[Bab 601-800] TDKCHW : The Rebellious Good for Nothing Miss by EniLatif
[Bab 601-800] TDKCHW : The Latif
happy reading. aku tunggu vote and commentnya ya ^_^ siap-siap follow aku ya ada part yang di privat secara acak ____translate bahasa___
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Pedophile {On Hiatus} by Siobhan2604
Pedophile {On Hiatus}by SiaotheBunny-kun
Im tired with the typical and cliché shits that I read, so here is a non typical nor cliché shit book. Lapis who is a 9th grader and a 17 year old girl who has a crush o...
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|| Shattered Universe || Steven Universe X Reader by StepsInTheMoonlight
|| Shattered Universe || Steven Queen of the Lost
Just a small story. Cover by @SuckMyAshlee- Started: Jul 23, 2016 Ended: Oct 18, 2016
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Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVES by LadyMusketeer435
Steven Universe Pink Diamond LIVESby LadyMusketeer
This is a story if Pink Diamond agrees with Rose that gems should do what they really want...and if Pink wasn't shattered.. NOTE: This is just a theroy! IF it turns out...
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PeridotxMale Gem reader ( Defective) Steven Universe by XiaoShiao
PeridotxMale Gem reader ( Xiao Shiao
Topaz is an irregular gem, made in the natural way that a gem is created on Earth but the process is unfamiliar to home world gems. Due to his irregular experiences, Top...
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Peridot x Reader by itsjustnika
Peridot x Readerby NikaUniverse
"I can tell you that there are things on this planet worth protecting!" - Peridot In Bloomberg High, there's nothing special, really. You have your group of fr...
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Xàm time của MiTaneMei by MiTaneMei
Xàm time của MiTaneMeiby Mia
:V những chuyện mị muốn cho reader biết
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Lots of people make meme books so I said, "Why not me too?" and came up with this book. Steven Universe memes are everywhere on Pinterest, and other places lik...
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Yeni başladığım hikayem Kalbime Üç Cemre Düştü için hepinizden biraz sabır ve bunun yanında tavsiye rica ediyorum. Her kesin kendinden, kendi gençliğinden bir şeyler bul...
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Highschool Years (Jasper x Reader) by KKreationz
Highschool Years (Jasper x Reader)by KKreationz
You come to a school for the highest, most worthy, and greatest gems in the world, but surprise surprise, you aren't one. You are the first human student and also the sm...
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✧ NotAnArtBook ✧ by Dippitii
✧ NotAnArtBook ✧by ~dip~
Welcome to my tRASH of an art book. Here's where I keep all my drawings and digital pictures that I make for you guys to view. I don't expect many reads, but I don't min...
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[Bán duyên ngoại truyện] Tòa sen của đọa quỷ by Reigia
[Bán duyên ngoại truyện] Tòa sen ZinniaReigia
Kẻ trao duyên nhầm tay thiếu nữ Chỉ hồng rung đứt đoạn tương tư . Dựa trên bối cảnh chương 2 của Bán duyên, truyện có 5 phần
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Unforgettable (Pearl x Gem! Reader) by ThatGayPearl
Unforgettable (Pearl x Gem! Reader)by Åmør_Āzûl~
You are (Gem) sent by (color) Diamond to check on Earth after the Peridot failed her mission. But you begin to understand why, the Peridot everyone was talking about fai...
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Steven Universe Scenarios by Flowwerpot
Steven Universe Scenariosby Flowwerpot
Girlfriend/Boyfriend Scenarios of both the Crystal Gems, the HomeWorld gems,Steven and Jamie.
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SİYAH by iklimanur123
SİYAHby İklima Nur DŞKN
Uğursuzluklarım, psikopatlıklarım ve iğrenç bir aileye sahiptim ama bir gece gördüğüm rüyadan sonra ölümüme gün sayar oldum arkadaşlarım ve aşık olduğum adamla bir mace...
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( Chuyển ver )( Yết- Sư ) Độc Sủng Mỹ Hậu by TrinhNguyn607
( Chuyển ver )( Yết- Sư ) Độc Sủ Trinh Nguyễn
Nàng là một cô gái xinh đẹp, một nữ sinh viên ưu tú ngành khảo cổ ở một trường đại học nổi tiếng. Chàng là hoàng đế dung mạo anh tuấn, văn võ toàn tài, nắm giữ quyền lực...
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BRI BRU'S 3rd A RT B 0 0 K  by _The_Anime_Addict_
BRI BRU'S 3rd A RT B 0 0 K by ꌗꍏꌩꂦꋪꀤ <3
My third artbook!! Me:*Playing V3 with Megan* OMGLOOKATALLOFMYCHILDRENWEMUSTPROTECCTHEM Megan:*fully understood what I said* Bri, chill..... Ok so before entering thi...
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MindDemon's Book of Ship Opinions by MindDemon
MindDemon's Book of Ship Opinionsby Too Many AU’s
Title says it all guys, send me a ship from a fandom I'm in and I'll rate it and give my opinion on it. I have a lot of fandoms and the list is just the 7 that popped in...
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The Monster Is Me by CreativeCatMeow
The Monster Is Meby J.L.M
Long ago, before their the powerful quartz soldiers, there were Almandines. The name of these gems used to send fear to those who spoke the name. But when one Almandine...
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no juzgues a un libro por su portada (bonniexbon) by nany-sama
no juzgues a un libro por su nany-sama
holu soy nany-sama bienvenidos a otra historia esta vez sera bonnie seme y bon uke (no me insulten) como dice en mi perfil me gusta bon uke y seme (de las dos formas)...
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