Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed) ✔️ by LexusRat
Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Seq... by Mouse
This is the promised sequel for Class Dismissed so if you haven't read that, go do that first. Chelsea could not have been happier with how her life had turned out... S...
  • love
  • drama
  • class
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Drop Dead (Oliver Sykes/Bring Me The Horizon) *COMPLETED* #wattys2016 by mediagirl94
Drop Dead (Oliver Sykes/Bring Me T... by Beth Robinson
*COMPLETED* Kara and Oli use to be best friends, until Oli met Hannah in high school and along with the rest of the band made Kara's life hell...That was 11 years ago an...
  • mattewnicholls
  • highschool
  • oli
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These secrets will kill us Oliver Sykes by never_regret
These secrets will kill us Oliver... by never_regret
Veronica, a young woman who is officially off the rails, with her life consisting of extreme partying, drugs, sex and any other petty crime. When Oliver unexpectedly see...
  • mike
  • perry
  • jaime
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Convict 》Sykes by 5_Seconds_Of_Mikey
Convict 》Sykes by Michael Clifford
"I've killed people before" "I know" "I could kill you" "You wont" "I'm not good for you" "I don't care" &quo...
  • sykes
  • prison
  • nathan
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Deathbeds by NotBeatifullyBroken
Deathbeds by NotBeatifullyBroken
Coraline Rose Jett is just an average 24 year old girl wanting nothing more to be wanted. But what if she's wanted too much? And what big surprises will happen with Lee...
  • bmth
  • oli
  • oliver
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Adopted by: Bring Me The Horizon by gabriellesykes
Adopted by: Bring Me The Horizon by gabriellesykes
Dawn Hunters had a great child hood. She had the best parents, great friends. On July 1st her father was gone. Her mom said he left them at 2:00 A.M. Since then everyth...
  • oliver
  • sykes
  • matt
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"Oi!" An Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction by ElizabethGiardin
"Oi!" An Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction by Liz
On the outside, Alice Hamilton appears flirty and bubbly but once you brake her shell, there's a haunting past and horrific scars. When a rocky train ride turns into a c...
  • teen
  • fan
  • fiction
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I'm the Alpha's mate?(BoyXboy,1D fanfic) {book 1-3} by delicatesuga
I'm the Alpha's mate?(BoyXboy,1D f... by -
Niall's life is not really a good one or a bad one.ever since he came out to his family he got ignored or beaten by his parents.his older brother Louis supports him and...
  • louis
  • liam
  • horan
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The Wanted Imagines by 1DTW_Imagines2
The Wanted Imagines by 1DTW_Imagines2
Here's all our The Wanted imagines and oneshots from our twitter @1dtw_imagines . If you want an imagine or a oneshot just leave a comment and include your name , who yo...
  • sykes
  • george
  • niall
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A Lost Cause (Oliver Sykes Fan Fiction) by sempxternal
Book one of the Eleanor and Nathan series.
  • nathan
  • sykes
Destination Unknown (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Destination Unknown (Vic Fuentes)... by Mouse
On a sunny California morning in late November, flight DL1408 gets ready to start its journey to the beloved and cultural Tokyo, Japan. 180 passengers are on this flight...
  • tyler
  • franceschi
  • alex
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Confused And In Love// oliver sykes by blink-syd
Confused And In Love// oliver sykes by im syd
Lucy Middle was the perfect girl in Oliver's hard life. She made him feel something he never felt and they were only best friends. Until something changed and everything...
  • oliver
  • young
  • happiness
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We Always Attract *Sequel* (Nathan Sykes Fanfiction) by Beckyf_tw
We Always Attract *Sequel* (Nathan... by Becky
Maybe he wouldn't even recognise me; I mean, two years can be a long time. As he and his band mate made their way over to where we were sitting, those gorgeous green e...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • nathan-sykes
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Please Come Back Home (Nathan Sykes Fanfic) by gownsgirltw
Please Come Back Home (Nathan Syke... by Bryn
Sophia is a normal teenage girl... well maybe not so normal. For her eighteenth birthday she takes her friends off to London, but what happens when she wakes up somewher...
  • sykes
  • travel
  • nathan
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Denial [ n.s ] by douhnuts
Denial [ n.s ] by s.h ♡
"i love you, i always will, but love isn't pain," - daughter of divorced parents, Sawyer Lea Scott goes from Los Angeles to across the pond ever year, durin...
  • njs
  • fanfiction
  • james
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Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver Sykes by RecklessMartinez
Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver... by Mae
Amelia Taylor was a normal girl living in Australia until she met, him. Oliver Sykes, a cocky, rude, arrogant boy who teases Amelia every chance he gets. Once Oli moves...
  • snowdon
  • oliver
  • barakat
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Catfish(Koli BxB) by FloralAsher
Catfish(Koli BxB) by Asher
Kellin is a mute and a tumblr King. He runs the most successful aesthetic blog on tumblr. Kellin's never mentions anything personal. One day, Oli finds his blog and mess...
  • oli
  • gay
  • kellinquinn
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*Oliver's Smile (Oliver Sykes Fan-Fic) Slow Edits by amillionthings
*Oliver's Smile (Oliver Sykes Fan... by amillionthings
"Don't go, I can't do this on my own..." As Brodie and her best friend prepare for a trip to England, she never expects to find love, and when she does, she ne...
  • cameron
  • sykes
  • danny
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You're Hurting Me From Inside Of My Head- Nathan Sykes vampire fanfic by TWSOSLaura
You're Hurting Me From Inside Of M... by Lott
Lili and Nathan have been best friends since birth, they were inseparable. One day, Nathan was acting differently, distancing himself from her and then he left to join a...
  • romance
  • sykes
  • thewanted
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