Kiss Me. A Lilo Story. by damnedifidont
Kiss Me. A Lilo Story. by Soph
What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Not only best friend, but also band mate. Will Liam Payne finally get his chance with Louis Tomlinson after a...
  • cowell
  • louis
  • boyxboy
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When We Were Young by pastyprincess
When We Were Young by pastyprincess
*Sequel to The New Kid* A lot has changed for Liam after he left college for his new job. He was expecting much to change as he was in a whole new place. The only thing...
  • louis
  • tomlinson
  • lilo
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One Direction boyxboy *one shots* by Mitzytrix
One Direction boyxboy *one shots* by S o p h i a❥❅♫♛ ★
A group of One direction Oneshots filled with different stories about all the favourite bromances. Larry, Niam, Nouis, Lilo, Ziam and so on. Sorry, no Het stories here...
  • niam
  • boyxboy
  • tayne
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You & I (ʟıʟᴏ) by MissPayne1999
You & I (ʟıʟᴏ) by MissPayne1999
Louis was on his knee, his eyes sparkling up at Liam who stood in front of him shocked, frozen. "We have been together for two years now and I want to now make thi...
  • payne
  • fanfiction
  • one
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Blonde-next-door (Ziall/ Lilo AU) by Smileyynsthc
Blonde-next-door (Ziall/ Lilo AU) by Smiley
Zayn hated his neighbour. A cocky blonde prick who's named Niall Horan. The guy was wild and pain in the ass. Niall love to annoy Zayn cause he keeps his cool all the ti...
  • blone
  • tayne
  • love
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There's this guy [Lilo Paynlinson](ON HOLD) by wangpoo
There's this guy [Lilo Paynlinson]... by wangpuppy
When Liam Payne walks into Louis' classroom is almost breath taking. Louis is known for having a lot of crushes, dropping them as new ones come along, but as the days go...
  • paynlinson
  • universe
  • highschool
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(uber short) lilo one shot by theoutsidedirectiner
(uber short) lilo one shot by Mark Mantilly
my first one shot, so exciting
  • direction
  • short
  • tayne
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One night of Lilo love. [Lilo Smut] by MoreThanJustLarry
One night of Lilo love. [Lilo Smut] by Abbie something Abbie...Normal
Warning BoyxBoy smut! Lilo Tayne Liam had been in love with Louis since he first met him, and tonight, after Louis goes through a rough time and finally breaks down will...
  • louis
  • smut
  • tayne
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