INSURGENT ▹ DESCENDANTS [✓] #Wattys2017 by -nohssi
INSURGENT ▹ DESCENDANTS [✓] #Watty... by ˗ˏˋ clustershit! ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
TALES  | | New edition.  by nyarozzayy
TALES | | New edition. by A R T I S T ✨🙌🏾 Fanfiction
This is a imagine book that have Short stories based of songs. It also have preferences and you can send in requests.
Sex Slave by FumiseLove
Sex Slave by Fumise Love Romance
18+/ Mature Scenes : Read at your own risk "What Dave and I have isn't something special. He just sees me as a toy that he can easily overuse and throw away." ...
THE DARKEST DANCE | 2017 by eclipsias
THE DARKEST DANCE | 2017 by genny Fantasy
❝DANCE FOR ME, WON'T YOU?❞ A ballerina dances for a bloodthirsty monster that lurks within the cursed theatre. [FAN - 175] eclipsias, 2017 --EXTENDED...
The Orginal Alpha by Sobriety_
Stories to Tell in the Dark by horror-queen
Stories to Tell in the Dark by Strange Horror
From folk lore, to games, this is Stories to tell in the dark. A series of scary stories with something new every Friday and Tuesday! Or whenever I feel like it. Feel f...
Saved by AdrienLeCinnamonRoll
Saved by Novah -- Author-Chan~ Fanfiction
After a desperate attempt to pull herself through depression, Marinette finds herself struggling to balance being a superhero and a student at the same time. Time for s...
Cinderella vs. Prince Charming by LaurenDMSmith
Cinderella vs. Prince Charming by Lauren Fantasy
Darren dropped the note addressed to the "Prince Charming wannabe" and announced "Well then Cinderella, I propose a game. If I win, you must come away wit...
Jamie Hook {Ever After High Fanfic} by DreamsxMoon
Jamie Hook {Ever After High Fanfic} by Hanna & Aria Fanfiction
Jamie Hook is the daughter of Captain Hook. Her strict mother sends her to Ever After High when she has to go overseas for the year. Its just Jamie's luck that she bump...
Legends Of The Lost Desert: Musa of Al-'Aqrab by Le_Muslim_MAN
Legends Of The Lost Desert: Musa o... by Abdullah Spiritual
Long ago, the Kingdom of The Lost Desert was a proud and noble empire, honored all throughout the lands. Peace and prosperity flourished for years, until greed and triba...
Best of Both Worlds {Watching Miraculous Ladybug} (Slow Updates) by Nessa_MissAnxious101
Best of Both Worlds {Watching Mira... by #Virgil&Nessa Fanfiction
It's time to watch Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Watch the reactions of the class!
Rue [Borderlands fanfiction] by gyeomans
Rue [Borderlands fanfiction] by salqhtiest Fanfiction
My name is Rue. Ex-Hyperion. I've been hiding out on Pandora for a while now since Jack... since Jack met his end. So you think that it wouldn't be difficult to avoid Hy...
Red Riding Hood by greekthief101
Red Riding Hood by 🍁Amelia🍁 Fantasy
*Completed* "Who are you?" He asked starring at the black midnight wolf that was snarling at him ready to kill. His sword and shield knock out of his hands and...
The Corrupted by lexxen
The Corrupted by Lexxen Fanfiction
Mikleo hears that there is malevolence nearby Elysia, he goes and checks it out but finds out a heartbreaking news
bang buddies😻👄// Anthony Trujillo  by frogfran36
bang buddies😻👄// Anthony Trujill... by frogfran36 Fanfiction
Kayla Byens is a popular youtuber, and gets asked to join Team 10. Everyone is super excited especially Anthony. See what happens when they fall in love....👅😍👄
Desert Son: Tales of Le_Muslim_MAN by Le_Muslim_MAN
Desert Son: Tales of Le_Muslim_MAN by Abdullah Non-Fiction
It was a cold, winter night out in the great desert. The winds were howling, the crescent moon rested high in the sky. Out in the dark and desolate desert, a new life ha...
The Spring Ball by Kingdom_of_Misfits
The Spring Ball by The Misfit Kingdom Fantasy
As the end of April nears, the kingdom prepares for the largest event of the year: the annual Spring Ball, attended by every nobleman and commoner within the kingdom's b...
He & She by beloved96
He & She by _Dreamer_ Short Story
#32 in short story ~ His & Her little conversations. I'm sure you gonna love it.. (Micro Tales) Happy Reading! @beloved96
My Kingdom for a Sorceress by LauraJosephsen
My Kingdom for a Sorceress by Laura Josephsen Fantasy
Prince Wenceslas would much rather be at home in his castle than wandering the world looking for enchanted princesses. Unfortunately, he has less than a month to fulfill...
Keep on Believing (Cinderella story) by MarieHiggins
Keep on Believing (Cinderella stor... by Marie Higgins Romance
*Another story in my "Where Dreams Come True" series. This one is a Cinderella story... Taking some of the family's jewels, Ella Spencer and her brother left t...