I Know You Like Me by diamondelf193
I Know You Like Me by Min SunYe Fanfiction
Sometimes the one you hate most is the one you love. Superstar and diva, Kim Heechul, and SM trainee, Leenah Jung, have an instant irrational hatred for one another. Sev...
When in Seoul... (A Super Junior Fanfic) COMPLETED by FantasyKpopper
When in Seoul... (A Super Junior F... by FantasyKpopper Fanfiction
I've finally learned to speak Korean fluently and I'm ready to start a new life in South Korea's beautiful capitol city of Seoul. With my head held high, I can't seem to...
Y nosotros [And we] by BlackEyedJaaz
Y nosotros [And we] by ~ Guni Gugu Fanfiction
Tenía muchas ganas de regalarte esto y más cuando leí tus fanfics... Estoy muy emocionada por tu cumple e incluso quizá demasiado ansiosa, por eso lo voy a ir actualiza...
The Accident That Wasn't Supposed To Happen: A KyuTeuk Oneshot by kyubaekseungtae_kjd
The Accident That Wasn't Supposed... by kyubaekseungtae_kjd Fanfiction
On the night of April 19, 2007, the youngest and oldest members of Super Junior were critically injured. Leeteuk, the leader, turned out to be fine after a day. But wh...
Super Junior Short Story by Melyana90
Super Junior Short Story by Cassinta Melyana Fanfiction
Super Junior Short Story merupakan Kumpulan Fanfict One Shoot yang bertema Brothership, Family,Friendship dan akan update dengan cerita yang berbeda... Enjoy Reading!
Am I in Love With a Vampire? by Shel_Kim
Am I in Love With a Vampire? by Shel Kim Fanfiction
(Original idea by and co-written with I_Love_Yesung15) When Sooyoung, a middle school student, gets sucked into the lives of a clan of Vampires, she begins to learn thei...
Promise [SJ FF] by zerasescarlett
Promise [SJ FF] by Scarlett Fanfiction
"I fulfilled my promise to you." A Super Junior Yesung Fanfiction December 2015 © zerasescarlett
Suddenly by leenahanwoo
Suddenly by leenahanwoo Fanfiction
Hyukjae's adoptive daughter was missing? Well, he shouldn't be too worried, since a handsome police officer was going to help, even hugging the little girl with warm emb...