Aiden's Adventures by Aiddey
Aiden's Adventures by Aiden Fantasy
Welcome, to a series of stories as you follow up with Aiden's origins. Aiden is a kind, timid yet curious teenager. He's only 16 years old as he has just moved into Japa...
Till death do us apart by CharlotteBrooke
Till death do us apart by Anonymous Writer Romance
When Olivia starts a relation with her English teacher, her parents forbid her to see him. But she still has to see him everyday of the week, and feelings are hard to ig...
Teachers Pet by ColbyAndSam1995
Teachers Pet by ColbyBrock1995 General Fiction
Does The New teacher have the hots for a 13 year old girl, or does he just want her to be his teacher 'pet'
Guess Who? by aestheticblack_
Guess Who? by 다안 멩 Mystery / Thriller
Sa mundong ito hindi lahat ng tao mapagkakatiwalaan, Hindi lahat ay honest,hindi lahat ay kaibigan, marahil sa tingin mo ay kaibigan mo na siya, but for him not, for him...
She Changed Me On-Going by heycallmemarie
She Changed Me On-Going by BlackPrincess Teen Fiction
A gangster , jerk, bully and a womanizer But all of those attitudes went gone , When he met a girl that he never thought he will love someday. That girl made him rea...
The Dragon I Fear Most by crystyblack
The Dragon I Fear Most by Crysty Black Fantasy
They were flawless creatures, that once ruled the skies, they came in different shapes and sizes. I was one of their protectors. But I fell in love with their princess...
The Wattpad Treasures | Sonny James by Sonny_James
The Wattpad Treasures | Sonny James by HappyDiva Random
The Content: • Book Reviews English and German • Favorite Wattpadbooks in the languages English and German • Sonny's Wattpad Treasures I give Reviews and feedback to yo...
mr. payne // liam payne by H4rrysBun
mr. payne // liam payne by rachel Fanfiction
❝i know what we did last night was so wrong, but why does this feel so right?❞ A story in which a student and her teacher fall head over heels for each other.
THICC by Mariamkhan321
THICC by Mariam Random
his ass is OUT OF THIS WORLD (updated- new chap)
Bullied by Joey Birlem by baddybirlem
Holographic Boy 🔅Frerard🔅 by astheticrenee
Holographic Boy 🔅Frerard🔅 by weirdXbaby Fanfiction
Gerard Way a 17 year old cross dresser who was barley accepted by anyone. He only had about 5 friends and went to a pretty big school. He liked pastel clothing and had a...
The Loving by bipolarrose
The Loving by BipolarRose Teen Fiction
Olivia Tenam is the kind of girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be. However, her choices of men are exactly what runs her into trouble. From an abusive older bo...
Wish love would last  by jhenamoy
Wish love would last by jhenamoy Romance
Isa ka sa mga kinatatakutang yakuza , tingin nila sayo at isang demonyo na wlang awa pero bakit pag dating sa kanya your cold heart will melt away , handa ka bang ibigay...
My Thoughts by Belle3050
My Thoughts by Belle3050 Random
A book where you can read about my life....cuz I'm a lowkey drama queen...just kidding, I actually hate drama. I just rant and stuff. Be prepared for my strong opinions...
What Happens in Class  by TheBlackLion719
What Happens in Class by 🌘JetBlackLion 🌒 Romance
Elli gets into a private school called "Early College" and meets an older boyish girl with amazing smarts. Though Elli wants to be with her forever and always...
Control by britxcvi
Control by brit General Fiction
Follow three of different women as they find themselves on a journey of new found love, adventure, and of course a lot of drama.
Boy at the Crosswalk - Klance by Stabby_Leprechaun
Boy at the Crosswalk - Klance by Literally just a Leprechaun Fanfiction
Yeah, characters aren't mine. None of them. At all. Cutesy Klance fanfic from Lance's P.O.V., in case you were wondering. I won't be updating as much as you guys prolly...
Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Story by Psparkle022
Girls Gone Wild! Spanking Story by Psparkle022 Teen Fiction
The story of the professional troublemaker Jessica Anston and her now stern and overprotective teacher Paul Davis continues on this sequel of the book Where Them Girls A...
Random stuff my chorus teacher has said by queerperson
I'm Secreatly Married to My Teacher  by thornHearts143
I'm Secreatly Married to My Teache... by LovingDied Thorns Teen Fiction
si Ellaine ay isang babae na mahilig manggulo, mangbully kaya naisipan ng pamilya niya ipakasal siya sa isang tao kilala din sa pangbabae. ngunit paano kung ang Teacher...