate me." "Oh Ill definitely educate you tonight." SLOW UPDATES
  • cry
  • forbidden
  • teacher
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I Love You, but.. by Cynthantya
I Love You, but.. by Cynthantya
Apakah kalian pernah merasakan jatuh cinta ? Itulah yang terjadi padaku sekarang Dan aku jatuh cinta pada guruku Apakah itu salah? Setelah 1 tahun berpacaran ,kita p...
  • teacher
  • student
  • love
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Naj au sans x shy angel demon skeleton neko dragon student reader by user12788140
Naj au sans x shy angel demon skel... by
Y/n is a shy girl but confident sometimes but it's very rare for her to be confident. She moving to a new school called underhigh. She wears a hat to hide her ears and w...
  • angle
  • student
  • neko
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The Art Of a Forbidden Relationship by Angielicixus
The Art Of a Forbidden Relationship by ang
Sugar, spice and everything nice may be the ingredients to create the Powerpuff girls- but sass, class and no scrubs, well that's the three main things to Athena Waters...
  • cute
  • student-teacher
  • teen
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Her Younger Mate by agguerra
Her Younger Mate by Tiny_Chikorita
Twenty-two years old Anna wonders if she will ever find her mate. After her brother suggests that she should go to her original pack and try her luck, she decides to mov...
  • mates
  • highschool
  • strongfemalelead
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Then Teach Me... - Newtmas Fanfiction✨ by BloodyMoonHippos
Then Teach Me... - Newtmas Fanfict... by BloodyMoonHippos
< NEWTMAS > Newt has always dreamed of becoming a teacher. However, when he finally starts teaching English at an American school, he finds himself surprised at th...
  • teacher
  • newt
  • tmrfanfic
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Risk (Риск) by NelRo_
Risk (Риск) by Дмитрий Канцелярчик
About risk and fear in life
  • teacher
  • 2018
  • life
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Gamer World by skyepine
Gamer World by Skye Pine
WELCOME TO ELDER WORLD Ang Elder World ay isang sikat na online games sa buong Pilipinas. Mahigit isang daang manglalaro ang naglalaro ng Elder World. Meet Jude Ramirez...
  • romance
  • battle
  • mmorpg
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