Wedding Replacement by JustATeenagerForever
Wedding Replacementby JustATeenagerForever
"Please, don't do this to me" Rosilla Clifford, is forced to get married at the age of 17. It wasn't fair that she marries her sister's fiancé. Rosilla will d...
  • abandoned
  • love
  • replacement
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Mafia Mujer by lRosannal
Mafia Mujerby lRosannal
She was his, no one could hurt her, he would make sure of it.
  • forbidden
  • suit
  • dangerous
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My Irresistible Rival √ by darkeyes11
My Irresistible Rival √by Soha
Edward Walters just knew one thing that he had to get the contract from Anton, his long time rival. And when his step sister also came in the picture, Edward was afraid...
  • pretend
  • rival
  • revenge
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Transformers: Legends Never Die by NanaMariannee
Transformers: Legends Never Dieby Nana
"I'm not sure am I the right person ment for this kind of responsobility, Optimus. What if I fail?" "You are a strong and independent woman, Iris...
  • fightforsurvival
  • othergroupmembers
  • energon
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🔥 The Hot List 🔥 by TaniaAnn8
🔥 The Hot List 🔥by TaniaAnn
The HOTTEST PICS of sexy guys! 💦💦💦 hehee
  • sexy
  • hot
  • wet
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Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited) by allures
Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited)by elle renee
Life can't be worse for Audrilina Jean Woods. After being rejected by her Alpha mate, she runs away to another pack out of embarrassment. At this new pack, Black Night...
  • alpha
  • bullets
  • suit
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The Bad Boy Inside The White Suit by CrazyIsTheNewAwesome
The Bad Boy Inside The White Suitby Kryzel Jhae
"Are you going to attend prom later?" "I... I'm not a pedophile." He muttered through gritted teeth, before pushing my hands away. I scoffed, "Y...
  • blackmail
  • featured
  • unrequittedlove
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My Australian Billionaire by hurricaneroses
My Australian Billionaireby hurricaneroses
Sophia Fletcher is a university graduate who took a trip to Australia with her three best friends. On a wild night out, Sophia and her friends crash an annual summer bal...
  • romance
  • trip
  • passion
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Mr. Poetry  by writewithmeforever
Mr. Poetry by writewithmeforever
For the Guy who don't know poetry mean so much for a girl That he decided to make one for her himself Doesn't matter if it looks boring or uncool at least he tried to sh...
  • justwriteit
  • bulter
  • romance
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Teach me by lil_daisy
Teach meby TJ
"I hate you! Damn it, I love you..." "I know you do..." Everything will change in a life of a 22 years old blondy Jessica Miller when she moves to co...
  • surgeons
  • medicine
  • fight
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Just Because of a Coffee Cup by SomeoneFromHell
Just Because of a Coffee Cupby Somebody
Melanie Carter is 26 years old. She had graduated from University 2 years ago and now she is working in a successful company as a secretary. One morning she is walking...
  • starbucks
  • ceos
  • business
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Secret agent | Jalex by HelloBlack345
Secret agent | Jalexby HelloBlack345
Alex Gaskarth has always had only one thing in mind: succes. After high school, he abandoned everything: relationships, family, friends... and worked incredibly hard to...
  • jalex
  • band
  • lgbt
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Mr. and Mrs. Gold  by Dramaqueen_134
Mr. and Mrs. Gold by Dramaqueen_134
Axel and August Gold. Or you like better "Mr. and Mrs. Gold". The hottest, richest and most charming couple world has ever seen. They look so beautiful, and ex...
  • love
  • blond
  • hot
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N E U M A N N by peachymintinabox
N E U M A N Nby peachymintinabox
Parker Neumann. Rich and powerful. Smart and intimidating. Piercing grey eyes and strong hands. Crisp suit and designer shoes. Rumors are true. The hot bachelor billiona...
  • intern
  • romance
  • story
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ONE SHOTS OF RANDOM THINGS!!,by Fluffy_Slippers_From_Space
Just a butt load of story's I have no use for...
  • miraculous
  • lovesimon
  • adrien
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Suit & Tie // h.s by acousticstyles_
Suit & Tie // h.sby l a i a 🌙
"Don't think that I'm afraid to bend you over this desk right here, right now, baby girl. Because I'm not, if that's what you thought." ************** Copyrigh...
  • fanfictiononedirection
  • suit
  • 50shadesofstyles
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Furrys Guide: how to make a fursuit by Shadowmutt17
Furrys Guide: how to make a fursuitby Shadowmutt17
Hay guys. Are you a furry and want to make a fursuit without too much confusion or trouble. Well look no further This is a step by step guide on how to make body parts f...
  • fursuit
  • yarn
  • tail
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Aaric by MoonlitDusk
Aaricby MoonlitDusk
ℛOMANCE / ℋISTORICAL ℱICTION Romance #495 {28/6/2015} {Short Story ~ Americana Tale} The words that left his lips were music. His laughter was the chorus and anger the...
  • youth
  • memories
  • loss
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Circus Child~Black Butler 3~ by Silent_Sin000
Circus Child~Black Butler 3~by Silent Sin
(thats Noire) Hi my names Noire and my circus name is Silent Stripe beacuse i havent talked since i was 2 and now im 6...
  • blackbutlerbookofcircus
  • joker
  • noire
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Vanguard | kingsman by sleepdeprived
Vanguard | kingsmanby sour lemon
❝I wonder which will get you killed faster - your loyalty or your stubbornness?❞ [secret service and so forth] © 2017 sleepdeprived All Rights Reserved. #48 under the ki...
  • eggsy
  • service
  • samuelljackson
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