Power by sickcrazylove
Power by sickcrazylove
When Stiles get kicked out of the pack after void. He goes to Deaton about his spark and finds out his spark is stronger then they thought. Then not being able to look a...
  • magic
  • sterek
  • bamf
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Afraid by abigaill_
Afraid by abigaill_
When innocent 17 year old Leah meets an unknown bad boy for the first time, are tattoos, piercing and a cursing mouth really what she is looking for or will she be AFRAI...
  • afraid
  • romance
  • innocence
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Cannot Share You by DebjaniChakraborty
Cannot Share You by DebjaniChakraborty
What happens when a fat Sam has a huge crush on her neighbour badass V.??? Sounds difficult. Because V do not even notice her. Join Sam along with her besties, in her jo...
  • love
  • billionaire
  • romance
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Punk Stiles by lilywrite00
Punk Stiles by Lily Rain
After the nogistune, the pack kicked Stiles out of there pack. Stiles leaves for a year and comes back for there senior year. He has changed. He has tattoos everywhere...
  • piercings
  • stiles
  • tatoos
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Guts Over Fear by AnotherHater101
Guts Over Fear by raven_haired goddess
The concept of things being black and white...that's a thing of the past. My entire life, I have resided in sheds of grey. The misery, the anguish, the hurt...they inhib...
  • chicklit
  • ian
  • raven
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Goodboy um try BadBoy by Bookworm152
Goodboy um try BadBoy by Rose
  • youtube
  • stupidity
  • put
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Hidden Luna by AmberNightfall
Hidden Luna by crazy getto music
" Who are you and how do you smell different than a humans?" I question She smirked without saying anything. I point my gun towards her. Unlike her other hum...
  • whitewolves
  • asskicking
  • tatoos
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Another Chance Of Living  by __babyy
Another Chance Of Living by Amelia-Jaide
"The world is too toxic for you to understand."she says. "But I'm basically poisen."He replys.
  • ballet
  • wattys2017
  • harm
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my drawings  by wataka234
my drawings by fred
I have some drawings but I know I suck at drawing so yeah here some of my drawings...
  • tatoos
  • tags
  • art
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The Spirit Within RP  by ShyFox22
The Spirit Within RP by Smol Bean
Thank you to KingFoxSR for the beautiful cover. I recommended checking her out Every year, a boy or a girl((or multiple)) turn fourteen in a small village of either the...
  • tatoos
  • rp
  • spiritanimals
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When I was in heaven / Andy Biersack ✔ by 6LittleDevil6
When I was in heaven / Andy Biersa... by 6LittleDevil6
Opowiadanie niebawem ulegnie poprawie, przez co niektóre rozdziały mogą ulec zmianie. ZAKOŃCZONE! Regina to 19 letnia dziewczyna, która po rozstaniu ze swoim chłopakiem...
  • rc
  • moda
  • rozterki
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Soulmates || OtaYuri One-Shot by sunny_likes_stars
Soulmates || OtaYuri One-Shot by • ѕυиѕнιиє •
» Otabek Altin « Soulmates. The entirety of its concept has always fascinated Otabek, these words engraved on your skin, these words, sentences, paragraphs, they were al...
  • otabek
  • otayuri
  • onice
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The Nerds Secret by thatreader12345
The Nerds Secret by thatreader12345
Scarlett Willow is a normal teenage nerd. Well at least that's what people think. She is no normal nerd and she has a massive secret that can't get out otherwise she wil...
  • love
  • john
  • mma
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Kidnapped by my possessive werewolf alpha jerk of a mate by Lockerninja
Kidnapped by my possessive werewol... by Lockerninja
This story will be good........ It is about a young girl named Sophie that is kidnapped by rouges. Suddenly she is rescued my her "mate" only to be held hostag...
  • rebellious
  • alpha
  • badass
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Story Ideas! by Livingthedream2012
Story Ideas! by MalikaDreams
This is a collection of my story ideas as I have challenged myself to write a story in every genre on Wattpad. I will start writing the one which gets the most votes an...
  • romance
  • real
  • vampire
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Those paper hearts by zaaabby
Those paper hearts by Abby
When Carrie first moved to Harlinton, she longed to find safety and comfort in this small town. She enrolled herself into Harlinton High, but was never one to be high up...
  • mystery
  • goodgirl
  • boyfriend
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Zenith (Equinox #1) by itsendnottheend
Zenith (Equinox #1) by Husnal Kaur
She was in need of saving, not just from other people but her own demons as well. Lost, despaired and with no idea how to survive in this new life, she has no one but he...
  • love
  • innocence
  • badass
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Vivianna Dunrose by Madelyn_Summers
Vivianna Dunrose by Madelyn_Summers
This is a short story about a girl who fell in love with an American boy. She lives in London and had a long distance relationship. Keep reading and find out what happen...
  • shortstory
  • newyork
  • longdistancerelationship
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There's No Turning Back by Its_Alexx_18
There's No Turning Back by Alexandria'18
Sequel to 'Living With My Bully" What happened when Alex and the family are out to dinner and Ryan leaves to the bathroom for a quick second?What happened when Alex...
  • fanfiction
  • surfing
  • piercings
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