He is Perfect by agguerra
He is Perfect by Tiny_Chikorita Werewolf
Elizabeth Wooldridge has everything going for her. She is the daughter of the Alpha of the strongest pack in America. Everyone loves her and admire her and she seems to...
The Shadow Watch (Completed) by SAKlopfenstein
The Shadow Watch (Completed) by S. A. Klopfenstein Fantasy
In ages past, the Old World was ruled by magic and monsters, but after a cataclysmic magical war, the Chancellors of old rid the world of these curses and ushered in a N...
The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The Shadow Watch) by SAKlopfenstein
The Gallows Saint (Book Two of The... by S. A. Klopfenstein Fantasy
The Shadow Watch has been undone. Most of the surviving Watchers lie in the dungeons of the White Citadel, their blood providing more and more power to the Chancellor. M...
Crashing Into You by geekyfangirl17
Crashing Into You by Olicity❤️ Fanfiction
When Oliver and Felicity take a jet to Paris for a Queen Consolidated conference, a malfunction causes their plane to crash. Finding themselves stranded on an island tog...
The Hunt's Guardian by KarMeah
The Hunt's Guardian by KarMeah Fanfiction
Disclaimer: some parts are edited but there still are a lot of mistakes. Under editing (Pertemis) Percy's life was hard most of the time. Ever since he was born people...
Accidental Love Affair (To Be Published By Bookware) by she_writes91
Accidental Love Affair (To Be Publ... by she_writes91 Romance
What if after a painful breakup you meet the perfect guy, but..................
Boys Over Bangtan (BTS fanfic) [COMPLETED] by imsojungshooked
Boys Over Bangtan (BTS fanfic) [CO... by YaYaYa Fanfiction
When you're the only poor girl at your school, what do you do? Stay quiet of course. That's until Faye Spinner made the worst choice anyone could make. Get in the way of...
Indebt with the Mafia by vanillaicy17
Indebt with the Mafia by vanillaicy17 Romance
They say the worse thing you can do is selling your soul to the devil. i didn't exactly sell my soul to the devil but i might as well have. i sold my life to the mafia...
White Stag (PERMAFROST #1) by Pandean
White Stag (PERMAFROST #1) by Pandean Fantasy
Don't show fear. Don't attract attention. Don't forget who the monsters are. Those are seventeen-year-old Janneke's three rules to surviving in the Permafrost. Her famil...
Air {Elements of Power 3} by makexbelieve
Air {Elements of Power 3} by Heather James Fantasy
Air. I needed air. I was gasping, but my lungs refused to take any in. Jasmine's world is crumbling around her. Still reeling from the discovery of her parents' ident...
Crave Me by _laciela
Crave Me by NIQUE Werewolf
Auden was supposed to be ordinary. She moved away from her pack, became a vet, lived a normal life, and only did the occasional business for her pack. After all, she was...
Scented by librarygeek99
Scented by librarygeek99 Werewolf
Ever since the plague hit a fifty or so years ago, millions of people have been victem to the wretched disease. Humans have his from them, cowering in fear of the horrib...
Soul Seeker by sambalazs
Soul Seeker by Samantha Balazs Fantasy
In a world crafted from ice, they fight for their lives. They fight for their souls. England has been plagued by constant blizzards for centuries, but the people know...
Blood, Sweat and Fur by ShameezThomas
Blood, Sweat and Fur by Shameez Thomas Werewolf
Jamie Lee Adams is a protector. She's a badass she wolf with the perfect blend of sass, sarcasm and softness. Her love for her family extends as far as her pack does. Li...
Hunted [Wild Hunt Series: 1] by WriterKellie
Hunted [Wild Hunt Series: 1] by Kellie Bowe Paranormal
Nineteen year old Tay Wilson is about to leave her homesteading family for an internship working with a famous special effects designer in New York City when a fast-movi...
Bad At Love by DoNutTouchMyHair
Bad At Love by ♛ ˗ˏˋelishaˊˎ˗ ♛ ChickLit
Highest rank, 527 in Chicklit on 11/18/'17 ... "I'm bad at love," I war...
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Rick Flag by paigetcute
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Rick... by Pez Fanfiction
"Listen bitch, You're no better than we are...the only difference between us that is we don't hide behind a 'good guys' façade"
Records of Mercy by bremcfarland
Records of Mercy by Bre Teen Fiction
Fifteen, almost sixteen, year old, Marlee Stoklosa, never imagined that the day her best friend died would come so soon. Mercy is dead and now Marlee is standing in fron...
Rejected Hybrid by Mooumo
Rejected Hybrid by Mooumo Werewolf
Highest- #117 in Werewolf Natalia Fallen and Natalia Arises are the same person but also, different. Natalia Arises is an Omega on the DawnPaws Pack, since she was 6 ye...
Cursed by ArtemisAlcazar
Cursed by Artemis Fantasy
A blind girl and the asshole down the road go on a road trip because a crazy witch told them to. [Extended summary inside!]