lapping at eyelids by RickNeale
lapping at eyelids by Rick Neale
embroider my throat with maps to your eyes. | hr #18 | featured in the wattpad poetry profile's reading lists
  • softgrunge
  • dreams
  • scifi
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re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel ; Completed by lastwill-
re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel ;... by W△llen
「 Can you teach me how to be happy? 」 Fujiwara Ao has been living the past nineteen years of his life in ease. Born with the ideal background and blessed with...
  • cpn
  • surrealism
  • deaf
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Sick Rhapsody || Story of the Youth of a Loner, or almost by tenderlyterrifying
Sick Rhapsody || Story of the Yout... by xvii
Rhapsody /ˈrapsədi/ noun 1. an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. "rhapsodies of praise" 2. (in ancient Greece) an epic poem, or part o...
  • surrealism
  • bts
  • ill
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Javier by AguzSaddest
Javier by AguzSaddest
Drogas y surrealismo.
  • drogas
  • addicion
  • argentina
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Portfolio of Work by onetiredboy
Portfolio of Work by someone get me a coffee
Gotta get something out there, am I right? This is for oneshots mostly. Previews to bigger projects I'm working on. Etc.
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • oneshot
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Druid Galaxy by LazyMystery
Druid Galaxy by LazyMystery
Pathetic. Druid wars? I'm definitely not a druid. How the hell am I meant to be a druid from - get this - druid galaxy if I've lived my entire life on earth? ~Ever wond...
  • galaxy
  • elements
  • fantasy
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Manos de cuchillos by donthavefun
Manos de cuchillos by Aiden G. R.
Historia experimental comenzada para ampliar mis horizontes y ocupar mi tiempo de ocio con algo que se me hace divertido de escribir. No reviso lo que escribo así que pu...
  • bosque
  • oscuro
  • niño
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Tales of the Realm by JCurby
Tales of the Realm by JCurby
Two children share memories of their lives, and in doing so open the door to a dark but beautiful realm. In this land imagination becomes reality, dreams become possibil...
  • dreams
  • children
  • surrealism
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Adiviname by neuryluciano
Adiviname by Neury Luciano
Poesía contemporánea surrealista.
  • surrealismo
  • luciano
  • contemporanea
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Nachtwaechter by babyeol
Nachtwaechter by aza
Mimpi yang menggangu tidur Baekhyun dan Chanyeol yang tidak bisa lagi bangun dengan pemuda Byun itu disampingnya.
  • baekhyun
  • brothership
  • chanbaek
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o, gardenia by seraphguts
o, gardenia by used 2 b @rosemother
the supernova in me is bursting [2017]
  • love
  • poetry
  • surrealism
Tártaro by SaraElisaGallegoPaz
Tártaro by Sara Elisa Gallego Paz
En un mundo nuevo, hay un lúgubre y terrorífico lugar, nadie a logrado escapar con vida de ahí, aún, pero eso está por cambiar, ¿tendrán lo necesario para lograrlo? o s...
  • fantasía
  • romance
  • rencor
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Cultural Looping Syndrome by 4uf038
Cultural Looping Syndrome by 4uf038
The data used for these deep exposures are presented in quantum error correction codes and topologically ordered spin systems. Here is a special maximal compact subgroup...
  • strange
  • dream
  • abstract
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Blizzard by lauready
Blizzard by 6
Cody is stuck in a blizzard. His only hope is the cabin. Surrealist short story.
  • story
  • shortfiction
  • allegory
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Adiviname by user38059761
Adiviname by Neury Luciano
Poesia contemporanea surrealista
  • luciano
  • poesia
  • surrealismo
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How To Follow Through. by ExpectoPatronumm
How To Follow Through. by probably really bored an fast...
7 years ago a tragedy occurred. 7 years later the same thing happened. And now, I have go deal with the consequences of someone else's mistake.
  • murder
  • surrealism
  • missing
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Stories, short and surreal by saskclocat
Stories, short and surreal by saskclocat
Falling through water and swimming through air, the wind in your eyes and the stars in your hair.
  • ghosts
  • creepy
  • murder
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Dream Through by screamthylastscream
Dream Through by Mariela
Existence pondered about in strange states of mind.
  • foundpoetry
  • surrealism
  • poetry
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Negros ojos de chimenea by Hamburguesasconleja
Negros ojos de chimenea by Hamburguesasconlejía
Moluscoides, puertas evanescentes, caminantes misteriosos muertos, kutulu y muchas más chorradas surrealistas te esperan en este relato-relámpago improvisado justo despu...
  • frank
  • kutulu
  • serpientes
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it's sherri baby||ART BOOK by badiebambi
it's sherri baby||ART BOOK by all the homo
were i present my shitty art bc y not??? ©eve pritchard
  • freethenipple
  • lgbt
  • art
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