Unraveling Rosen by -chanel
Unraveling Rosen by princess charlie
[Wattpad Featured Book] "He said he is scared of commitment, but he has tattoos all over his skin." The day Hazel Stevens moves from Maine to a small beach to...
  • high
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  • summerlove
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Along Came Seth by xinfiniteandbeyondx
Along Came Seth by Tj
"Seth?" He walked to the door and paused. "Yeah?" He murmured, hand poised on the knob. "Would you...Could you stay?" I asked unsure...
  • justinbieber
  • onedirection
  • highschool
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Corbet's by nonfictionalex
Corbet's by Alex Evansley
Griffin may suck at making decisions, but she has no problem deciding to hate Charlie Rickenbaugh the second he shows up in Corbet's Inlet again.
  • youngadult
  • summer
  • summerbook
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Wrong Number || Magcon by sahra7x
Wrong Number || Magcon by 🥀
{COMPLETED} "555-567-7324 has added you into a GroupChat!"
  • instagram
  • dallas
  • relationships
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Horror Text Stories I by NightimeHorror
Horror Text Stories I by Bridge
Fictional texts between two or more teenagers. Scary, mysterious, funny, thrilling. Best read in black background. (For ages 13+) Follow the author on social medias! I...
  • scary
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  • direction
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The Hot Neighbor  by Mbbaby
The Hot Neighbor by Mbbaby
You should read and find out!!!!
  • normanikordei
  • laurenjauregui
  • ot5
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Staying Afloat | Sequel to Boot Camp by ginawriter
Staying Afloat | Sequel to Boot Ca... by gina
• note: updates for this book are further ahead on the app Radish • Two summers after quirky and unconfident Whitney first stepped foot onto the grounds of Bob Campbell'...
  • drama
  • bootcamp
  • heartbreak
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One Short Summer  by JasminAMiller
One Short Summer by JasminAMiller
Monica is frustrated as hell as she watches her dance career slowly go down the drain. The recovery from her car accident isn't going as fast or as well as everyone thou...
  • drama
  • love
  • writer
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An Unfortunate Winter by BlankSpacesOfTime
An Unfortunate Winter by Anne
Sequel to: "An Unfortunate Summer." What happens after that unfortunate summer? Can Scarlet recover from what was done to her? Will Zayn survive the gunshot wo...
  • camp
  • dark
  • sequel
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Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by CailinSpraoi
Control The Beat ((Book #1)) by Cailín™
May Riley was trouble. Her parents knew it, her friends knew it, hell even she knew it! They all said she cared about nothing. That she needed to learn some self c...
  • songs
  • rebel
  • chicklit
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A Roses Knight: Summer Rose X Male Incursio Reader by TheSpectre21
A Roses Knight: Summer Rose X Male... by TheSpectre
What would happen if Tai Yang wasn't Ruby's actual father? What if her father was secretly alive?You are a transfer student who moved to Beacon Academy in the middle of...
  • summer
  • summerrose
  • rwbyxmalereader
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middle of nowhere • jack avery by cassettes
middle of nowhere • jack avery by j • wdwc
Welcome to Redwood, Oregon. 54 km from the city of Calhoun, population 286. This small, quiet town is home to beautiful waterfalls, quaint cafes, enchanting phenomena li...
  • zachherron
  • summer
  • lost
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The Way It Was Before by raindrops_
The Way It Was Before by kei 🍂
**FEATURED ON WATTPAD - May 2017** Fifteen-year-old Autumn Lyne has always been locked in her own little world. She doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary in the...
  • comedy
  • hope
  • firstlove
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Lemon Drops & Candy Shops by KellyGe
Lemon Drops & Candy Shops by kell-o
❝In which the cynical, sour-faced heartbreaker meets the cheerful candy shop cashier.❞ | What happens when she sees past his bitter exterior, and he sees through her sug...
  • highschool
  • breakthecliches
  • oppositesattract
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That One Summer 《 Vmin 》 by shinygem12
That One Summer 《 Vmin 》 by 《 GEM 》
14 year old Jimin finds a lonely 14 year old Taehyung one day during a summer. Jimin fills the lonely void in Tae's heart. Though Jimin too, has loneliness of his own. H...
  • fanfiction
  • bangtanboys
  • taemin
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instagram // irwin by castcway
instagram // irwin by m
in which a girl tries to get noticed by ashton irwin on instagram. [top rank: #172 in fanfiction]
  • feels
  • 5sos
  • ashton
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muke one shots: vol. 2 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots: vol. 2 by bvm
my second book of muke one shots
  • shot
  • clemmings
  • luke
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Princess in love by gabycabezut
Princess in love by GabyCabezut
After playing a prank to her best friend's crush, Princess Marianne finds herself in deep trouble as the police tumble in on them. Literally. She's sent to Mexico for t...
  • completed
  • wattpadstars
  • beach
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Summer Nights | by azurenights
Summer Nights | by Rose
"Sunsets, small town, I'm out of time. Will you still love me when I shine from words and not from beauty?" Book II of 'The Boy' Series Copyright © 2017-18 by...
  • bts
  • sadness
  • namjoon
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The Cellar by natashapreston
The Cellar by Natasha Preston
For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers...
  • poppy
  • love
  • cellar
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