Attack on Titan Truth or Dare by MLPAvatar202
Attack on Titan Truth or Dare by MLPAvatar202 Random
Watch as the AOT crew (Survey Corps) ask each other embarrassing/stupid questions or dare each other to do embarrassing/stupid things!! (I had a book like this already...
Memes by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes by Haru Sin-pie Random
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. Highest Rank #22 in Random Category.
The Bad Boy Taught Me To Fight by kpgcatlover
The Bad Boy Taught Me To Fight by kpgcatlover Teen Fiction
°•°•°•°•° "Cutie," he breathed, his lips lowering closer to my own. My breathing hitched as I felt my body start to go limp. His face was so clo...
Mated to my teacher! by LuvIzOverRated
Mated to my teacher! by Nena Rivera Short Story
Stacie Gonzalez is a seventeen year old senior in her high school. on her first day of school she meets her hot new math teacher Mr. Lorenzo who happens to be her mate. ...
I HATE YOU {BoyxBoy} by ThatLonelyGirl
I HATE YOU {BoyxBoy} by Jasmine Romance
He's a Goodie-Goodie, And He's a Dirty Rich Boy. He volunteers at soup kitchens, He's never worked a day in his life. He would rather spend time with his grandparents on...
Wattpad cliches by Assteroix
Wattpad cliches by Oh so angsty Random
***Highest #101 in humor(03/03/17)*** Who doesn't love a cliche? Me. Thus, this entire book will be about those damn cliches you see floating around a sea of wattpad boo...
How To Not Write Like an Idiot by MashtyMonster
How To Not Write Like an Idiot by • a l l y • Random
Have you had the problem of people falling asleep reading your story? Ever had to tie someone up and gag them to make them skim through your book? Read this.
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Bts snapchats by softhope
Bts snapchats by softhope Fanfiction
Short bts x readers [ON GOING]
Our Angels Les twins by Dasya142
Our Angels Les twins by dasya Fanfiction
Les twins story read. *In the process of fixing errors
None the Worse [BxB] by YourRoyalDeadness
None the Worse [BxB] by Glynis Teen Fiction
Benjamin has freckles. Thijmen has a knife. Their one thing in common? Having to live under the same roof. Every year, as part of a school program, a "troubled teen...
Weird Founding Father Facts by FlyUnitedMEME
Weird Founding Father Facts by Morgan Hart Random
These are some weeeird stuff. Irrational rules, strange things, stupid funny actions, etc. Hope this makes you laugh.
Memories | h.g by _kitkat
Memories | h.g by c a i t l i n Fanfiction
"When you miss me." "You can think of all the memories we shared." Oh how I didn't know there was going to be so many memories to look back on. Start...
Art Book~ by MyaTheSinner
Art Book~ by ilovememes Random
ill try not to delete it this time.. sorry
ᴅʏɪɴɢ ɪɴꜱɪᴅᴇ by QueenCades
Spam; s/mb  by Sins-of-Tragedy
Spam; s/mb by … Random
Hello, I'm depressed. I whine a lot. Welcome to my shitty book of spam no one asked for!
Hetalia Crack. [COMPLETE] by -Slaine
Hetalia Crack. [COMPLETE] by qưəəი оf ცıтсჩеs Random
This will probably be written at 3AM. Shit happens. Ugh
Random Crap by PURPLE-Ryu12345
Random Crap by HAIL THE GLOWCLOUD Random
Here I'll post random stuff like tags or contests that I sing up for so yeah, basically trash. Maybe I'll post some art too who knows. (?
Art Book 2! by RoseTheArtistFanwing
Art Book 2! by Schaduw Humor
Welcome back to art book too! Yes. It's back.
Insults by geniusswaeg
Insults by H.G Random
Can you never think of a sassy comeback worth of Minho? Well you've come to the right place! Welcome to comeback haven, and sass village. Insults are my life (used only...