His Queen by laila_duhh
His Queen by Laila❤️ Romance
It was a regular sunny day in Miami. Everything was going fine until I got the call. The call saying my parents just died in a car accident along with my 2 year old son...
He was my Smoke, by Chocl8Muffin
He was my Smoke, by Muffin Teen Fiction
Roya just got out of Rehab after fighting addiction since her boyfriend died. On her path to help other people who think drugs are the answer, she'll meet the guy who be...
Strip by Dessabelle
Strip by Dessa Juanita Torrey Fanfiction
RATED R....... Amelia is a teenage stripper who has struggled most of her life and wants nothing more than to cure her sick fathe...
The Essential Bride by xLimewireJunkiex
The Essential Bride by Katie Tarr Vampire
A man keeps reappearing in Demi's life, more than she finds comforting. A beautiful man who saved her best friends life and knows far too much about Demi. No one can kno...
Strip club | Grayson Dolan  by starbucks_lolo2
Strip club | Grayson Dolan by dolan.cuties. Fanfiction
you caught Grayson's eye ...and someone else .?
So Many Tears by monteciajackson_
So Many Tears by Montecia Jackson Fanfiction
*This is a Tupac Shakur & Tiara Thomas Fan Fiction* Ashia was a normal girl. She went to school and made excellent grades, a mother and father that absolutely adored...
Mobius Strip by BenQuindao
Bond Between Villages (Gaara love story/ Naruto fan-fic) by kiko_uchiha
Bond Between Villages (Gaara love... by Kiko! Fanfiction
(this isn't actually rated PG-13.. Ignore that please!) Kitsune is on team 7 in Honoha, with Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.. But the teams are put on...
Boy Interrupted  by diisturbedwaters
Boy Interrupted by unapologetic Fanfiction
{BOOK #1} "He seemed like a big mystery, just waiting to be figured out..."
Strip(A Chris Brown Story) by sammyyluvs_u
Strip(A Chris Brown Story) by Kay'Lee Fanfiction
"Daddy! We finally get to see you!" I froze as Madison squealed. Chris whispered to his bodyguard. Suddenly, he started to clear people out. "Come on, kid...
Sex Scenes by FiftyBoiledCabbages
Private(book one) by Princess_Cheshire
Private(book one) by Crystal Queer Teen Fiction
Dean winchester is sexy. Heh, what else is new? But, when he stumbles upon two girls who make him famous, Lust is in the air. Enjoy
Ambition by HeyJadaaa_
Ambition by HeyJadaaa_ Fanfiction
Single Mother , Lauren Wright , Is 23 Years Old Raising Her 4 Year Old Daughter Leyah With Non Support From Her Baby Daddy . She Is A Stripper That Goes By Miracle, Al...
Death's Messenger (Kakashi Love Story) by kattfoxx77
Death's Messenger (Kakashi Love St... by Katt Teen Fiction
Hotaru Kinimachi is running. Running from captors, her past, and herself. She is not an average ninja though, she has more power then she could possibly ever use... The...
Kitty makes it rain by hillbillyredneck
Kitty makes it rain by hillbillyredneck Short Story
A kitty goes to a strip club and makes it rain on fufu....
Confessions of a Teenage Stripper by xowritergirl14xo
Confessions of a Teenage Stripper by xowritergirl14xo Teen Fiction
Meet Abigail: a senior in her small hometown's only school, West High. With her large glasses, make-up free face and hand-me-down clothes, it's no wonder Abigail is ofte...
Wanted By The Alpha (On Hold) by bookin_it
Wanted By The Alpha (On Hold) by bookin_it Werewolf
Talia Hayes' life is about to change - for the better or for the worse, she doesn't know. But when her long lost friend reappears she knows something is up. He isn't t...
Love You Down.¤Book Two¤ [Urban/ Thug Love] ~Unedited by __ylrx
Love You Down.¤Book Two¤ [Urban/ T... by Yaya Teen Fiction
IF YOU DIDNT READ BOOK ONE ¤Fuck For The Road.¤ GO READ THAT BEFORE YOU READ THIS !!! With Issa missing and everything falling apart Cass has no choice but to turn back...
Barely Legal by TwoTeenQueens
Barely Legal by K. & Q. General Fiction
( Warning: Extreme sexual language. Don`t say I didn`t warn you. ) With shaky hands I pick up the phone and dial the number the man wrote down, it rings for a moment bef...
Learning To Love (Garroth X Zane Fanfic)(Continuing) by Gamingerve31
Learning To Love (Garroth X Zane F... by Depression Fuel Fanfiction
Sorry if you don't like it but I somehow like this ship. Warning:this book may contain cussing and depression situations. Other things might be cutting, thoughts of...