Mafia Mujer by lRosannal
Mafia Mujer by lRosannal Romance
She was his, no one could hurt her, he would make sure of it.
Daddy's Little Angel by inspire_me101
Daddy's Little Angel by Makayla Ortiz Teen Fiction
(Sin)cerely, Daddy's little Angel
Wedding Replacement by JustATeenagerForever
Wedding Replacement by JustATeenagerForever Teen Fiction
"Please, don't do this to me" Rosilla Clifford, is forced to get married at the age of 17. It wasn't fair that she marries her sister's fiancé. Rosilla will d...
Teach me by lil_daisy
Teach me by TJ Romance
"I hate you! Damn it, I love you..." "I know you do..." Everything will change in a life of a 22 years old blondy Jessica Miller when she moves to co...
You'll never have me by ShatteredKiss
You'll never have me by ShatteredKiss Romance
Mira Prasad, in her early twenties works as a secretary for a construction company. One day she meets Max Woods after a long night out. She knows a little too much about...
My Irresistible Rival by darkeyes11
My Irresistible Rival by Soha Romance
Edward Walters just knew one thing that he had to get the contract from Anton, his long time rival. And when his step sister also came in the picture, Edward was afraid...
Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited) by allures
Rejected by Mr. Alpha (Edited) by elle renee Werewolf
Life can't be worse for Audrilina Jean Woods. After being rejected by her Alpha mate, she runs away to another pack out of embarrassment. At this new pack, Black Night...
My Killer Romance by iguana95
My Killer Romance by iguana95 Humor
Alice was perfectly fine living the highly secretive and cavalier life she had. Honestly, between the exotic locations and to die for gadgets, life couldn't get any bet...
Vanguard | kingsman by sleepdeprived
Vanguard | kingsman by stephanie Fanfiction
❝I wonder which will get you killed faster - your loyalty or your stubbornness?❞ [secret service and so forth] © 2017 sleepdeprived All Rights Reserved. #48 under the ki...
Just Because of a Coffee Cup by SomeoneFromHell
Just Because of a Coffee Cup by Somebody Romance
Melanie Carter is 26 years old. She had graduated from University 2 years ago and now she is working in a successful company as a secretary. One morning she is walking...
The Bad Boy Inside The White Suit by CrazyIsTheNewAwesome
The Bad Boy Inside The White Suit by Kryzel Jhae Humor
"Are you going to attend prom later?" "I... I'm not a pedophile." He muttered through gritted teeth, before pushing my hands away. I scoffed, "Y...
Don't worry, you've only been taken. by courtney-20
Don't worry, you've only been take... by courtney-20 Teen Fiction
23 years old Courtney thinks she's attending a business meeting at her gallery with the multi millionaire business man Daniel but she has no idea what she has herself in...
The CEO'S Chef by Jennifire2001
The CEO'S Chef by Jennifire ChickLit
Meet Harriet Hyland (21). She is a very talented chef who is trying to make it in the big city of Los Angeles. One strange day later, she finds herself working for Los A...
Percy on deck by Anakumolous24
Percy on deck by Anakumolous24 Fanfiction
When the god decided to kill Percy, Poseidon decide to rescue Percy and take him to S.S Tipton. What would happen with Percy. (This is not my story )
Petrified • Peter Parker  by -midnightsmoon
Petrified • Peter Parker by ˗ˏˋ Analia ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
P E T R I F I E D ❝And when all is blind, I'll still be petrified.❞ In which she's a kid at heart. Cover by @wolvessilvers
Moving On by candyaple101
Moving On by Vanessa . Teen Fiction
Stacey is 15 turning 16 when she discovers a secret that turns her life around. She is forced to move from sunny California to Houston,Texas. She doesn't even know her m...
My Next door Jerk ( #Wattys2016 ) by MarinaZarif
My Next door Jerk ( #Wattys2016 ) by Marina Zarif Teen Fiction
There's a known proverb says "True love begins with hatred They First Met on the bus and the first conversation between them was a big argument ! Kasey was a g...
Suit & Tie [French] chap 40 jusqu'à épilogue by Juliacng
Suit & Tie [French] chap 40 jusqu'... by Julia Cng Fanfiction
Harry Styles. 24 ans. PDG. Devenu millionnaire par lui-même. Il est le célibataire le plus connu de New York. Tout homme et femme à moins de 100 kilomètres connait son n...
The Suit War by JBKantt
The Suit War by J.B. Kantt ♥️ Fantasy
**This is a Featured Wattpad Story** One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war. In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at war...
Sugar Coated by goddess-at-heart
Sugar Coated by G❤︎ddess Romance
【Sugar Coated】 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Previously known as: 【Cafe Kisses】 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ "You can't sugar-coat the truth," they said. I said, "I don't sugar-coat anything...