Allure by sofeeah_dee
Allure by Sophia D. Silveira
Mayra's at a standstill. Graduation is just around the corner, and she's stuck on the infamous question everyone just loves to ask: What will you do after college? The q...
  • bestfriends
  • romance
  • springbreak
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Drop Dead. Twice. by hundraprocent
Drop Dead. Twice. by hundraprocent
Dev is a virgo. Over-anaylzing is her specialty. Planning is her hobby. Consistency is her friend. One night of taking chances, playing games, and exploring her trust ch...
  • rocknroll
  • ourlastnight
  • longtermrelationship
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Taking Chances (Lauren/You) by CamilaIsABabe
Taking Chances (Lauren/You) by Kassidy
Lauren Jauregui your best friend, from Fifth harmony, comes back from tour, and you both start gaining feelings for each other
  • youfanfic
  • jauregui
  • lauren
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Taking Chances by aemanda
Taking Chances by Amanda
Life is all about taking chances even with the fear of failing. One never knows if they will fail or not if they don't actually take the chance. This is a story of a you...
  • english
  • love
  • fiction
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Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by KatherineForever_317
Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by Kat❤️
Have you ever dreamed of finding...the one? Of course you have, we all have. We hold on to that hope that there is an invisible string attached to our hearts that on th...
  • passion
  • whatshot
  • confession
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All in One Glimpse Trilogy Book 3: Songs of our Hearts by KimberlyLace
All in One Glimpse Trilogy Book 3:... by KimberlyLace
Bata pa lang si Aileen pangarap na niya ang maging international anchorwoman. Kaya big no no siya sa mga boys at sa relationship. Enter Miguel Salvador, isa sa dalawang...
  • romance
  • ldr
  • takingchances
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Im Not Just One Wolf , Im The Whole Damn Pack by MelissaMontgomery4
Im Not Just One Wolf , Im The Whol... by 梅丽莎
I hate getting treated like i'm nothing just because i am weak and different from everyone else...But soon ill figure out what I really am and will do anything to find m...
  • pack
  • takingchances
  • aplhafemale
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Little Lost Adelina by KrisDouglas3
Little Lost Adelina by KrisDouglas3
Little Adelina is a 17 year old chocolate track star beauty who has recently suffered a great loss and is ready to find her new future. Growing up in Chicago raised by a...
  • teen
  • chicago
  • lifejourney
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The Right Thing by rwnn_eda
The Right Thing by rwnn
Sometimes, the only thing needed is for someone to do the right thing, to do something that just feels right that no such thinking is even required. Story about a man w...
  • romance
  • relationship
  • generalfiction
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Something More by Queen_Tahne
Something More by Queen_Tahne
Howard Simms is a senior with one goal: getting his English teacher, Brooke Lewis, in his bed. He knows the risks but he doesn't plan on letting them stop him. Will she...
  • trevorjackson
  • studentteacher
  • temptation
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The Little Girl by Always_Hufflepuff
The Little Girl by Cheryl Thorson-Payne
"I have missed you so much." Harry whispered in his ear. "When you left I was heartbroken and so lost the only thing that carried me through was my little...
  • mpreg
  • harryxdraco
  • potter
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A Flame in the Water by lexthedino
A Flame in the Water by Lex
Valerie is faced with the challenge of overcoming her fear of drowning as she reluctantly joins a road trip with three of her close friends. The group of teenagers trave...
  • trip
  • ocean
  • beach
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Her Second Chance by TrixieToews
Her Second Chance by Trix Toews
Andrea is not your typical heroine. She's not model like, she's a normal person, some would call her chubby. But Andy, like anyone, has her dreams, aspirations and goals...
  • adamburish
  • chubby
  • chances
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A New Start by KrissyAsh
A New Start by KrissyAsh
Matthew Harrison or for short Matty used to live somewhere no one but Alice had ever seen. Centuries pass by when Matty decides to leave Wonderland behind. He desired...
  • romance
  • happyending
  • shortstory
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Take Chances ; Colby Brock by Strawblue_Is_Otp
Take Chances ; Colby Brock by NOW ØR NEVER
""Colby, you know Sam would kill you if he figured this out"" ""Hey, you said you wanted to take chances... so take a chance on me... on us...
  • love
  • samgolbach
  • eltoncastee
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Things to Do Before I Die by lovelybooks32
Things to Do Before I Die by LovelyBooks32
Shelly Carson loved her life. She had great friends and an amazing Mom. Her life was right on track. But then, Shelly gets diagnosed with leukemia. Suddenly, her life is...
  • family
  • london
  • gofish
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