The Book of Secrets by nightwraith17
The Book of Secretsby nightwraith17
Cover by @galaxydragons_51 Book one in the Seventh Realm trilogy. When Gabriel smuggles home an item from the restricted section of the bookshop, he has no idea that i...
  • swordandsorcery
  • magic
  • speculative
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Dead Dragon's Combat Manual  by Love4NovelGuy
Dead Dragon's Combat Manual by This ain't my final form!
After dying by his master's hand, Alex crosses the void and finds himself in the body of the young master of the Fang Clan, also known as the waste of the Clan born with...
  • cultivation
  • swordandsorcery
  • fantasy
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The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The Shadow Watch) by SAKlopfenstein
The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The...by S. A. Klopfenstein
The Shadow Watch has been undone. Most of the surviving Watchers lie in the dungeons of the White Citadel, their blood providing more and more power to the Chancellor. M...
  • teenfiction
  • darkfantasy
  • love
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Beyond Legend (Book 1): The Unbreakable Kingdom by Thomas-LF
Beyond Legend (Book 1): The Unbrea...by Thomas-LF
All her life, Ailith Natia has dreamed of becoming a Knight. However, born without noble blood, and with a family name that means nothing, she fears that it will remain...
  • legend
  • steampunk
  • undiscovered
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Desert Knight (Desert Thorn #4) by elphadora
Desert Knight (Desert Thorn #4)by Gone Forever
For the better part of three years, the war has raged on with no end in sight. But Ilana knows the end is here. One way or another, the world must decide which way it wi...
  • swordandsorcery
  • knight
  • battle
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Arcadia's Ignoble Knight Arcs 3 & 4 by BrandonVarnell
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight Arcs 3 & 4by Brandon Varnell
Caspian has fulfilled his promise. He and Elincia have bonded and become more than the sum of their individual parts. Now their days are filled with endless bliss. Too b...
  • elves
  • manga
  • dwarves
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Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono (Volume 1) by KeanuOrdonez
Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono (Volume 1)by Keanu Ordonez
Seto Yu is a deprived, 12 years old boy. His life was one of being constantly deprived from by others. Because his step-father had a large amount of debt, his life was f...
  • manga
  • harem
  • tragedy
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Cambion by StevieCollier
Cambionby Stevie Collier
A boy is born through sacrilege. A pastor for a mother. A demon for a father. The devil wanted a son, and, using his evil trickery, was able to obtain one while simultan...
  • fantasy
  • darkfantasy
  • blackbutler
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Terres by VioletSun5
Terresby Violet Sun
Wren is afraid of marked ones. Their steely demeanors and the wings on their backs send a cold shiver down her spine. She knows they don't have it easy. The very lucky o...
  • swordsandsorcery
  • fantasy
  • drama
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Siggi by MiloMaia
Siggiby Milo Maia
Chronicled within, the life and deeds of Siggi the Sly Wolf, who for want of immortality near cleaved the world in two. A decade past her prime, barren of womb and fame...
  • adultfiction
  • opennovellacontest
  • grownupreads
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The Wandering Witch VOL. 1 - The Prelude Arc [COMPLETED] by lastwill-
The Wandering Witch VOL. 1 - The P...by W△llen
In the medieval continent of Terrall, the existence of witches and wizards are rare. Feared and persecuted by some while revered and glorified by others, most of them ch...
  • dark
  • witch
  • wizard
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The Whispering Woods: A Companions Story [Book I] by matthewbrownstories
The Whispering Woods: A Companions...by Matthew Brown
Ten years have passed since darkness cloaked the Whispering Woods. Madness awaits all who enter. Tamberlain. A small trading town on the border of the woods scrapes...
  • fantasy
  • elves
  • necromancer
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The Dragon Scale Lute (New 1st Person Version) by JCKang
The Dragon Scale Lute (New 1st Per...by JCKang
THIS STORY WILL BE TAKEN DOWN AFTER SEPT 12. THE THIRD PERSON VERSION WILL STILL AVAILABLE. The Empire of Cathay teeters on the brink of rebellion, and only the lost ma...
  • xianxia
  • diverse
  • wuxia
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The Golden Princess and the Demon Prince by MorganMorrow333
The Golden Princess and the Demon...by MorganMorrow333
A girl on a quest for revenge crosses paths with a samurai feared for his demonic crimson eyes and deadly skills with a blade, they are swept up on an adventure that ta...
  • fantasyadventure
  • onimenokyo
  • maletsundere
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Two Worlds, One Goal, A Terraria Fanfiction by KeyRex
Two Worlds, One Goal, A Terraria F...by KeyRex
Disclaimer: Terraria belongs to 505 games, so please support the official release. Also many of the pictures seen in this book does not belong to me. This book is based...
  • adventure
  • skeleton
  • zombies
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A New Storybook by HeatherMalice
A New Storybookby SoulSiblingsForever!
One man unsuspectingly created a whole new world from his imagination. All his book characters living in it experienced peace and prosperity for generations. But as hum...
  • princess
  • heartbreak
  • prince
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The Lord of Embers by PensiveSteps
The Lord of Embersby PensiveSteps
By chance or design, a young man becomes the inheritor of an ancient legacy thought lost to time. In a world cursed by the evercold, a single ember is sparked into exist...
  • kingship
  • spells
  • darkfantasy
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The Eye of Wysaerie by KeithHendricks
The Eye of Wysaerieby Keith Hendricks
A monster apocalypse is coming to the Kingdom of Vanoor. While the Vanoori desperately need mighty heroes to combat this threat, whom they get instead are the shopkeeper...
  • magic
  • monsters
  • adventure
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Broken Divide by BreachWarden
Broken Divideby BreachWarden
Wizards left the kingdoms centuries ago. Now they've returned, and resume their war. Worse threats push from beyond the Divide, intent on destroying the final world. Awe...
  • fiction
  • epicfantasy
  • drama
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The Crimson Prince: Kings Blood by JeffNord
The Crimson Prince: Kings Bloodby Jeff Nord
A month has passed since the resurrection of Maya and Jake's betrayal. The newly gifted Bianca and Leo struggle to get a handle on their new gifts. Having seen the st...
  • medieval
  • magic
  • flameprince
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