Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Babyby Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Beef - Nahmir - Tayk by shesdifficult
Beef - Nahmir - Taykby black-tinker🥀
" We got beef " " except for when he fuckin me " Rank #223 in fanfiction Made - January 30 Ended February 26
  • santana
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Wrong Number Included | ✔ by taledust
Wrong Number Included | ✔by g h a e v i a
"Aurel?" "I told you I'm not a girl" "Well, since I haven't seen you, your sexuality is not confirmed" "You want me to send you a pic...
  • shortstories
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The World of The Werewolves! by werewolf
The World of The Werewolves!by Werewolf
Previously 'The November Wolves' We have decided that it was far too much fun to be left at just that! Introducing month long interactive series with a new post/ prompt...
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We Don't Kiss and Tell by mrosed_
We Don't Kiss and Tellby Mandy Rose
Hannah Reed had a pretty average life when it came to school, home and romance. She still waited to find the one person that completed her in life. When that day finall...
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Black Girl Rants by Chey888877
Black Girl Rantsby Cheyenne
I like ranting, talking about my life, and sometimes other stuff. 😏 I'm also probably annoyed. And don't argue on my book....
  • teen
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I try to give advice and reassurance or whatever by KatTheCat123
I try to give advice and K
This is your place if you're dealing with any problems. Bullying, Coming out, Disabilities etc etc. You can chat to me in PM (Private Message) if you feel uncomfortable...
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Catch This "L"  by SlimeSlito
Catch This "L" by Joy 💙♂
that title catchy don't cap 💀
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Daily 2000--Videolyfe of a Young Writer by EricJames16
Daily 2000--Videolyfe of a Young Eric James
This channel will help me keep on track for my writing goals, and maybe bring us closer together, as fellow writers and readers
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Well hello by emokid1975
Well helloby YA🖤
Idk it's just something
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Chats by Rick-Prime
Chatsby Rick Sanchez
Just talking to people
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My Random book by AltheaMarieCatuncan
My Random bookby ●°•○Althea○•°●
[COMPLETE] [HIGHEST RANKING: #201 IN RANDOM] A book where I talk about stuff... share art... talk about games I play... school -._-. ...... and others! :D
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text me / JK by lovguks
text me / JKby KAT
a girl who's dumb enough to not realize she's texting her idol and not some random girl.
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frosted by fermatas
frostedby <3
&quot;why are you back again?&quot; &quot;donut worry about that.&quot; &quot;...&quot; &quot;...&quot; &quot;did you just-&quot; &quot;yup.&quot; #9 in shor...
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Besides Being Werewolves, They're Weird, Rude, Confusing, and Clingy by VersionTwoPointOh
Besides Being Werewolves, They' Alexis Harris
Alicia Lindros just wanted to make it through her Junior year, but never expected a Group--rather Pack--of boys to change her life completely until a twisted story and p...
  • sleeping
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Morningtides - A Video Blog by morningtides
Morningtides - A Video Blogby nicole bea
In which I share my favourite books, writing tips, and a random assortment of things about my life.
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In Love With A Sociopath by flowerwriter
In Love With A Sociopathby flowerwriter
Mary is new to Gladstone High school. And she meets who she thinks is the boy of her dreams. But is he keeping a deep secret? And what will the consequences be when she...
  • sociopath
  • suspense
  • murder
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THE RUBY TALK SHOW by jpbolt51
THE RUBY TALK SHOWby joshua rose
the title says it all
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  • rubyrose
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Just A Talk by kyu_199
Just A Talkby kyu_199
Searching for quotes? Or maybe just 'cakap kosong' .. Bacalah (ಥ ͜ʖಥ) C/P
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Entry 01001100 01101111 01101100 by -BorkieBork-
Entry 01001100 01101111 01101100by -BorkieBork-
This is going to be like a diary sort of. More like a daily entry than a diary. Tell how my day went how I feel etc. I have like mood swings so that's a thing. I may sou...
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