Hidden Face by wtf_fanfics
Hidden Faceby wtf_fanfics
Choi Eun Ri a beautiful girl but she chose to hide herself using geeky glasses because she doesn't like to interact with people besides her best friend Shin Rae Mi she i...
  • yugyeom
  • kara
  • chorong
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(END) -Chap 37 & 40 <ENDING> Private- Kenapa harus ada jarak yang jauh ketika aku mulai terbiasa denganmu? OSH x LSM (오세훈 & 리사) [Mei 2017 一 September 2017]
  • sehun
  • kai
  • selisa
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In Between ; JinJi by iridescentdays
In Between ; JinJiby Ash
Park Jinyoung is a college student working part-time as a Kindergarten teacher. Fresh from a break-up, he manages to stumble upon a down-to-earth Kim Jisoo who's been ra...
  • jinzy
  • alternateuniverse
  • cute
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My New Boss Is My Husband by JamilaAlfiyah
My New Boss Is My Husbandby Jemz baekhyunie
(PROSES PENERBITAN ) Cast: - Bae Suzy - Byun Baekhyun - Nayeong - Kim Myungso Other cast: - Xi Luhan - Yoon Bomi - Yoon Jo - Park Chanyol - DO kyungso as Bae...
  • indonesia
  • generalfiction
  • baekhyunsuzy
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A Child in Soul (Danny x Reader) by AlkalineSoul
A Child in Soul (Danny x Reader)by AlkalineSoul
After Reader and Danny return from New Zealand from the honeymoon they begin to move into a new house and start their next journey of life being married and a family. ==...
  • danavidan
  • danny
  • ross
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A Child At Heart (Danny x Reader) by AlkalineSoul
A Child At Heart (Danny x Reader)by AlkalineSoul
Reader and Danny had history, going back all the way to their childhood and growing up together. As the years went by for one reason or another they somehow grew apart u...
  • matt
  • gamegrumps
  • ross
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100 Days With Mr. Jungkook (Editing|Revising) by pizzamints
100 Days With Mr. Jungkook ( Percy
"Damn you! Let me go, you jerk!" "You're cute, I like you." April 2014 All Rights Reserved
  • completed
  • suga
  • taehyung
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زواج الجحيم ✔ by sooselfish
زواج الجحيم ✔by løvëfišh-hãë
احبكِ حد الجنون.. ♡ اكرهك بضعف حبك لي.. بيون بيكهيون & بارك جيون مكتمله√ بدأت: 21/6/2017 انتهت:4/8/2017
  • exo
  • sehun
  • jiyeon
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The Impossible Girl (COMPLETED) by Meishah22
The Impossible Girl (COMPLETED)by Meishah Lee
Date Completed: November 25,2016 First Published: January 22,2015 Book cover: Made by me. (@Meishah22) Genre: Humor, School, Friendship, Romance Camellia Jessy Gonzales...
  • jaedara
  • richkid
  • humor
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KOS-AN 103M by rosaliaaocha
KOS-AN 103Mby rosaliaaocha
Kosan 103 M Kos-an khusus untuk laki-laki. Tak ada banyak kamar di rumah yang cukup besar ini. Rumah yang terbilang mewah namun dengan harga terjangkau asal menaati atur...
  • comedy
  • minhyuk
  • series
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He's A She? by JTAEK808
He's A She?by JTAE.K
Eunyeon Myanmar Fanfic (G x G ) My Second Translation ^^ Story From AFF Original author - choiki
  • eunyeon
  • jiyeon
  • boram
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Love || Mark Tuan  by bleachyeol
Love || Mark Tuan by ジャック
"사랑해" "널 사랑하지 않아 사랑해요 싢어요" "I Love You" "I don't love you , I don't want to" DISCONTINUED 15/11/2017
  • somi
  • ioi
  • jackson
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زواج الجحيم (2) by sooselfish
زواج الجحيم (2)by løvëfišh-hãë
لماذا تشعر بالحزن اليس هو من عذبها اليس هو من قتل طفليها اليس هو من دمر حياتها لماذا تبكي واللعنه "لمااذا تفعل هذا بي حتى وانت ميت تعذبني لماذا تستمر في تدمير حياتي...
  • yoona
  • tara
  • bts
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Can't you be mine? by idontknow_0511
Can't you be mine?by Idontknow_0511
Joy loves his bestfriend sungjae, but suddenly her sister camed out of nowhere, where it turns her bestfriend (sungjae) is in love with my sister (suzy). Would she able...
  • yook
  • baesuzy
  • parksooyoung
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Athena Academy: School of Gifted by ScarletHeart328
Athena Academy: School of Giftedby bt-swag
A School full of Extraordinary People or Students who have special Abilities. Where people need to learn about themselves and discover their own powers. This is the tale...
  • powers
  • suzy
  • bestfriend
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My Kpop Idol Boyfriend by wmorales159
My Kpop Idol Boyfriendby Wendy
You hate your mom for making you guys leave California to Seoul, Korea. Two years after your parents divorce, your mom got remarried to a man who has a daughter who is o...
  • missa
  • shinee
  • girlgeneration
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Married to a heartthrob  by taetae_mariano
Married to a heartthrob by Taetaelove
Kyla Joy Sanchez, isang nerd na kinadidirihan ng lahat, pero isa syang matalino, mabait, at higit sa lahat pala kaibigan. Buti na lang may ka isa-isang syang kaibigan na...
  • teenfiction
  • jungkook
  • married
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Awkward.. ( Danny Sexbang x reader ) by DeltaStories
Awkward.. ( Danny Sexbang x Delta
"I...uh. H-hi I'm, um, I'm Y/N. I guess..." It was always that way, nervous, awkward, scared. Not with HIM though... - Being an old friend of Arin's, he welco...
  • barry
  • danielavidan
  • gamegrumps
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ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved You *(مكتملة)* by haru5901
ضننتني احبك_ I Thought I Loved novels for you
الىواية عن دونج هي و باي سوزي و تحكي عن حياة زوجية البطل: د ونج هي البطلة: سوزي نوع الرواية: رومنسي شوي منحرف و كوميدي عدد البارتات: غير معروف تأليف: minah
  • suzy
  • novel
  • كورية
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