Sorority Sisters(*****ON HOLD) by Oji10314
Sorority Sisters(*****ON HOLD)by Rita Oji
This story is about an 18 years old college student named Lacey James. Lacey comes from a single parent household. One night, she attends a college party there she was...
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"She bad" by shawniemendessss_
"She bad"by Shawns_Bae
Bare with me this is my first story lol. Kendall is a girl who gets raped at a party and the one and only Shawn mendes is there to help her through everything she hasn't...
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Sweet/Vicious FANFIC by jenmariewilde
Sweet/Vicious FANFICby Jen Wilde
In this S/V fanfic, the ass-kicking continues! With the new Sweet/Vicious forum open and flooded with posts, Jules and Ophelia have to sleuth faster and fight harder to...
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Sweet/Vicious - Joshler AU by hallelujahjoshler
Sweet/Vicious - Joshler AUby maggie
"I fight for those who are too afraid to speak up for themselves. I'm a vigilante." "Oh so like...like Batman?" "Yeah, like Batman. Wanna be my...
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