Foxtails and Fairytales: Reckless Adventures in Another World by NathanielWilhelm
Foxtails and Fairytales: Reckless...by NathanielWilhelm
A tragic 17 year old boy dies as just another number in a massacre. He wakes up reborn as a baby with a fox tail and ears. Born in a world of swords and magic the youth...
  • wolfgirl
  • fantasy
  • fox
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The Shadow Watch (excerpt of the published novel) by SAKlopfenstein
The Shadow Watch (excerpt of the p...by S. A. Klopfenstein
For centuries, the Oshan Empire has ruled the New World with terror and blood. The Watchers have been eradicated, and their sorcery is but a whispered myth. But the hear...
  • gameofthrones
  • love
  • assassin
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The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The Shadow Watch) by SAKlopfenstein
The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The...by S. A. Klopfenstein
The Shadow Watch has been undone. Most of the surviving Watchers lie in the dungeons of the White Citadel, their blood providing more and more power to the Chancellor. M...
  • monsters
  • heroine
  • swordandsorcery
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Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono (Volume 1) by KeanuOrdonez
Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono (Volume 1)by Keanu Ordonez
Seto Yu is a deprived, 12 years old boy. His life was one of being constantly deprived from by others. Because his step-father had a large amount of debt, his life was f...
  • adventure
  • demons
  • deprived
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Returning Home by Venrino
Returning Homeby venven
Born and raised into becoming the world's strongest hero, died from betrayal, then reincarnated into another world. Now...summoned into another world, a world that our...
  • dwarves
  • demons
  • transmigration
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Engraved - The Hunted Warrior by YVQualls
Engraved - The Hunted Warriorby Y. V. Qualls
When Alam promises a dying priest that he will return a sealed box to it's true owner he unwittingly puts himself in the center of world shaking events beyond his abilit...
  • action-adventure
  • mongolia
  • featured
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Princess Knight by LotsChrono
Princess Knightby Samspd71
Having lost her parents to an unfortunate accident, which led her to live with a bastard of an uncle, Maria takes her own life out of despair. However, God pitied her an...
  • adventure
  • action
  • swordandsorcery
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Rebirth Of The Peerless Physicist To A Different World by kofhart
Rebirth Of The Peerless Physicist...by kofhart
An introvert scientist who had everything he has stolen by the greed of mankind died leaving a terrifying gift for humanity but he had never expected that he will have a...
  • weapons
  • noble
  • action
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Blood Rider (Riders of Alonia #1) by NumberFourTheNumber
Blood Rider (Riders of Alonia #1)by Snowatic
Alonia, a world divided into two kingdoms, those of elves, and those of humans, is a mysterious land, with many dangers. Among humans, some lucky individuals were born...
  • dragons
  • swordandsorcery
  • epic
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The Golden Princess and the Demon Prince by MorganMorrow333
The Golden Princess and the Demon...by Morgan Morrow
A girl on a quest for revenge crosses paths with a samurai feared for his demonic crimson eyes and deadly skills with a blade, they are swept up on an adventure that ta...
  • eventualromance
  • swordandsorcery
  • strong-heroine
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How To Write a Fight or Battle Scene by TheOrangutan
How To Write a Fight or Battle Sce...by Gavin Wilson
YOU WANNA FIGHT? FIGHT ME! Or we could have a cup of tea and a biscuit if you prefer. Ever found it hard to get to grips with how to put together a fight scene, or a bat...
  • howtowrite
  • fight
  • write
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Valkyrie by MiloMaia
Valkyrieby Milo Maia
Brünhilde, daughter to the storm god Venn, is born to die. Through the combination of a family curse and her father's godsblood, she becomes a Valkyrie: a woman fated to...
  • war
  • viking
  • norse
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The Hollow Grove: A Companions Story [Book II] by matthewbrownstories
The Hollow Grove: A Companions Sto...by Matthew Brown
Haygen, the soft-hearted barbarian, is on a quest to find his Druid mother. His three companions wouldn't dare let him travel to the Far East alone. The eastern lands...
  • highfantasy
  • elves
  • action
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Just Good Friends With The Dragon by CynkNapp
Just Good Friends With The Dragonby CynkNapp
Life sometimes has unexpected turns. A normal guy meets someone quite unusual.
  • newadult
  • humor
  • dragon
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Two Worlds, One Goal, A Terraria Fanfiction by KeyRex
Two Worlds, One Goal, A Terraria F...by KeyRex
Disclaimer: Terraria belongs to 505 games, so please support the official release. Also many of the pictures seen in this book does not belong to me. This book is based...
  • bombs
  • money
  • skeleton
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I Got Transferred to Another World Where I Became A King  And Got Myself A Harem by SameerArcadia
I Got Transferred to Another World...by SameerArcadia
I am Sam . I am an otaku and I am proud to say that . I love Isekai novels where Hero told to slay Demon King and lets himself a Harem like elf, cat girls , dwarfs ,prin...
  • hero
  • romance
  • games
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The Unknown Alchemist by Zephomix
The Unknown Alchemistby Zephomix
Avery had lived alone in the Cabin her entire life; she just didn't know how long that was. Her only comfort: an enchanted library that gave her a window the world outsi...
  • romance
  • battle
  • magic
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The Weak Link by gmlzach
The Weak Linkby jene
⚠ WARNING! This story contains suggestive content and rough language. Please do not read if you are under thirteen or easily offended. This story was written in good...
  • fae
  • assassin
  • fairy
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The Overlord by Nekoime8671
The Overlordby Nekoime
A 16 year old boy named Valin Rakt goes to magical school called Flaron High School. Everyone else in the school has magical abilities, but not Valin. When the teacher t...
  • magic
  • fantasyadventure
  • action-adventure
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The Whispering Woods: A Companions Story [Book I] by matthewbrownstories
The Whispering Woods: A Companions...by Matthew Brown
Ten years have passed since darkness cloaked the Whispering Woods. Madness awaits all who enter. Tamberlain. A small trading town on the border of the woods scrapes...
  • faerie
  • featured
  • swordandsorcery
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