Blurred Souls(#Wattys2017)(#Savealife)(#Nomorebullying)(On Radish) by Deethewriter
Blurred Souls(#Wattys2017)( H a d e e l
{ #1 in teenfiction and featured on What's hot list Previously entitled as I Am His PunchingBag} "Fake happiness is the worse sadness." * She's got the eyes o...
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All Mine (Completed) (Being Edited) by werwolf12345
All Mine (Completed) (Being Edited)by Werwolf12345
Hello Everyone! Just a quick note to say that I am editing this book and I am making the chapters a little bit longer. If some chapters don't make sense just bare with m...
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му яєωαя∂, нιѕ ρυиιѕнмєит [COMPLETED] by moodyAngrezan
му яєωαя∂, нιѕ ρυиιѕнмєит [ moodyAngrezan
!!!UNDER EDITING!!! Highest #4 on HotList!!! ♡ Jane's life has become even more tragic after marrying the hottest and sexiest person of the town, because Adam is yet int...
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Isabel Petrova (#eyho) by Cennedixx
Isabel Petrova (#eyho)by Cennedi
Isabel Petrova is the worlds first Pureblood vampire. She was born to none other than Katerina Petrova AKA Katherine Pierce. How you may ask well lets just say that a ce...
  • isabella
  • katherine
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The Under Cover Footballer by perksofpurple
The Under Cover Footballerby holly
Football / Soccer COMPLETED AND BEING EDITED This is how it all started: "I dare you Skye Chance to join the boys Soccer team in disguise as a boy for a whole sea...
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Switched Wedding (Nanowrimo) by nid_unus
Switched Wedding (Nanowrimo)by Umm -e- Ayaan
Here is a glimpse before you decide to read: Without another thought I slowly bent my head and touched her lips with mine hoping she would open her beautiful eyes but sh...
  • hyderabad
  • indian
  • muslimah
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Rudderless (Urban) by navrine
Rudderless (Urban)by wolf
This was all you, none of it me You put your hands on, on my body and told me You told me you were ready For the big one, for the big jump I'd be your last love...
  • hood
  • teen
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ghost / hs by __criminalminds___
ghost / hsby hanna
On December 19th, 2014, Harry Styles was involved in a hit and run. Now, his presence lurks the vintage house of Arkendale; a small town in England, trying to find the...
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The People Are Blind (NANOWRIMO) by InspiredByOrdinary
The People Are Blind (NANOWRIMO)by Jessica Hill
Leia Kearle is a normal IT assistant, who can see numbers on people's skin. These numbers correlate to how dangerous you are for instance, knife wielding maniac? An ei...
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She's Mine by JackieG_15
She's Mineby Jackie
#354 in werewolf on Feb 14, 2016 Jackie Smith is typical 18 year old. She's just starting her first year in college. She was happy until she came upon her mate. She doe...
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The Gangleader's Daughter by kekekiew
The Gangleader's Daughterby kekekiew
Candice was going to enter the life again, the life of drugs, blood and death. With the help of Theo, a police inspector, hopefully this time she would be able to take...
  • america
  • mafia
  • action
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Part Time Villains by amberGoodwin7
Part Time Villainsby ImmaCareBear
"I'm not giving you up .I won't let you go.I don't ever want to see you with another guy .Your mine like it or not and I never let go of what's mine.You better be r...
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THOMESA's daughter by taylurqueen
THOMESA's daughterby Rachelle
After the immunes were sent to paradise, they lived a happy life. Thomas and Teresa got married and had a daughter named Isabella. The immunes remained happy until the p...
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The Maze Escaper (Thomesa) by taylurqueen
The Maze Escaper (Thomesa)by Rachelle
Years after the escape from the maze, Teresa and Thomas was made to return to the glade. With their memories erased again. This time, a new evil plan has struck, there i...
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  • teresa
  • thomesa
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I'm Coming Home (Cimorelli Story) #Wattys 2016 by PerfectionMyName
I'm Coming Home (Cimorelli Story) PerfectionMyName
Several years had past in the Cimorelli household, precise five years. A lot of things changed in this family. Since 2015, the band broke up, kids left the house and the...
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Story of the supernatural school by extremely_me
Story of the supernatural schoolby Mook Mook
Being a teenager is hard enough, being a twin makes it even harder, being a super natural creature, makes it stress full. Being the last of your kind makes you want to h...
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  • dolantwins
  • gay
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Nocturne (BoyXBoy) by AloneWeMayBeLost
Nocturne (BoyXBoy)by Cheyanne Henry
'I don't recall how I got to that place...' Night woke up one night in the arms of a beautiful stranger. He was covered in blood. Had no idea who he was or how he had go...
  • gothic
  • horror
  • boyxboy
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Heather's Adventures: The Search for Maxamus by HalfmetalAlchemist
Heather's Adventures: The Search Alchy
Heather Mellissa has a lot to her name. She's the youngest that has ever attended her "academy" or base for battle training, gained her powers of fire wielding...
  • justwriteit
  • fighting
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A Potterhead's Dream • #JustWriteIt #SuperCharged by theburntcheetah
A Potterhead's Dream • chee-chan
I was on my bed, totally chilling out, watching Harry Potter on my computer. I looked over at the clock. It said 11:46, and I knew I have to get to bed, I had swimming e...
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The Midnight Visit #JustWriteIt #SuperCharged by ChrisBuono
The Midnight Visit #JustWriteIt Chris Buono
Secretary Evelyn Sanders's trying workday was over--until she came home. That's when she found Minny--her newly-adopted toy poodle--ill. But what's an inexperienced...
  • humor
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