Leadership Of EXO's Suho by Exocuteness
Leadership Of EXO's Suho by EXO Kim Myeon Fanfiction
Can you think how important suho to exo? Will you imagine how strong his heart take care of their members after all bad thing happens? The leadership skills of our guard...
Gentle love ✨SuChen. by softdaeni
Gentle love ✨SuChen. by Ni ♢ Fanfiction
El corazón de Kim JunMyeon está roto en pedazos, siempre sufriendo por un tortuoso amor no correspondido. Tal vez y solo tal vez, lo único que JunMyeon necesite para vo...
Two Moons by Lenchannie
Two Moons by Lenchannie Fanfiction
À l'aube des temps, avant toute forme de vie telle que nous la connaissons, les Dieux de l'Olympe veillaient sur l'univers. Mais cela ne devait pas durer. À cause d'un s...
SuChen: Am Ende des Tages [EXO Fan-Fiction] by Worsewo
SuChen: Am Ende des Tages [EXO Fan... by solitaire Fanfiction
Joonmyun weiß auch nicht, was in ihn gefahren ist, als er sich für Herr Chos Zeichenkurs eingetragen hat. Zu all seinem Unglück setzt sich dann auch noch der (für seinen...
Two Sides - Chanbaek Ff by 0Marty0
Two Sides - Chanbaek Ff by Mai Thy Fanfiction
"Ich sah ihm in die Augen. Zitternd kniete er vor mir. Das Blut lief ihm den Kopf hinunter. Langsam fuhr ich mit meinem Messer seine Kehle entlang und durchtrennte...
[chen/suho] delayed confession ✩ by kimjongdae
[chen/suho] delayed confession ✩ by B ♡ Fanfiction
[suchen] sometimes, what we're looking for is actually right in front of us. ©kimjongdae⚡️
Este dinosaurio es mío. [SuChen-OneShot] by -FannyWang-
Este dinosaurio es mío. [SuChen-On... by Fanny Wang Fanfiction
- Claro, es increíble que haya un ship para JunMyeon e Irene, él es fan de RedVelvet y apuesto a que está muy feliz por eso, ¿no, hyung?-. Sonreí falsamente en su direcc...
EXO one shots (request) by rememberremember
EXO one shots (request) by Alex Fanfiction
From the sexiness of KaiLu to the innocent love of BaekYeol, this is for gay ships and pairings only! Currently: open, of course! Please request. Warning: I don't write...
Kissing Chanyeol by rememberremember
Kissing Chanyeol by Alex Fanfiction
Sequel to Kissing Suho. Please read that first. Baekhyun is truly in love with his boyfriend Tao, but someone else has feelings for him. Luhan still doesn't think he's f...
[Allchen] Monster by chenieexocute
[Allchen] Monster by chenieexocute Fanfiction
Hihi, lại là Allchen:))) Fic này mik lấy ý tưởng từ bài Monster của nhà Xích Lô a!
EXO JOKES by Khant_Min_Naing
you never suffer alone. [suchen] by junmochii
you never suffer alone. [suchen] by dibidibidis my name is cia Fanfiction
Because all of this could've been avoided if Kim Junmyeon had realised that you never suffer alone.
 Otherside by aguu1702
Otherside by Aguś aka Pandicornio Fanfiction
Niezwykle popularny pisarz literatury dla dzieci wraca po latach do Seulu, aby zmierzyć się z przeszłością. Czy odnajdzie swojego byłego kochanka? SeKai, reszta wyjdzie...
All I Want for Christmas is...Santa?! by sereneBedlam
All I Want for Christmas is...Sant... by Ava Romance
Junmyeon is fostering a one-sided crush and decides to tell Santa all about it. {SuChen} Cover art by me Merry Christmas you guys!
kitty cat adventures (purrfect catastrophes) by teacupmochi
kitty cat adventures (purrfect cat... by teacupmochi Fanfiction
Catboys are the new trend as of late and easily garner the affection of little girls and grown women from all over. After all, who wouldn't fall for the cuteness of a bo...
Scars by MiraclesInEXO
Scars by Kkaebsong Fanfiction
Kim Joonmyeon was a quiet kid in school. He would get bullied by all and worst of all by his crush. He had dealt with this treatment since he was young. Now he is a fres...
Insecurities (Suchen ~ Suho x Chen) by gleekyKraicPOPper
Insecurities (Suchen ~ Suho x Chen) by It's a Gleeky Directioner Thi... Fanfiction
Jongdae has many insecurities, Junmyeon thinks otherwise.
Get me wasted [SuChen] by CMaior
Get me wasted [SuChen] by Re-L Fanfiction
En que Jongdae es un universitario intentando aprobar Economía II y Joonmyun el asistente de profesor con un terrible empleo y un incondicional amor por los post-its. Po...
Confidence✨SuChen. by softdaeni
Confidence✨SuChen. by Ni ♢ Fanfiction
» JunMyeon es un muchacho roto, real y tristemente roto, pero JongDae está dispuesto a enfrentarse a ello. [Todos los créditos de la portada pertenecen a @whatxiuwants].
EXO OTP FanFic Rec by gembernadetteuy
EXO OTP FanFic Rec by gembernadetteuy Fanfiction
EXO OTP fanfic recommendation