Edge of Rebellion *MBB BOOK 2* [Completed] by writerfreak__
Edge of Rebellion *MBB BOOK 2* [ writerfreak__
MBB Book Two Brianna Evelyn Blake is your typical rich teenager. Her parents don't talk and she is basically raised by her maid. When Brianna befriends Brielle she lear...
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Miss Cleopatra (A Drew Chadwick/Emblem3 Fan Fic) by margee212
Miss Cleopatra (A Drew Chadwick/ margee212
"I'm Wesley." "And I'm Drew." He nodded his head to the class. "Well boys, welcome to Huntington, but more importantly, welcome to World History...
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Lost(A Emblem3 fanfiction) by jb92626
Lost(A Emblem3 fanfiction)by Jenna
Life seems to have no meaning for Avery ever since she moved. She's lost in the world. She's lost all sense of happiness, that is until she meets Wesley. Will she let hi...
  • keatonstromberg
  • stromberg
  • wesley
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Fall (Wesley Stromberg) by e3and5soslover
Fall (Wesley Stromberg)by Brooke
let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy. he fell in love with his best friend, and when she's around he feels nothing but joy. ;)
  • drewchadwick
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  • emblemthree
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Miss Cleopatra: In Love I Fall by margee212
Miss Cleopatra: In Love I Fallby margee212
*SEQUEL TO MISS CLEOPATRA* 7 years ago, Drew Chadwick moved to Huntington Beach with his two bandmates that also happened to be his best friends. 7 years ago, Drew Chadw...
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  • dating
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Player on Player (Wesley Stromberg) by Embl3r
Player on Player (Wesley Stromberg)by 🌻🐝
Megan and Wes are players and Megan's best friend, Jaycee, has the biggest crush on him. But once Megan and Wesley hook up at a party, bad things begin happening more fr...
  • stromberg
  • wes
  • wesley
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Different:      An Emblem3 adoption story by KellySmith53559
Different: An Emblem3 KellySmith53559
Alexia Santos was beaten and raped by her biological father after her mother passed away from cancer when she was only 3. The abuse went on for 2 years before somebody f...
  • keaton
  • stromberg
  • emblem3
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The guy next door || Emblem3 by 5sos_adore98
The guy next door || Emblem3by ✨
There's something about the guy next door Something that I can't ignore...
  • bae
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Emblem3 Imagines/Preferences by dudation
Emblem3 Imagines/Preferencesby Maddie
Emblem3 Imagines :) Feel free to request anything you want.
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The Before and After Project (An Emblem3 Fanfiction) by laurala27
The Before and After Project (An Laura
Gabby is just an average girl who is outcast into non-existence. When her friend suggests an experiment, Gabby is more than willing to be her guinea pig. The experiment...
  • drewchadwick
  • romance
  • keaton
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Falling Head Over Heels (Under Editing) by Hailey_Michele
Falling Head Over Heels (Under Michele
Michele Logan, Lily-Ann Collins, Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick, have been best friends since the diaper days. They are just like any other group o...
  • emblem3
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Nothing to Lose by huntington_
Nothing to Loseby kate aspen
❝ from now on, we're going to live life to the fullest, because we've got nothing to lose. ❞ [sequel to chloe] © 2013-2015 kate aspen. all rights reserved.
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