زواج الجحيم ✔ by sooselfish
زواج الجحيم ✔ by sal elfish Fanfiction
احبكِ حد الجنون.. ♡ اكرهك بضعف حبك لي.. بيون بيكهيون & بارك جيون مكتمله√ بدأت: 21/6/2017 انتهت:4/8/2017
The Prankster's Comeback  by hunchantress
The Prankster's Comeback by cherry. Fanfiction
Better start counting for your last laugh because she's back for more. Get ready for.... THE PRANKSTER'S COMEBACK [ EXO's Prankster Princess Book 2 : The Prankster's Com...
Athena Academy: _School of Gifted_ by ScarletHeart328
Athena Academy: _School of Gifted_ by 🌺U.M.B🎀 Fantasy
A School full of Extraordinary People or Students who have special Abilities. Where people need to learn about themselves and discover their own powers. This is the tale...
You are My Alter ego 💞 👭 💕  by Eunyeon89Taeny
You are My Alter ego 💞 👭 💕 by May Yan (Zhang Yu Xiang) Fanfiction
Taeny 💞 ပထမဆံုးမို႔ အမွားပါရင္​ ဝန္​တာမိ ☺ Thz ya!
My Kpop Idol Boyfriend by wmorales159
My Kpop Idol Boyfriend by wmorales159 Romance
You hate your mom for making you guys leave California to Seoul, Korea. Two years after your parents divorce, your mom got remarried to a man who has a daughter who is o...
URI SUZY by lkuzksy
URI SUZY by Kim. L Fanfiction
"kode pemrograman aja gue hatam, Apalagi kodenya cewe" "bisnis aja aku urus telaten, Apalagi hubungan sm kamu" "Ngobatin luka lu...
MTMQ [3] : The Legendary Mafia Queen by soflorainneee
MTMQ [3] : The Legendary Mafia Que... by Peek-A-Boo Action
{ Meet The Mafia Queen; book 3 } "Don't you dare mess up with me. Because if you do? You'll face death." > This is a work of fiction names, characters, bus...
(END) -Chap 37 & 40 <ENDING> Private- Kenapa harus ada jarak yang jauh ketika aku mulai terbiasa denganmu? OSH x LSM (오세훈 & 리사) [Mei 2017 一 September 2017]
The Long Lost Princess (On-hold) by pinkygirl224
The Long Lost Princess (On-hold) by 💕Yeshal Gon💕 Fantasy
She is the one and only no one can rephrase her with her kindness and pure heart she is the lo...
My Answer(Exo Baekhyun FF) by jadaautumn
My Answer(Exo Baekhyun FF) by #ExoSavedMyEdges Random
Suzy is the pretty girl next door from Baekhyun. And since there younger days in elementary school. They've always had a tight bond. And in Baekhyuns eyes they couldn't...
[OG] you're mine ❄ 18+ {•jnghobie } by minswag-
[OG] you're mine ❄ 18+ {•jnghobie } by . Random
Mäincast🌹 Jeon nara Junghoseok _______________________________________ "Ke..kenapa aw..awak buat saya mcm ni ? " - jeon nara ❄ ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ "...
He's A She? by JTAEK808
He's A She? by JTAE.K Fanfiction
Eunyeon Myanmar Fanfic (G x G ) My Second Translation ^^ Story From AFF Original author - choiki
Personal Maid (Sehun FF) by taekookjin30
Personal Maid (Sehun FF) by ordinary Fanfiction
Here i am, working as a personal maid for my senior, Oh Sehun...
ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved You  by haru5901
ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved You by novels for you Fanfiction
الىواية عن دونج هي و باي سوزي و تحكي عن حياة زوجية البطل: د ونج هي البطلة: سوزي نوع الرواية: رومنسي شوي منحرف و كوميدي عدد البارتات: غير معروف تأليف: H.I.S
Game Grumps One Shots by Hella_Spoopy_Trash
Game Grumps One Shots by 🎃👻💀Desirée💀👻🎃 Fanfiction
I Don't Have Enough tag space in my other one shot book so this is to help me with tagging. This will include (in both male, female and neutral if recommended): Danny Se...
The Hila-Bride by msdreamer02
The Hila-Bride by msdreamer02 Fanfiction
Part I: " Hindi na lang sana ako nagpahila at pumayag e di sana hindi ako nasasaktan ng ganito " -- Lucy Perez- Imperial Part II: &quo...
Bukan cerita cinderella ataupun drama boys before flowers. Dimana pemeran utama dengan dua background yang sangat berbeda saling jatuh cinta. ROYAL FAMILY'S ROMANCE. Ad...
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED by taeyeondiary
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMP... by Bree Fanfiction
Byun Baekhyun is a typical playboy who plays with girls' feelings. He thought that the rain only brings bad luck, until he met her. Kim Taeyeon, who dreams of being a...
[C]My Arrogant Husband | 박지민  by taekooks_
[C]My Arrogant Husband | 박지민 by 방탄소년단 💞✔ Fanfiction
" Kahwin Kontrak 2 tahun setuju? Tapi kalau aku jatuh cinta dekat kau ak takkan lepaskan kau " -Park Jimin- " Setuju! Takkan aku sesekali jatuh cinta...
A Child in Soul (Danny x Reader) by AlkalineSoul
A Child in Soul (Danny x Reader) by AlkalineSoul Fanfiction
After Reader and Danny return from New Zealand from the honeymoon they begin to move into a new house and start their next journey of life being married and a family. ==...