Outcast by misspiggy88
Outcast by kaylea a cross Werewolf
Rejected. Banished. Outcast Remi's world is turned upside down when she is unexpectedly rejected by her mate. As a rejected wolf she now has no place in her pack and is...
Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by KatherineForever_317
Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by Kat❤️ Romance
Have you ever dreamed of finding...the one? Of course you have, we all have. We hold on to that hope that there is an invisible string attached to our hearts that on th...
Room 182 by lilacunicorn
Room 182 by gabriela Teen Fiction
Follow the journey of two local bands from a small town in North Carolina as they try to make it in the industry by compete in the music competition "Plugged-In L.A...
Things to Do Before I Die by lovelybooks32
Things to Do Before I Die by LovelyBooks32 Romance
Shelly Carson loved her life. She had great friends and an amazing Mom. Her life was right on track. But then, Shelly gets diagnosed with leukemia. Suddenly her life is...
Taking Chances (Lauren/You) by CamilaIsABabe
Taking Chances (Lauren/You) by Kassidy Fanfiction
Lauren Jauregui your best friend, from Fifth harmony, comes back from tour, and you both start gaining feelings for each other
My Guilty Pleasure  by justmine_luver_143_
My Guilty Pleasure by Ezabel Nena Romance
Meet Dani...Dani Marella. Your down-to-earth 17 year-old chick who rolls sass, sarcasm, and stubbornness into one. People believe her face to be one found on a magazine...
Allure by sofeeah_dee
Allure by Sophia D. Silveira ChickLit
Mayra's at a standstill. Graduation is just around the corner, and she's stuck on the infamous question everyone just loves to ask: What will you do after college? The q...
A New Start by KrissyAsh
A New Start by KrissyAsh Fanfiction
Matthew Harrison or for short Matty used to live somewhere no one but Alice had ever seen. Centuries pass by when Matty decides to leave Wonderland behind. He desired...
The Right Thing by rwnn_eda
The Right Thing by rwnn Short Story
Sometimes, the only thing needed is for someone to do the right thing, to do something that just feels right that no such thinking is even required. Story about a man w...
Chances are... by Angie1994
Chances are... by A.B.Soufi Romance
Celine always has a solution. Always. Everything has a solution and is fixable. Working as a biochemist, it comes with the territory. She avoided relationships her whole...