Convict 》Sykes by 5_Seconds_Of_Mikey
Convict 》Sykes by Michael Clifford Fanfiction
"I've killed people before" "I know" "I could kill you" "You wont" "I'm not good for you" "I don't care" &quo...
These secrets will kill us Oliver Sykes by never_regret
These secrets will kill us Oliver... by never_regret Fanfiction
Veronica, a young woman who is officially off the rails, with her life consisting of extreme partying, drugs, sex and any other petty crime. When Oliver unexpectedly see...
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferences by xsykosx
Nathan Sykes Imagines/Preferences by Lauren ☕️ Teen Fiction
Themes on the person we all love..<3
Oliver Sykes imagines by KaylaPangilinan
Oliver Sykes imagines by I've been snatched Fanfiction
Oliver Sykes Imagines. I can take requests just DM me or leave your request as a comment ^o^ Comment and Vote please!
"Oi!" An Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction by ElizabethGiardin
"Oi!" An Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction by Liz Fanfiction
On the outside, Alice Hamilton appears flirty and bubbly but once you brake her shell, there's a haunting past and horrific scars. When a rocky train ride turns into a c...
How To Be A Gentleman - Fransykes [boyxboy] by suckmyviclikekellin
How To Be A Gentleman - Fransykes... by booper dooper Fanfiction
Josh Franceschi is the biggest "player" their high school has ever seen. It doesn't matter if boy or girl, younger or older - Josh wants something, he gets it...
Her Sempiternal (Sequel to Oliver's Smile) by amillionthings
Her Sempiternal (Sequel to Oliver'... by amillionthings Fanfiction
Brodie and Oli have been separated for six months. Brodie's been trying to get on with her life back in America. She had a job, a new apartment, and she seems to be doin...
Pierce The Veil Fanfic (Tony Perry) by lizziebethgreen
Pierce The Veil Fanfic (Tony Perry) by elizabeth Fanfiction
It's the first year Pierce The Veil is playing at Warped. They meet the band Your Twisted Consequence, and Tony can't get enough of the lead singer Tamara Jones. Tamara...
Nathan Sykes FanFic: Best Friends Since Childhood by NewYork_AfterDark
Nathan Sykes FanFic: Best Friends... by NewYork_AfterDark Fanfiction
Isabella Roberts and Nathan Sykes have been best friends since they were in nappies, living next door to each other and their parents being such good friends it wasn't a...
A Lost Cause (Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction) by sempxternal
Alpha King's Wifey by Ezmiza
Alpha King's Wifey by Ezmiza Werewolf
Addison Theo, a normal 20 year old werewolf, never lost hope in finding her mate. She believed her case was one of the rare ones. With a little smile and a lot of determ...
Small Bump || Nathan Sykes by xBabyNathx
Small Bump || Nathan Sykes by ☺️ Fanfiction
Eliza Grace Edwards is a famous comedian YouTube girl and photographer. Eliza is pretty much a laid back girls and just goes with the flow. On Eliza's nineteen birthday...
more than a stepbrother » n.s (old) by Jasarella
more than a stepbrother » n.s (old) by Jas Fanfiction
Book one of the Eleanor and Nathan series.
How I Was Saved // Oliver Sykes by cammyraee
How I Was Saved // Oliver Sykes by cammyraee Fanfiction
Seventeen year old Lena Shaw thinks she's just a plain-Jane in a shitty world. Oliver changes that by whisking her away from her abusive boyfriend and providing her with...
We Always Attract *Sequel* (Nathan Sykes Fanfiction) by Beckyf_tw
We Always Attract *Sequel* (Nathan... by Beckyf_tw Fanfiction
Maybe he wouldn't even recognise me; I mean, two years can be a long time. As he and his band mate made their way over to where we were sitting, those gorgeous green e...
Adopted by The Warped Tour?! by iindiiviisiibiiliity
Adopted by The Warped Tour?! by Lee Diehl Fanfiction
What happens when Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon adopts a fifteen year old orphan and all of Warped Tour falls head over heels in love with the lanky, awkward teenage...
Secret Relationship by xWritingFictionx
Secret Relationship by xWritingFictionx Fanfiction
Allie was a smart girl but she would do anything for him and he would do the same. She would be at school while he would be halfway across the world touring. They had d...
The Seven Day Deal (BVB FF) by Kaisa-Chan
The Seven Day Deal (BVB FF) by Kaisa-Chan Fanfiction
“You give me one week to pull out all of the stops and get you to kiss me and mean it. If I get you to kiss with me before or by the time the week is up you seriously gi...
Moving to Chicago by astridsyko
Moving to Chicago by Damnolithatnosetho Fanfiction
Astrid leaves her country and goes to Chicago with her parents. She has a hot and loving boyfriend. She meets Carl. Will they be just friends? But she also meets the who...
Show Me Love (Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande) by BetterInBlack16
Show Me Love (Nathan Sykes and Ari... by *{Therese}* Fanfiction
In the months they'be known each other, Ariana and Nathan have been growing closer and closer to each other. Ariana has been denying her feelings for Nathan to keep Jai...