Lost and Found by slybatspidow
Lost and Foundby Hannah Cook
Melissa grew up with her own ideas of what happiness was: fall in love, marry, have a family, have a best friend who was like family, and live happily ever after. Now th...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • teacherxteacher
  • breakup
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Teacher's Pet by Dont_dis_Ringo
Teacher's Petby Densmore is daddy
A story of a girl that's best friends with two rock loving teachers.
  • besties
  • friends
  • love
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Bench Talks by nonvisual
Bench Talksby kaleidoscope
She needs someone who she can actually vent to. So, in a bad day, she sat on a bench that was beside the streets. Meeting a guy that also needed someone who he can talk...
  • jelousey
  • boy
  • outlet
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/teaching love  by nerdyhomo
/teaching love by 🌈🌸MO🌸🌈
a story in which a teacher and a teen have an affair idk don't ask ok ⚠️: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AN ADULT AND MINOR. 18+++ (even tho i'm not even 18+++ lol)
  • youngerxolder
  • gay
  • lesbian
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Forbidden Love by cd123451
Forbidden Loveby cd123451
Chelsea meets Ryan at a club, what happens when she runs into him at her school and her lies unravel.
  • pregnancy
  • student
  • teacher
And Then There Was You [h.s] by Alinaaactually
And Then There Was You [h.s]by alina
"Logan, we couldn't have done something like that in a classroom," Professor Styles said. "And if we weren't in a classroom?" I asked him. "The...
  • teacherxstudent
  • 1d
  • onedirection
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Forbidden Fruit (A Keith Powers Love Story) by teenagefuxkup
Forbidden Fruit (A Keith Powers Lo...by L.
My love for you burns like a passionate inferno, your smile outshines the sun on the warmest of days, your kiss, sends me into eternal bliss, but my mind is where my lov...
  • hot
  • keithpowers
  • wattys2017
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The Hidden Star by MissMAGM
The Hidden Starby MissMAGM
Olivia Newman- a regular high school girl. Shy, nerdy, top of her class. Crushing on the cutest boy in the school Olivia Newman- Famous Pop-star that goes by VIA, loved...
  • singer
  • shawnmendes
  • painter
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My Teacher, My Gangster by choosethe1
My Teacher, My Gangsterby choosethe1
This story will have love triangles, teacher, girlfriend, etc. You will choose what the characters look like and you're the main character so you get to choose a name or...
  • teacher
  • boyfriend
  • love
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Fan Art for @Doodahs (mostly) by LotusWaterlily
Fan Art for @Doodahs (mostly)by Nonna Ur B. Swax
This is just fan art for @Doodahs. (It's Rebecca from Little Miss Different)
  • drama
  • ginger
  • oregnant
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Highly Complicated Love  by MidnightPrinceDox
Highly Complicated Love by MidnightPrinceDox
Sophie is just trying to get by normally, when she realizes that she has a crush on her gym teacher, Mr. D. But there are a lot of other things stopping her from havi...
  • highschool
  • true
  • romantic
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Bella by myaloves126
Bellaby myaloves126
"he hit me and it felt like a kiss" Bella looks like the type of girl that has it all.. a big house, nice cars , a perfect family ....but remember nothing's pe...
  • student
  • lolita
  • secret
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That Crazy Math Teacher by AddyBautista
That Crazy Math Teacherby AddyBautista
When i was in HighSchool i hated my math teacher, she hated me, always had it for me, i hated math period .
  • addybautista
  • humor
  • math
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just some imagines and preferences about austin/brandon/edwin/nick/zion
  • teacher
  • healthy
  • prettymuch
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Pobaw się ze mną by Chantal_Hannah
Pobaw się ze mnąby Chantal_Hannah
Chantal i Izabelle to dwie siostry, które mają świetny kontakt, dzięki czemu bardzo dobrze się dogadują. Możliwe, by w głowie jednej z nich zakręciła nieświadoma tego os...
  • teacher
  • nauczyciel
  • sensei
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Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Story by Psparkle022
Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Storyby Psparkle022
The story of the professional troublemaker Jessica Anston and her now stern and overprotective teacher Paul Davis continues on this sequel of the book Where Them Girls A...
  • wild
  • second
  • book
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Perfect Sanctuary by Rosemm682
Perfect Sanctuaryby Rosem
21 year old Nadine Styles lives with her boyfriend Alex, Nana and best friend Ana in the Amazonia Wildlife Reservation in Brazil. With the task of teaching student on th...
  • ex
  • steamy
  • couples
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Little Siblings - Nanbaka by devilyugi
Little Siblings - Nanbakaby devilyugi
This is story created on my new nanbaka OCs. History about mane nanbaka characters with their little friends. Action take place before go to prison.
  • cute
  • siblings
  • brother
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Little Siblings - Nanba by nanbanick
Little Siblings - Nanbaby nanbakanick
Everyone need a friend, even dangerous prisoners. Others want some warm. Bounds between siblings are strong. This is friendship for a lifetime. Somebody also have a role...
  • sweet
  • change
  • nanbaka
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Mine {Yoonmin} by dicksonrenniexox
Mine {Yoonmin}by ONE HIGH HOE 💕
"So how about it, do you want to be mine?" "That wasn't a choice, was it." "Smart. No teach, it wasn't." * * * yoonmin teacher x student au...
  • jimin
  • minyoongi
  • bts
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