Phat Girl | The Game & Chris Brown by breezyswife05
Phat Girl | The Game & Chris Brownby Shardaé
Lauren is a shy girl that has just moved to Atlanta for college. Being bullied throughout high school has left her depressed, self conscious and feeling worthless. Hopef...
  • fat
  • confidence
  • tyga
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Jack Avery | Instagram by TypicalAvery
Jack Avery | Instagramby Tiff
Jack Avery? Why Don't We? You? Them? Drama? Of course! What's an insta story without drama? Started - 11/12/17 End - 17/02/18 February 8, 2018 - #812 in FanFiction
  • taylor
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Kaylor: The Timeline by kaylorfanfiction
Kaylor: The Timelineby kaylorfanfiction
My own interpretation of the realistic Kaylor timeline, written to be as realistic and descriptive as possible. This is a work of fan FICTION. I do not mean any disrespe...
  • karliekloss
  • wattys2015
  • taylorswift
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Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book) by ReganUre
Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample...by Regan Ure
The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than t...
  • piercings
  • completed
  • hate
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She Doesn't Care by ipad_connor
She Doesn't Careby Rojesta
The cliché rejection story, the Alpha rejects his mate for his player ways and believes he can do without a weak mate or a mate at all. But. Big but. She is not like tho...
  • wattys2016
  • romance
  • badass
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Not so BIG ! by LipglossandJordans_
Not so BIG !by Oh.So..Spoiled _
The fat girl turn thick now her old bully wants her will she give him a chance or ...give him payback ?
  • now
  • taylor
  • phat
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Room For One More by Kaylorlove319
Room For One Moreby Kaylorlove319
Taylor Swift is thirty-six and has been retired from music for the last almost eight years, she has a daughter named Maddilyn Rae Swift, who is seven years old, and Tayl...
  • kloss
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17 & Pregnant; T.C «Sequel to 16 & Pregnant» by Digi_Hayes
17 & Pregnant; T.C «Sequel to 16...by Digi_Hayes
Jamison is at it again. Pregnant with her second child. Taylor and Jami are happy at first, but then it all becomes too much. Jami starts to rethink Taylor being her sou...
  • magconboys
  • fights
  • love
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Not so Happy !  by LipglossandJordans_
Not so Happy ! by Oh.So..Spoiled _
This is the sequel of Not So Big! Will Aaliyah ever find Happiness again well read to find out !
  • beckham
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  • love
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Property of Darkness. by AuthorJxdx
Property of Darkness.by AuthorJxdx
"You're scared of me!" he snarled, quickly masking his emotions, before taking a threatening step towards me. I whimpered, scurrying back until I felt the hard...
  • mate
  • carters
  • darkness
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Trap Queen. by radiatings
Trap Queen.by olivia kay
Compton changed everything. In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night without having to worry about anything happening to me. I could walk outside i...
  • lit
  • goddess
  • trap
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A little too late? by Kaylorlove319
A little too late?by Kaylorlove319
Taylor has just come back into the public eye, realized Reputation and is beginning the craziness of, Press, tour, performances and everything in between. She is glad to...
  • karlie
  • kloss
  • swift
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IT CAST X READER by stanleyurine88
whaddup title says it all some r smutty beware my dudes
  • jaeden
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instagram  || haylor by literally-harry
instagram || haylorby not harry styles
@harrystyles tagged @taylorswift in a post! Highest Rank: #1 in "haylor"
  • humor
  • harryandtaylor
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Dirty Magcon imagines by FadedGilinsky123
Dirty Magcon imaginesby GilinskyBitch
Just simply dirty ass imagines about my babes☺️
  • nash
  • gilinsky
  • shawn
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Unexpected (boyxboy) by IgobyDani
Unexpected (boyxboy)by IgobyDani
When a boy named Taylor moves across the country to Michigan to live with his father he meets a boy. Not just any boy; Kyle Timmers, the albino nobody. He's shy, short...
  • michigan
  • stutter
  • taylor
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fools - wyatt oleff x oc by richietoziervevo
fools - wyatt oleff x ocby natalie charlotte
fools - wyatt oleff x oc in the wonderful world of the internet, a famous noodle headed boy meets a just-as-famous moon faced girl "to me, you are perfect in every...
  • oleff
  • lillis
  • lieberher
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His Dirty Little Secret//Jayceon Taylor, The Game by Sincerely_Yours_Stan
His Dirty Little Secret//Jayceon T...by Wolverine ψ(`∇´)ψ
Natasha started as a drug runner for Jayceon Taylor, a gang-Lord, when she tries to run Jayceon comes to punish her. Taking one look at her he realises the state she's i...
  • taylor
  • game
  • thegame
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Magcon ||Completed|| by Viner_Boys
Magcon ||Completed||by Em✌
Magcon. Not exactly the most amazing thing for Emily to go to, but her friends on the other hand love Magcon. Chloe, Jess, and Emily stay at her cousin's house (which is...
  • matthew
  • vine
  • magcon
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Boxer↠ h.s  by -nudes
Boxer↠ h.s by 🏹
❝Most mothers warn girls like you, about boys like me.❞ ❝Well, my mother told me to do whatever the hell I wanted to.❞ /// ©-nudes 2016 ranked #192 in fanfiction mature...
  • hendall
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